Best Friends Try BIRTH Simulator!

Oct 21, 2020
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Best Friends Try Pregnancy Simulator!
October 28th! BE READY!
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Love u guys:)

  • HIGH ROAD DROP! 1 sweatshirt 24hrs only. October 28th!! High🤝

    Drew DirksenDrew Dirksen3 months ago
    • Road 🤝

      practically Dumpractically Dum2 months ago
    • Hey cool high road shirts

      Jacob IrvineJacob Irvine2 months ago
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      Randy RobinsonRandy Robinson2 months ago
    • ROAD 🤝

      Boogity01Boogity012 months ago
    • It doesn’t work

      The 3 BrotherosThe 3 Brotheros2 months ago
  • Holy **** it is spider man🤣😂

    Leticia LuceroLeticia Lucero17 days ago
  • Holy **** it is spider man🤣😂

    Leticia LuceroLeticia Lucero17 days ago
  • Is there one on amazon for about 20 pounds

    Crystal ShardsCrystal ShardsMonth ago
  • Higui

    L BL BMonth ago
  • The boys don’t need a birth simulator if they get kicked in the balls it feels like you have birth to multiple baby’s

    John DubowskyJohn DubowskyMonth ago
  • Me and my friends used to do that all the time. lol great video Drew

    Chris HastingsChris Hastings2 months ago
  • High 🤝

    practically Dumpractically Dum2 months ago
  • yo

    Samantha MasonSamantha Mason2 months ago
  • The one who show's his 6 pack : corey

    Jaylia ChowJaylia Chow2 months ago
  • This looks extremely painful but I bet it’s nothing compared to the real thing😭😂

    Janae RontéJanae Ronté2 months ago
  • Everyone: Happy birthday to drage. Hannah: Happy birthday to drAAaaageee.

    Olivia Hicks-JensenOlivia Hicks-Jensen2 months ago
  • You notice when girls deliver they crying maybe and sweating but when a boy does it they are sitting there laughing

    Troy WrightTroy Wright2 months ago
  • Me watching this as a dutchie ‘Hi little man’🤝 Me: 😲

    Lisa WensinkLisa Wensink2 months ago
  • The introooo thooooo OMG absolutely awesome lol

    Jay BrysonJay Bryson2 months ago
  • Wares your girlfriend drew

    typical Sesselman 958typical Sesselman 9582 months ago
  • Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Shout out U r the best USworlds in the world

    Max McphailMax Mcphail2 months ago
  • Just kick him in the balls and it’s just as painful and worse if you kick hard enough ( you don’t have to kick hard)

    ryan giambraryan giambra2 months ago
  • The next high road drop is on my birthday

    Levi KisselLevi Kissel2 months ago
  • This intro is legit just one of those ads you get on youtube that shows all this bouji crap then some 17 yr old kid talks ab how he dropped out of highschool and now he owns Bill Gates.

    blah blahblah blah2 months ago
    • Ps.(a regular live human being sells on the black market for an average 8 million dallors and celebs dead body's sell for 42 million so a live bill gates would be a PRITTY penny

      blah blahblah blah2 months ago
  • Hi😂😂😂🤪

    Guadalupe DiazGuadalupe Diaz2 months ago
  • I literally pissed myself laughing to the point I started crying when Bobby started lap dancing on Drage lol. Keep up the amazing content Drew ur such a talented USworldsr bud

    Tymeika B JarvisTymeika B Jarvis2 months ago
  • Wheres Britt?

    Flopsy FunkyFlopsy Funky2 months ago
  • HIGH

    Flopsy FunkyFlopsy Funky2 months ago
  • anyone know the music when bobby is dancing

    Matt TrinderMatt Trinder2 months ago

    Caro FNCaro FN2 months ago
  • I bet that hurt really bad also am new to your channel.

    Wesley LiWesley Li2 months ago
    • @Drew Dirksen Thanks I am also a 13 year old

      Wesley LiWesley Li2 months ago
    • Welcome to the fam

      Drew DirksenDrew Dirksen2 months ago
  • Drew please make your videos longer as 4 minutes is way too short. Love you guys!!!

    CameronDaGamer18CameronDaGamer182 months ago
  • My birthday is a n October 28th

    Clara TurtleClara Turtle2 months ago
  • You and Britt should spy on Corey and Hannah

    Haylee MHaylee M2 months ago
  • Next time will you make the video longer and thank you for being the best youtuber ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jaclyn PaceJaclyn Pace2 months ago
  • OMG I was laughing so so hard when Bobby was dancing 🕺 like I did a really hard exam today at school and that just made me day so high.....Road!

    Emma MartinEmma Martin3 months ago
  • Hey drew

    Jayden JohnsonJayden Johnson3 months ago
  • K

    Dylan ClarkDylan Clark3 months ago
  • You are amazing Saludos desde Argentina 🇦🇷

    Maxi AngelesMaxi Angeles3 months ago
  • Do never i have ever with corey and hannah

    Rafael CaloRafael Calo3 months ago
  • I wish I could meet the whole funk bros house

    Lema lemon SquadLema lemon Squad3 months ago
  • jt

    criselio trimarchicriselio trimarchi3 months ago
  • love your vids keep it up

    Nick W keyNick W key3 months ago
  • Hi drew dirksen😇😇😇😇👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🔥🔥💯💯🔥👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Guadalupe DiazGuadalupe Diaz3 months ago
  • Justin Bieber was wearing ur drew crew hat in this video with David dobrik at 4:11

