Asking Rydel "HOW BIG" Is Capron

Aug 12, 2020
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Asking Rydel "HOW BIG" is Capron...
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Corey Funk:
Billy Mann:
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Rydel Lynch:
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Nick Moore:
Chelsea (Manager) :
Hannah Roeloffs:
Charlive Oliver Bates:
Love u guys:)

  • Who should we hand the camera down to next?!

    Drew DirksenDrew Dirksen5 months ago
    • Me

      adain and callenadain and callen7 days ago
    • @Thomas S there's a sub for u

      #Blake27#Blake2710 days ago
    • Jason!!!!!!!!!!!!

      hall familyhall family21 day ago
    • Corey

      Gamer Edit98Gamer Edit9825 days ago
    • Britt

      Kylee HendersonKylee Henderson29 days ago
  • Hi drew you and Britt are the best couple

    Larson SpencerLarson Spencer8 hours ago
  • I think you should give it to Kacy!!!

    Kathryn FavreauKathryn Favreau11 days ago
  • Alex

    Jayce ZemanJayce Zeman21 day ago
  • Can u give the camera to me I really need it

    Amy Da BestAmy Da BestMonth ago
  • Me I’m a youtuber

    Crested_Spider VlogsCrested_Spider VlogsMonth ago
  • Me

    Carwyn WynCarwyn WynMonth ago
  • Hi I’m so happy watching your videos

    Summer TrevisSummer Trevis2 months ago
  • drew sister

    Menelik EdwardsMenelik Edwards2 months ago
  • Britt

    Walker and James_MTBWalker and James_MTB2 months ago
  • I’m starting on USworlds channel I’m probably gonna need it because I don’t have the money to buy one

    Chance MartinChance Martin2 months ago
  • My channel plz lol

    E's AdventuresE's Adventures2 months ago
  • Me can I have the camra my Chanel is Brooklin Kuhn pl,ease I don’t have a camra I only have. My ipad

    Brooklin KuhnBrooklin Kuhn2 months ago
  • Billy

    Bentlei KeithBentlei Keith2 months ago
  • I would love to have the camera

    Connor CooperConnor Cooper2 months ago
  • I love the funk bros.Hey drew can u tell them there's no one better than them

    FUN MASTER 2.0FUN MASTER 2.02 months ago
  • Give it to Jason

    FUN MASTER 2.0FUN MASTER 2.02 months ago
  • Drew when you first started filming he was so good at it

    Talor AshTalor Ash2 months ago
  • I need a camera

    Kowala NicklepickleKowala Nicklepickle2 months ago
  • Corey

    connor churchmanconnor churchman3 months ago
  • Drew is cool and aosum

    connor churchmanconnor churchman3 months ago
  • Jeffrey star

    Masen MacphersonMasen Macpherson3 months ago
  • Charil

    alkyl_jaxalkyl_jax3 months ago
  • Hi you always make your day god bless you

    Sam from tik tok NerdSam from tik tok Nerd3 months ago
  • give the camera to Jason

    Alivia RobisonAlivia Robison3 months ago
  • Where do you live Hi I would like some merch plesce I live in sarnia

    Sophie SmithSophie Smith3 months ago
  • High...☺

    Jessica /sophia EubanksJessica /sophia Eubanks3 months ago
  • One of my classmatse has highrode shreter😊💯

    Jessica /sophia EubanksJessica /sophia Eubanks3 months ago
  • dude drew asked capron if she was pregnant and he said no but in their finding out were pregnant video was filmed before the party! bro!

    Alyssa GraceAlyssa Grace3 months ago
  • If I commented earlier I would say my boyfriend deserves the camera. He wants to make a living off USworlds and music and I want to document his journey with a camera specifically for USworlds behind the scenes but being first year college students we both don’t have the money for it. I hope whoever got the camera becomes successful with it

    Alpha StormAlpha Storm3 months ago
  • Drew can you shout me out i sub with. Notifications on high

    Nick W keyNick W key3 months ago
  • The magican is packin 😳😅😅😂

    Caleb GriffittsCaleb Griffitts3 months ago
  • How big is the camera tho

    Champcp838Champcp8383 months ago
  • This is an amazing channel

    Activitys with KatActivitys with Kat3 months ago
  • Hey i know that it has been 2 months but I would love to have a career with that camera and I will pass it down if I blow up!

    Max CappisMax Cappis3 months ago
  • lol

    Olivia LeighrOlivia Leighr3 months ago
    • He

      Olivia LeighrOlivia Leighr3 months ago
  • i have all ways what a caram to start my scooting channel but i do not get much money and i have be saving for 1 to 2 year to get one

    Lachlan RossLachlan Ross3 months ago
  • Give the camara to Kasey

    Sam FowlerSam Fowler4 months ago
  • I need a camera I need to start a USworlds channel

    Stephany PrevatteStephany Prevatte4 months ago
  • Hi

    rj_da_baller 77rj_da_baller 774 months ago
  • One of the fans

    Maximilian RepczynskiMaximilian Repczynski4 months ago
  • I dare you to get High road tattooed on you

