Apr 29, 2020
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Get Britt to 200k!!
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Capron Funk:
Corey Funk:
Billy Mann:
Kacey Dirksen (Sister) :
Drage kamerman:
Nick Moore:
Chelsea (Manager) :
Love u guys:)

  • 1:33 billy lol 😂

    Barb TobinBarb Tobin13 days ago
  • High road

    Ryder GreenwoodRyder Greenwood25 days ago
  • You can make high road masks

    Eliteprav07 - Roblox And MoreEliteprav07 - Roblox And More26 days ago
  • Ya because your his girlfriend

    Trygg CarlsonTrygg CarlsonMonth ago
  • Anyone else relize Haif the vids have “the girls” in it lmao

    Thomas PlaysThomas PlaysMonth ago
  • Sup

    Lachlan MackintoshLachlan MackintoshMonth ago
  • IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN can you come to my house for my birthday in July the 18th I Live in Canada Toronto Bring Britt

    GoopGamezGoopGamez2 months ago
  • I have it on my calendar

    Emily LandenEmily Landen3 months ago
  • Hi

    Jessicalouise JonesJessicalouise Jones4 months ago
  • I love Britt so much ❤️❤️❤️

    Amasa Bigelow BigelowAmasa Bigelow Bigelow5 months ago
  • Billy was so funny he always make the video funny no matter what’s going on

    Isaiah Gali-BrownIsaiah Gali-Brown5 months ago
  • The funnest part of this was when Billy was a girl

    Yoshi KeatsYoshi Keats5 months ago
  • Get sponsors

    Dominique FriebelDominique Friebel5 months ago
  • When billy jumped onto the floaty and has his hair all slicked back, he look so funny and professional!!!

    Anika JainAnika Jain5 months ago
  • Hi

    Amber WilliamsAmber Williams5 months ago
  • There blessed

    Makiyla GriffinMakiyla Griffin5 months ago
  • When they were doing the plant part Britt 😤😠😡

    Banana GamingBanana Gaming5 months ago
  • Who is here when drew and Brit are dating

    Lily-Ella BealeLily-Ella Beale5 months ago
  • im from croatia and i love you and your team omggggggggggggg

    Matija HalabarecMatija Halabarec5 months ago
  • i was dying when billy came out with the bikini on

    larissa millerlarissa miller6 months ago
  • I love you guys together

    Lorena WilliamsLorena Williams6 months ago
  • Brith I dare you to kiss your crush for 2minutes

    Karina ZamanKarina Zaman7 months ago
  • can i join the team

    Nick IngramNick Ingram7 months ago
  • How deep is the pool

    eak019eak0197 months ago
  • Capron and I have same birthday but different years

    Makenzye JenkinsMakenzye Jenkins7 months ago
  • The walk at the end that billy done has me acctually dead hahahaha

    Cillian JordanCillian Jordan7 months ago
  • I love ye guys

    Cillian JordanCillian Jordan7 months ago
  • LOL chelsea: they smell so yummy SPIDER SPIDER SPIDER -throws plants onto dash board- hilaroius

    Drain CareDrain Care7 months ago
  • wha happend to the spider at the end XD

    Ciara CooperCiara Cooper7 months ago
  • :)

    HeyCropZHeyCropZ7 months ago
  • I wish I had a girlfriend like Britt 😍

    Creativekid 2020Creativekid 20207 months ago
  • This vid was amazing one day i want to be like you

  • 👇🥰

    Marvin The BossMarvin The Boss7 months ago
  • What is the song on 2:08 minutes

    Mustafa Flavio.21Mustafa Flavio.217 months ago
  • Brit you’re so hot

    Walter RodriguezWalter Rodriguez7 months ago
  • Should build an angle out of wood and then put the air track mat on top of it into the pool

    SpOmiah 1021SpOmiah 10217 months ago
  • brit is pretty

    Luisa MontoyaLuisa Montoya7 months ago
  • Billy killed me🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Tori GabrieleTori Gabriele7 months ago
  • OMG hahahahaha 1:10 and 6:12 billy is just so freaking funny hahahaha 🤣🤣😂😂

    Brad RubioBrad Rubio7 months ago
  • Britt is in almost all his thumbnails

    La la la la , la la la la Elmo’s worldLa la la la , la la la la Elmo’s world7 months ago
  • F

    Ryan GuinnRyan Guinn7 months ago
  • H

    Ryan GuinnRyan Guinn7 months ago
  • G

    Ryan GuinnRyan Guinn7 months ago
  • Hey drew I've all ways wanted to meat you so badly! I Always have dreams about it after coraintian I really want to meat you I Want to ask my mom if I can meat the funk bros and you for my birthday in September p.s. your my favroite youtuber I LOVE YOU SO MUCH 😙 It probably won't happend

    Slide and showSlide and show8 months ago
  • The end was the best part when Chels found a spider🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Amarisworld♥️Amarisworld♥️8 months ago
  • That's get Drew to 1M

    Jesus ValdiviaJesus Valdivia8 months ago
  • Billy made me laugh so hard

    Emma WEmma W8 months ago
  • Omg BILLYYYYYUUU THOOOOO😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂🙃😂🤣😂😂😂😂

    t i at i a8 months ago
  • Drew and Brit are so cute they should tell everyone there dating

