Can't Believe She Did This In Public!

Nov 22, 2020
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Black Friday and Cyber Monday!
Can't Believe She Did This In Public!
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The Mob:
Capron Funk:
Corey Funk:
Billy Mann:
Kacey Dirksen (Sister) :
Rydel Lynch:
Drage kamerman:
Nick Moore:
Chelsea (Manager) :
Hannah Roeloffs:
Charlive Oliver Bates:
Love u guys:)

  • Be ready for the Mystery Box’s on Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

    Drew DirksenDrew Dirksen2 months ago
    • You have to say yes for 24 hrs ;)

      BAby MinshewBAby MinshewMonth ago
    • Hi True I’ll like your videos

      Tomeka RandolphTomeka Randolph2 months ago
    • Are you still in Florida because I live in Florida

      Samantha SowderSamantha Sowder2 months ago
    • Yooooooo I live in Athens ohiooo

      Clayton Coey 2023Clayton Coey 20232 months ago
    • What part of Florida are you in I just came for my vacation and I love all your vids

      Chase WilliamsChase Williams2 months ago
  • Does The Girl In The Video Have A TikTok Name The Girl Wearing A Binki

    Amasa Bigelow BigelowAmasa Bigelow Bigelow13 days ago
  • I’ve been watching you for two years 👻

    Jennifer SchoonmakerJennifer Schoonmaker19 days ago
  • I was trying to do the high road shake with my sister but she was just reaching for popcorn

    Jacob McNairJacob McNair21 day ago
  • I'll take her 😊🤣she cute

    Thristian Du preezThristian Du preezMonth ago
  • Where part of Ohio where are you cause I live in Ohio and my dream is to meet you and the funk bros

    Madden HazelkornMadden HazelkornMonth ago
    • this was why in NOV 22 2020

      Soriah MillerSoriah MillerMonth ago
  • How old is kacey

    Clayton VanceClayton VanceMonth ago
  • That’s quite small zip line I have a 450 ft zip line that people have to wear a harness

    Tyler NeffTyler NeffMonth ago
  • The Animaniacs

    Bella HuntBella HuntMonth ago
  • What happened to drage?

  • 3:46 what song?

    Seto AirlanggaSeto AirlanggaMonth ago
  • Hes just using Casey for clickbait now

    NateGG05NateGG05Month ago
  • Me having a zipline in my backyard and not really using it

    Ashley SwansonAshley SwansonMonth ago
  • Okay I will cutie E

    kylie longkylie longMonth ago
  • High

    Ashley SmithAshley SmithMonth ago
  • Drew-“Anyone lookin for a girlfriend?” Kasey- “This girl right here is single!” I come running in from out of nowhere. Me- “Is this where the line starts?”

    Clayton CliffordClayton CliffordMonth ago

    Kate the VibeKate the VibeMonth ago
  • What is the song name

    Bruce BannerBruce BannerMonth ago
  • Do again but connected to someone balls.

    Preston MonsePreston MonseMonth ago
  • I like how every youtuber is taking a video

    halflife876halflife876Month ago
  • can u make a new music video?

    MaryJo DanielsMaryJo DanielsMonth ago
  • where’s tucker like if you want him back

    SpazahmSpazahm2 months ago
  • Yeah me😂😂

    Fredo FloresFredo Flores2 months ago
  • Drew what is the code for your merch. How do you look at the merch and buy

    YeetKid xd ClanYeetKid xd Clan2 months ago
  • You should by ur cousin ps5 for Christmas

    Kacy SagerKacy Sager2 months ago
  • Stop copying tanner

    Faux GangFaux Gang2 months ago
  • Who else Think all draws vids are Awesome

    Sparky The bestSparky The best2 months ago
  • Yeet

    RZR RAINRZR RAIN2 months ago
  • Hi 🙋 road🛹

    Giada MainsGiada Mains2 months ago
  • Now all you have to is make high road sports bras for the girls

    Kyler PolusKyler Polus2 months ago
  • Is it Dickson

    wrigley2308wrigley23082 months ago

    Devon KempDevon Kemp2 months ago
  • Family time a vacation to get away from social media AND YOUR RECORDING

    Julia CooperJulia Cooper2 months ago
  • Your dad with Kacey is too funny "um...put some more clothes on!" such a dad thing to say

    juliem_1986juliem_19862 months ago
  • I live ohio

    Faze carter 1426Faze carter 14262 months ago
  • make high road shoes

    Newman AllisonNewman Allison2 months ago
  • U went to bakers Kay I have gone there before

    Dark TrooperDark Trooper2 months ago
  • What’s that first song you played?

    ChrisPbaconChrisPbacon2 months ago
  • I live in OHIO

    its braydenits brayden2 months ago
  • Guys its fake its not 6minuts its 6minuts and 1 second fake Am just trolling guys dont be mad plis :’)

    Fusi onFusi on2 months ago
    • Hey drew

      Mandy LeavittMandy Leavitt22 days ago
  • 10000000000000000000k

    Jayden VonBevernJayden VonBevern2 months ago
  • Hey drew I tried to text you and it said I have to be at least 13 yrs old to join and I am 13

    Caroline ProthroCaroline Prothro2 months ago
    • Oh and I meant to add is there any other wayyyg

      Caroline ProthroCaroline Prothro2 months ago
    • Please reply

      Caroline ProthroCaroline Prothro2 months ago
  • its lit

    Jasmine MandujanoJasmine Mandujano2 months ago
  • @6:01 💙 = #Autismawareness = 💙

    Alexis FuhrAlexis Fuhr2 months ago
  • ur sister is cute as hell

    ExploringwithJakeExploringwithJake2 months ago
  • Hat

    Megan DoyleMegan Doyle2 months ago
  • Hi drew I have the high road merch and the mother tucker