    Neila JohnsonNeila Johnson4 months ago
  • I need a camera

    Caleb KarcherCaleb Karcher4 months ago
  • HIGH

    Clipz3yClipz3y4 months ago
  • Bille

    Jake PelfreyJake Pelfrey4 months ago

    AlejandraAlejandra4 months ago
  • Give the camera to your sister

    Ktm.tait_38Ktm.tait_384 months ago
  • I have a USworlds channel

    Taycen StoweTaycen Stowe4 months ago
  • Give the camera to Jason

    Bob MillerBob Miller4 months ago
  • Jason

    Bob MillerBob Miller4 months ago
  • Yoooo i need a camera bro

    Birdman NationBirdman Nation4 months ago
  • 4:40

    Jr PerezJr Perez4 months ago
  • You should give the camera to billy

    Z3BBYZ3BBY4 months ago
  • Unspeakable

    Hayden ChesterHayden Chester4 months ago
  • Me pls I really want camera I want to start yutebing you inspired me

    zac hamersfeldzac hamersfeld4 months ago
  • Me me me I really want to start yutube ini pls me

    zac hamersfeldzac hamersfeld4 months ago
  • You should give the camera to Kacey

    Akvile PetraitytAkvile Petraityt4 months ago
  • for my other acount

    Jektq AtkinsJektq Atkins5 months ago
  • meeeee

    Jektq AtkinsJektq Atkins5 months ago
  • Why's man's in tanner fox's warehouse 😳

    radam hoofmunradam hoofmun5 months ago
  • Good god

    Reina AranaReina Arana5 months ago
  • Me

    Corn on CobCorn on Cob5 months ago
  • Billy’s gonna be TickTock famous

    Logan RabusicLogan Rabusic5 months ago
  • You should give the camera to mikeshake

    OTASSOTASS5 months ago
  • Me

    Elizjah HEADElizjah HEAD5 months ago
  • Please?

    Braxton AspreyBraxton Asprey5 months ago
  • Give it to me

    Monster Sports11Monster Sports115 months ago
  • Love you and I’m so happy you read my comment when I said it was my bday. I’m a fan from England

    Evie LesterEvie Lester5 months ago
  • me

    Some PersonSome Person5 months ago
  • Isn't ur warehouse tfoxes old warehouse?

    U StupidU Stupid5 months ago
  • can i i film on my phone

    DriPEvanDriPEvan5 months ago
  • Me!!! I’ve been trying to kick start my USworlds career for 6 years and save up enough money for a vlog camera but I have too many bills and stuff to afford one. I would be so happy if I got this camera from you guys. You both are huge inspiration of mine and would love to grind my way up and hang with you guys someday.

    Cottle VidsCottle Vids5 months ago
  • Just no

    Driving ManDriving Man5 months ago
  • Am I the only one looking in the comments to see if Britt commented?

    Casey RoeslerCasey Roesler5 months ago
  • Capron cause that s*** is trash

    Kale niemeyerKale niemeyer5 months ago

    Maddy MurphyMaddy Murphy5 months ago
  • Meeeeeee

    Winnie WongWinnie Wong5 months ago
  • Bro I have a friend who has a USworlds he is at like 145 subs

    American MadeAmerican Made5 months ago
  • You should give it to britt

    James TeichroebJames Teichroeb5 months ago
  • Give the camera to Casey

    Cubby PlayzCubby Playz5 months ago
  • Ean Taylor

    no hino hi5 months ago
  • TJ breeze

    Kyle PechalskiKyle Pechalski5 months ago
  • Chelsea: I am one of the biggest things u have Drew:Britt sees this Me:goes to comments to see if Britt said anything

    Olivia LottOlivia Lott5 months ago
  • Surge

    peaky blinderspeaky blinders5 months ago
  • Drage

    Psyco Mythical FortnitePsyco Mythical Fortnite5 months ago
  • 434 offroad I am a part of that channel it only has one video on it

    Landon RoxbyLandon Roxby5 months ago
  • What happend to kacey and covid

    FF NoxFF Nox5 months ago
  • Give it to the TheRandomDuDes24YT

    JuJu is a BEASTJuJu is a BEAST5 months ago
  • I always wait your vid

    Zot ProductionZot Production5 months ago
  • I always like u both tanner and drew with britt too go go go

    Zot ProductionZot Production5 months ago
  • Your sister

    Autumn SpadeAutumn Spade5 months ago
  • you sould give the camra to kasey

    kayla peddlekayla peddle5 months ago
  • Me

    The A twinsThe A twins5 months ago
  • 💙💙😘😘💙💙😍😘😘💜👴💜🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑👴👵👴👵👴👵👴👵🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👵🤨🤣🤣👴😘💙😘😘😘😘😘👴🤣👵❤💙💜

    Maricruz PadillaMaricruz Padilla5 months ago
  • Capron : is it big enough Ryder: is what big enough Capron : she has a dirty mind Rydel: Drew I’m a virgin Capron: I forgot about that 😂😂😂😂

    Kai JacksonKai Jackson5 months ago
  • Capron so he can beat you in youtube subs

    Jaxon KirkJaxon Kirk5 months ago
  • Come on my podcast drew ?

    Silva SendsSilva Sends5 months ago
  • Give the camera to me pleaseeeeeee 🥺🥺🥺

    Thatkid_gmoney 11Thatkid_gmoney 115 months ago
  • Arraick

    Minecraft is amazingMinecraft is amazing5 months ago
  • flip likez give da camera to him

    Ethan AuchterlonieEthan Auchterlonie5 months ago