Can’t Believe She Did This On My Birthday!

Oct 4, 2020
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Love u guys:)

  • I share a birthday with drew just different years

    Kaden PriceKaden Price4 days ago
  • #Drewcrew

    Ann WallaceAnn Wallace5 days ago
  • Bruh drew how do you make sooo much good vids Like dammmm

    Weston FrancisWeston Francis6 days ago
    • It true

      Weston FrancisWeston Francis6 days ago
  • Yeah should kiss neck

    Karate squad Show normalcyKarate squad Show normalcy9 days ago
  • @J J

    PengutwitchPengutwitch11 days ago
  • @123

    PengutwitchPengutwitch11 days ago
    • @ J J

      PengutwitchPengutwitch11 days ago
  • Hey

    Mary WardMary Ward13 days ago
  • I love your videos

    Cayden MoranCayden Moran19 days ago
  • Happy birthday drew

    Cliff DelauneCliff Delaune22 days ago
  • I love you so much drew

    Cliff DelauneCliff Delaune22 days ago
  • Omg I love your channel

    Mia_ loveMia_ love22 days ago
  • I just watched a old vid and where is Jacobs name tag frome subway in arizona

    Noah PaikNoah Paik23 days ago
  • I love you guys

    Frank NunleyFrank Nunley25 days ago
  • Why the thumbnail like that???????!!!

    PHNX.FrostyPHNX.Frosty26 days ago
  • Chris

    Christopher SalazarChristopher Salazar26 days ago
  • 😉😆😉

    A furry Was hereA furry Was here27 days ago
  • I Love you so much

    Nadia priceNadia price28 days ago
  • I got all your merch because it’s so sick

    Alexander FranksAlexander Franks29 days ago
  • Super clickbait nothin is bad lmao

    LockdFNLockdFNMonth ago
  • Your the best the best I a biggest fan

    Sharon TokarzSharon TokarzMonth ago
  • Gongratulations

    Quinnninja09 The ninjaQuinnninja09 The ninjaMonth ago
  • Yo nice

    K B RR trickshots 2.0K B RR trickshots 2.0Month ago
  • Y’all need masks af

    Owen AndrewsOwen AndrewsMonth ago
  • 😆

    aaditya gamingaaditya gamingMonth ago
  • Drew looks like corey

    JdawgJdawgMonth ago
  • Happy Birthday 🎉🎊🎁

    Jaiden Campbell10Jaiden Campbell10Month ago
  • The one thing I will do in my life is...(skydiving) lol😝

    Morgan MeekMorgan MeekMonth ago
  • Turn to Jesus

    Ben Henderson68Ben Henderson68Month ago
  • Never mind it’s too hard

    C EastonC EastonMonth ago
  • 1

    C EastonC EastonMonth ago
  • 1

    C EastonC EastonMonth ago
  • 1

    C EastonC EastonMonth ago
  • I will keep on saying 1 until 1000 comments

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  • Hi

    C EastonC EastonMonth ago
  • Hi

    Blandon MooreBlandon MooreMonth ago
  • Hi

    Tyson LachapelleTyson LachapelleMonth ago
  • Same

    Rebecca ZorzovilisRebecca ZorzovilisMonth ago
  • Your friends do this for u and my "friends" just steal my girlfriend.

    JonJonYTJonJonYTMonth ago
  • This better work man I have been single sense the 4th grade

    Alec EspolaAlec EspolaMonth ago
  • Happy Birthday Drew!

    Macy IrvinMacy IrvinMonth ago
  • I love Rock Road the song

    Connor BlaineConnor BlaineMonth ago
  • Simp

    Thegalaxy GAMER2412Thegalaxy GAMER2412Month ago
  • Im just here to say late happy bday have a good year even though it is bad

    Jason YoderJason YoderMonth ago
    • Ok

      Max SealMax SealMonth ago
  • This is my first Video it’s good

    Jonathan A.Jonathan A.Month ago
  • Love ypu

    Dinen KhatwaniDinen KhatwaniMonth ago
  • Shit😬🤐

    carol bakercarol bakerMonth ago
  • good

    Joseph FergusonJoseph FergusonMonth ago
  • Click bait

    S4 TekkerzS4 Tekkerz2 months ago
  • i love you so much

    Khian StrømKhian Strøm2 months ago
  • Dammmm

    MARII760MARII7602 months ago
  • So nice

    Tay VinceTay Vince2 months ago
  • Did you get a jet ski

    No SoulNo Soul2 months ago
  • how old did you get

    Sam AminiSam Amini2 months ago
  • This is so good

    Kingston ChauKingston Chau2 months ago
  • There is a little boy that iphas cancer in school and his name is drew

    Kellen KimbrellKellen Kimbrell2 months ago
  • Britt!!!??