    Joey DadurkaJoey Dadurka3 months ago
  • Can you shout me out or like this comment because it is almost my birthday is October 29th

    Ian MolterIan Molter3 months ago
  • drew best youtuber

    fLiMiN wEdGyfLiMiN wEdGy3 months ago
  • can you make longer videos please u make rlly good content

    Aiden SessionsAiden Sessions3 months ago
  • Drew pls see this ok you NEED to teach me how to a back flip

    Isa SaezIsa Saez3 months ago
  • Happy birthday Drage🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

    Samuel ByeSamuel Bye3 months ago
  • Dude you vids are the best🤝🤝

    Sebastian BeckSebastian Beck3 months ago
  • 3:24 When I saw Bobby😭😭😭 My head: OH HELL NAW PUT SOME DAM CLOTHES ON CHILE-🤣😭🤣😭🤣😭

    Isabella HSimpsonIsabella HSimpson3 months ago
  • I gotta admit the spider man outfit is cool But think about drew wearing dead pool outfit he sounds exact like him to 😂❤️

    Mr EthanMr Ethan3 months ago
  • 😂❤❤😎👌

    Justin JansenJustin Jansen3 months ago
  • When your Murch drops that’s my birthday

    leyani floresleyani flores3 months ago
  • Why did you get a water at a coffee shop 😂. You are so funny and nice I tink lol

    Chase RubinoChase Rubino3 months ago
  • Drew is the best

    Dryestkestrel_74Dryestkestrel_743 months ago
  • high!

    eden nizerieden nizeri3 months ago
  • Drew i love how you were saying "push, push, He's having a baby 👶"

    Kayden TriggsKayden Triggs3 months ago
  • Lmaoooo Capron's face dropped soooo fast when he realized they were using a pregnancy simulator.

    Screens & SoundScreens & Sound3 months ago
  • The Spider-Man costume is elite

    Zach HipolitoZach Hipolito3 months ago
  • Hi Drew I think this is one of the funniest video you ever make.

    Dulce Maria Rodriguez CamachoDulce Maria Rodriguez Camacho3 months ago
  • Click beat you liying

    J LopJ Lop3 months ago
  • AHHHH I was laughing so much and especially when Capron was using the pregnancy stimulator and when you surprised Drage for his bday lololol!!!! Happy Bday Drage

    Kayla CashKayla Cash3 months ago
  • When Bobby came out I was like "MY EYES! MY EYES!!!" XD

    Sanya IsaacSanya Isaac3 months ago
  • It was also my birthday

    Kylie WingoKylie Wingo3 months ago
  • Amazing video, damn funny 😄 you’re fucking insane, love you so much bro

    Gopi MaxtedGopi Maxted3 months ago
  • cringe and funny😂 but I love cringe and funny

    Official_lena_ 4306Official_lena_ 43063 months ago
  • High

    Janco FaberJanco Faber3 months ago
  • What about the goat?

    Roi SackerRoi Sacker3 months ago
  • Nothing like coming home from work to crack open a cold one and watch Drew's vids

    AustinAustin3 months ago
  • You killed it on the Spider-Man! 😂😂 and omg Bobby 😳

    Ditsy DaphinieDitsy Daphinie3 months ago

    Oliver FurstenburgOliver Furstenburg3 months ago
  • Bobby giving Drage a lap dance and You on the car as Spider-Man was honestly amazing. It was hilarious. High🤝

    Tove FraenellTove Fraenell3 months ago
  • The high road drop is in my brithday

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  • Now get a getting kicked in the ball simulator and get the girls to do that, 😂

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  • I wanted to watch because it looked funny 🤣

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  • The next drop of merch is on my birthday....

    Sheba SharonSheba Sharon3 months ago
  • So your saying the next drop is on my birthday

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    Sydney AllenSydney Allen3 months ago
  • Finally some good content

    YT DreamxlYT Dreamxl3 months ago
  • You made my day with that Spider-Man costume because I LOVE Spider-Man I have a wall sticker and a blanket of spider man SO REMEMBER no matter what gender you can love ANYTHING. Take it from me, I’m a girl and I love Spider-Man so muck that I have a wall sticker so just believe in what you want to believe in, love what you want to love ❤️

    ST FireST Fire3 months ago
  • I wanna see Charlie ride his Ducati

    ItzJust_EnzoItzJust_Enzo3 months ago
  • Drew could be the next spiderman

    ZARKASIZARKASI3 months ago
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  • I died when Gunner started dancing😅😂😂🤣

    Mehakpreet KaurMehakpreet Kaur3 months ago
  • Why does drew sound like an actual Spider-Man

    CJ Dat GoatCJ Dat Goat3 months ago
    • 👀

      Drew DirksenDrew Dirksen3 months ago
  • I love you Drew

    Germain Carl DanielGermain Carl Daniel3 months ago
  • Drew just gave up on the 8 minute vids

    David SiakalukDavid Siakaluk3 months ago
    • @Drew Dirksen 😱 u responded?!

      David SiakalukDavid Siakaluk3 months ago
    • I like the shorter ones

      Drew DirksenDrew Dirksen3 months ago
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  • It's my brothers b day tomorrow and he watches your videos all the time it would mean a lot if you responded also love the merch

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    • Tell him I said hi!

      Drew DirksenDrew Dirksen3 months ago
  • The high road drop is two days before my birthday

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  • Drew is actually the funniest youtuber ive watch

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