    Megan DoyleMegan Doyle2 months ago
  • Crazy that we grew up next to each other. You in Monroe and I grew up in loveland

    Connor NugentConnor Nugent2 months ago
  • Yo britts cheating on u look at her snap story she’s kissing another guy

    Bad BomberoBad Bombero2 months ago
    • It was posted on a subcribably story

      Bad BomberoBad Bombero2 months ago
    • Britthertz

      Bad BomberoBad Bombero2 months ago
    • What’s her snap

      andy abregoandy abrego2 months ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    James SchugJames Schug2 months ago
  • I scare my mom just like that drew

    J OlsenJ Olsen2 months ago
  • Where are you in Florida I’m in key west

    Brice BarthBrice Barth2 months ago
  • Make your next video 7 minutes long you wont

    Pope FamilyPope Family2 months ago
  • High🤝

    Alex AlexanderAlex Alexander2 months ago
  • I live in Florida, where in Florida are yall

    Caleb CouchoisCaleb Couchois2 months ago
  • For all the boys fast forward to 4:00 🧐

    We're DifferentWe're Different2 months ago
  • 155,9340th

    m1n0taurZm1n0taurZ2 months ago
  • I’m down I’m single😂

    BdogBdog2 months ago
  • I really want u to hit 1 mill I’ve been apart of the drew crew since 10k

    Luggies BoyLuggies Boy2 months ago
  • Come on over

    Elisa ContrerasElisa Contreras2 months ago

    Robby WoolnoughRobby Woolnough2 months ago
  • Kacey: "Drew said I look fat." Drew: "I didn't say any of that." Me: "Wtf?" Lol

    赵伟丰赵伟丰2 months ago
  • love from Cape Town

    Silva SendsSilva Sends2 months ago
  • Drew said this is the coolest backyard ive ever seen and he lives with the funk bros

    Maddy MillerMaddy Miller2 months ago
  • Loved today video I hope you an amazing day today drew . have my calendar marked and ready for Black Friday can’t wait to get one of those mystery boxes 🤝

    Jaida HodgeJaida Hodge2 months ago
  • Wassup

    Klay HayKlay Hay2 months ago
  • His mom is so cute and wholesome

    Bill NyeBill Nye2 months ago
  • I am getting a MYSTERY BOX!!!!!!!

    Keira ConchesKeira Conches2 months ago
  • Every time I look at Kacey I see Drew

    AlexNash10AlexNash102 months ago
  • And I replied to your comment if you could look at that

    Chase WilliamsChase Williams2 months ago
  • Hey drew I’m in Florida right now and your my favorite youtuber

    Chase WilliamsChase Williams2 months ago
  • High

  • Nice video, Drew bro 😍

    Gopi MaxtedGopi Maxted2 months ago
  • Why is Kacey such a sore loser

    Billy BurgendyBilly Burgendy2 months ago
  • Hi. 👋

    Olivia LeighrOlivia Leighr2 months ago
  • Drew I’m sorry but your sister is so beautiful to bad she’s older than me

    Tayshaun ShipmanTayshaun Shipman2 months ago
  • 😂.

    kight ultrakight ultra2 months ago
  • Oh my gosh this is so funny.

    kight ultrakight ultra2 months ago
  • I wake up I go outside I see drew I get to hang out with drew all day It's the best day of my life Wait....Now read it backwards 😥

    Eman91121Eman911212 months ago
  • I’m a little confused on how Kacey doesn’t have a boyfriend yet I mean she’s like really really beautiful and has a good personality but I’m only 13 so uhh yeah that’s not hapoening

    Eli Mancini 2.0Eli Mancini 2.02 months ago
  • High

    James GeerdesJames Geerdes2 months ago
  • What part of florida

    miranda de quesadamiranda de quesada2 months ago
  • I love you Guys

    Germain Carl DanielGermain Carl Daniel2 months ago
  • Everywhere

    MiaHelloMiaHello2 months ago
  • 6min 1sec not 6 min

    Chase PChase P2 months ago
  • It's so funny to me how florida is just normal to me because I live here, but everyone else in different states just love the scenery.

    Matthew GoodsellMatthew Goodsell2 months ago
  • Where did you get that jumper from I want one

    Levi KinghornLevi Kinghorn2 months ago
  • Huh this is illegal the 6 minute Sunday is 6 minutes and 1 second 🤭

    VInce AMatoVInce AMato2 months ago
  • I HaTe BiNgO

    Gib PeeleGib Peele2 months ago
  • I’m 12

    Makaila HernandezMakaila Hernandez2 months ago
  • U are the best pls say happy birthday to me cause it is my bday tomorrow , i've seen u since you started.

    Jaylia ChowJaylia Chow2 months ago
  • Hi drew I love your videos

    Novice LifeNovice Life2 months ago
  • I would love to learn how to do a backflip

    Amber HargreavesAmber Hargreaves2 months ago
  • Come to Michigan!! Come to my house and hangout bro

    Ethan O'DowdEthan O'Dowd2 months ago
  • What happened to Charlie

    Exportedlake 114Exportedlake 1142 months ago
  • This guy click Bates watch the mob!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cameron JarretCameron Jarret2 months ago
  • ❤️🔥 your channel

    Kayla AngrandKayla Angrand2 months ago
  • Drew this is literally the coolest backyard I’ve ever seen Me-you’ve been to the funk yard! 🤷‍♀️

    Jocelyn MendezJocelyn Mendez2 months ago
  • Nice

    samnoah jonessamnoah jones2 months ago
  • Awsome

    samnoah jonessamnoah jones2 months ago