    Joni RagsdaleJoni Ragsdale2 months ago
  • I ordered it like you tick-tock

    Mams 3 AngelsMams 3 Angels2 months ago
  • We all know why we clicked 😂 lol

    Creativekid 2020Creativekid 20202 months ago
    • True

      Arthur MAIRArthur MAIR23 days ago
    • Yep..... TIDDIES

      Matt FpsMatt FpsMonth ago
    • Bubs

      Rylan PerezRylan PerezMonth ago
    • Sadly true

      The_Dark_GoateeThe_Dark_GoateeMonth ago
    • Thx for the likes ive never got this many likes before i really thank y'all

      Creativekid 2020Creativekid 2020Month ago
  • Heh your lucky I am never lucky 😞😞😞

    Gamer ProGamer Pro2 months ago
  • Pedro LA

    Pedro MedinaPedro Medina2 months ago
  • Can you stop cursing

    Bella's Fabulous WorldBella's Fabulous World2 months ago
  • Happy birth day 🎉 drew

    Natalie HayesNatalie Hayes2 months ago
  • Drew you are the best USworldsr ? Your the best

    Natalie HayesNatalie Hayes2 months ago
  • Happy birthday Jroo

    Tara PictonTara Picton2 months ago
  • im crying rn i love thank u soo much for making ur vids

    AKAI MastersAKAI Masters2 months ago
  • Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pro.Payton 15Pro.Payton 152 months ago
  • Nice

    Hayden ParksHayden Parks2 months ago
  • i love you bro keep up the good work and happy birthday💙

    Brayden MillsBrayden Mills2 months ago

    Sierra_playsSierra_plays2 months ago
  • Imagine if drew replies 👀

    ッyoitzpatッyoitzpat2 months ago
  • Shit

    Liam Du PlessisLiam Du Plessis2 months ago
  • I love you do much your videos are so funny

    Hilda BarriosHilda Barrios2 months ago
  • You are the best ☺️ can you please show me out on your next youtube video please 😅

    Cassidy CateCassidy Cate2 months ago
  • Reacties 896

    Jahzara ToleJahzara Tole2 months ago
  • That birthday was so sick. I have always dreamed of skydiving.

    Gage CreatonGage Creaton2 months ago
  • i just sub

    Semaj JonesSemaj Jones2 months ago
  • Happy birthday drew Hope you have a great day 😛

    Millie HartMillie Hart2 months ago
  • Slightly hungover

    Brooklin KuhnBrooklin Kuhn3 months ago
  • And happy birthday

    Tommy HayTommy Hay3 months ago
  • Hey can you and everyone else come down to Titusville Florida for my birthday on April 14

    Tommy HayTommy Hay3 months ago
  • Bro Sorry I'm late but happy Birthday my guy u rule

    CatDude GamingCatDude Gaming3 months ago
  • Hi

    Þórstína Hrönn SigurðardóttirÞórstína Hrönn Sigurðardóttir3 months ago
  • Love you Drew and tell the house i said Hey!! And i love y'all!!

    Addison D.Addison D.3 months ago
  • Hiii

    Natalia MNatalia M3 months ago
  • Happy birthday

    Jennifer JorgensenJennifer Jorgensen3 months ago
  • Hope you had a amazing birthday and srry I am late for saying happy birthday 🎁 but ya

    Madison MeabonMadison Meabon3 months ago
  • Drew I think you’re videos are inappropriate and you should defeat you’re videos this is teaching kids to do the same thing you’re basically influencing kids to do the same when they grow up so pleas delete their inappropriate videos. Thank You

    OMAR 124 AL qaissyOMAR 124 AL qaissy3 months ago
  • Billy: I frickin love you dude agghhhggttvcdddrgbggh

    Carmen BetteridgeCarmen Betteridge3 months ago
  • Bro your amazing keep it up

    Carmen BetteridgeCarmen Betteridge3 months ago
  • I love you guys😍😍

    Rose OsborneRose Osborne3 months ago
  • Drew acc has the best life🤩

    Janae RontéJanae Ronté3 months ago
  • happy freakin birthday!! You are my favorite youtuber and you insprie me sm!!!!

    Chloe HorwathChloe Horwath3 months ago
  • clickbait

    Timo JaenenTimo Jaenen3 months ago
  • Drew You How Old Are now

    Wolf studios SisWolf studios Sis3 months ago
  • LOL Sounds good I love this so much please shout out?😭

    maighdlinmaighdlin3 months ago
  • no it is two week

    Abbly MaulderAbbly Maulder3 months ago
  • i love you Drew and my birthday in six week

    Abbly MaulderAbbly Maulder3 months ago
  • Happy late 1 week birthday

    Dobreteam VuongDobreteam Vuong3 months ago
  • i hope you had fun with your friends when i'm stuck with none

    Kamden KiddKamden Kidd3 months ago
  • Happy b day

    x808_LEGALLY_HIx808_LEGALLY_HI3 months ago