    Colin CrispinColin Crispin8 months ago
  • Hi

    Brody ScholtzBrody Scholtz8 months ago
  • Billy is so funny

    Hillary HHillary H8 months ago
  • N

    Anita MckillopAnita Mckillop8 months ago
  • Why do you swear

    Maria HayMaria Hay8 months ago
  • Man billy is so funny

    Kenzie PolsonKenzie Polson8 months ago
  • I want to get Drew’s hair

    Lazer Beam beamLazer Beam beam8 months ago
  • Sooooo cute together I have got a dare for y’all eat ice cream and orange juice

    Ava is AwesomeAva is Awesome8 months ago
  • I had a terrible day today but this video made it so good 😊 thank you

    Harry’s ChannelHarry’s Channel8 months ago
  • Montage:pause Drew: I saw ur entire a** hole

    L Burkhardt productionsL Burkhardt productions8 months ago
  • I watched this video when he was 130k 230k 330k subs

    flippingwith aaronflippingwith aaron8 months ago
  • I’m going to meet Drew someday

    Tegan HolmeTegan Holme8 months ago
  • I was so nervous the whole time, nervous of them flipping into the stairs of the pool! 😖😣

    20k subscribers without any videos Challenge!20k subscribers without any videos Challenge!8 months ago
  • Is Chelsea and drew dating

    Cheyenne PulliamCheyenne Pulliam8 months ago
  • Man billy is crazy

    Talha ShaikTalha Shaik8 months ago
    • Vlogs arent the same without him

      Talha ShaikTalha Shaik8 months ago
  • Sooo am I the only one that got the comment update I hate it and haven’t seen ANYONE talk about it yet

    BloachBaby DBloachBaby D8 months ago
  • You two make a great cappel

    Freda NelFreda Nel8 months ago
  • Billy has the worst accent and the funniest

    Bob HoningBob Honing8 months ago
  • Done !!

    xxRubz .08xxxxRubz .08xx8 months ago
  • This is the best! Drew your a great guy

    Lori BarnettLori Barnett8 months ago
  • This is cracking me up!! Nice vlog

    Lori BarnettLori Barnett8 months ago
  • Hi I Ike you’re video

    Jamie HarveyJamie Harvey8 months ago
  • Happy birthday I love you guys

    Fatou GueyeFatou Gueye8 months ago
  • Hi

    Ceri WilliamsCeri Williams8 months ago
  • Prank Britt and act like you are cheating on her. That would be funny😂 lol.

    Xeriah WilsonXeriah Wilson8 months ago
  • I feel welcomed. My name is Chelsea too

    Chelsea McMillanChelsea McMillan8 months ago
  • My last name is Drew

    dark shadowdark shadow8 months ago
  • I would do a thousands flips on my tramp for an air track

    Sage BobSage Bob8 months ago
  • Billy is actually bloody hilarious

    Lara HilleryLara Hillery8 months ago
  • Do you like Britt

    Justin McMillanJustin McMillan8 months ago
  • Billy is the funniest person I ever seen he is just not afraid to do stuff and thats awesome.

    Corey SowaCorey Sowa8 months ago
  • No there yesses

    Todd SturmTodd Sturm8 months ago
  • Jesus Christ Billie! MY BODY HURRRRTTTTTSSS from LAUGHING!

    Wolf And Demon LoverWolf And Demon Lover8 months ago
  • use me as the ship button for drew and britt

    toxic sparktoxic spark8 months ago
  • drew and britt definitely dating!

    Dumuthu DulanjanaDumuthu Dulanjana8 months ago
  • It was so funny to see yours and Chelsea’s reaction to the spider in the plant

    isabella mattoniisabella mattoni8 months ago
  • 0:40 they actually look like their dating

    RedMetal MattRedMetal Matt8 months ago
  • Don't wanna sound lame but I was just wondering, why is there always a guy wearing a full sleeve shirt in the pool.

    Zain IqbalZain Iqbal8 months ago
  • Im counting your clap

    Albert LacsonAlbert Lacson8 months ago
  • you shoule make all you youtube video very long bro

    JAMES PIKEJAMES PIKE8 months ago
  • this is so funny i cracked up when bill came out in a bikini btw you should do a last to stop vlogging video

    Third FourthThird Fourth8 months ago
  • Your the best

    Vikki HopperVikki Hopper8 months ago
  • Cringe level: 1-10 Answer: 9001

    Dono_NuggiezDono_Nuggiez8 months ago
  • Did any one else notice that Billy’s “BAKINI” bottoms were his shorts rolled up? Use this button if so 👇🏼

    Mr MustachioMr Mustachio8 months ago
  • I was dead ass laughing so hard when I saw Chelsea say SPIDER😂

    cl9tchcl9tch8 months ago
  • Rrt

    Xxtentaction gXxtentaction g8 months ago
  • Are you and Britt dating or what

    Cayden GrubbCayden Grubb8 months ago
  • 364524th

    Love TrollingLove Trolling8 months ago
  • Big like for billy

    Triston CurcioTriston Curcio8 months ago
  • Yo, Drew I love you're vids, Keep up the good work!!! 👍😁

    Simone HoustonSimone Houston8 months ago
  • Hi rode

    Jennifer HamiltonJennifer Hamilton8 months ago
  • Billy is crazy

    Savage 1Savage 18 months ago