Confronting ALEX WARREN for Copying DAVID DOBRIK

Feb 26, 2020
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  • That guy has to copy DAVID DOBRIK to fit in, he would not be in the house without copying David's vlogs. Is there one original video of his that does not copy David's video? He's just another MORGZ who copies other creator's video's. Smash the like of you agree 👍 😉

    King JamesKing James2 months ago
  • He’s a Walmart copy of David

    B. JamminB. Jammin4 months ago
  • he is a fkin hobo alex guy

    BeediBeedi4 months ago
  • As if David would ever call him to join the vlog squad. David is way better than Alex, he would be useless David.

    YuliYuli4 months ago
  • I smell 🧢

    felipegs03felipegs035 months ago
  • Alex's videos from two years ago are so different than the content he posts now... he is literally copying david.. from the title to the thumbnail, everything..

    L Y S AL Y S A5 months ago
  • david wouldn't want him in the vlog squad

    レヴレヴ5 months ago
  • I feel bad for him cause his dad but bro that has nothing to do with you copying david

    Toni BrisonToni Brison6 months ago
  • we get that david’s super inspiring for vloggers but when you take someone’s laugh & mannerisms that’s fucking weird. the way he talks and ESPECIALLY the laugh.

    fenty venusfenty venus6 months ago
  • 1:42 why are they all so mean to jack here I feel so bad honestly they are just mad a 16 year old has more subs then all of them 😅😂🤣

    Lukas MoonLukas Moon6 months ago
  • Guys, seriously we r all acting really immature. Yall r being mean and accusing things. His dad passed away. Have empathy.

    CuteCatGamingCuteCatGaming6 months ago
  • That is just creepy that he copies David

    Peyton TruePeyton True6 months ago
  • why is he talking differently in this tho..??

    Lilo van de RunstraatLilo van de Runstraat6 months ago
  • Bruh really copied david dobrik and stopped watching him when they compared him to david alex a straight bitch

    Rudy MontesRudy Montes6 months ago
  • Is this another David Dobrik "inspired by" channel?

    StephenStephen6 months ago
  • That "no" at 3:32 sounded EXACTLY like david

    MashieGamieMashieGamie6 months ago
  • Notice how he's getting defensive hahaha

    CaRz 164CaRz 1647 months ago

    CaRz 164CaRz 1647 months ago
  • TY for this video

    BigDomTvBigDomTv7 months ago
  • And I thought that jake and Logan Paul were bad....

    t ø p ht ø p h7 months ago
  • Send him back to TikTok and lock the door

    Oakley MatthewsonOakley Matthewson7 months ago
  • Why would you blame that on your dads death that’s messed up bro

    Samantha RobertsSamantha Roberts7 months ago
  • You hear so many stories about people showing up at David's house in the middle of the night or people stalking him on his street and I have no doubt in my mind that Alex Warren was one of those people lmao

    madeforaprojectmadeforaproject7 months ago
  • He might copy the stuff David does but didn’t change himself so please don’t hate on him

    Lizbeth DelgadoLizbeth Delgado7 months ago
  • I’m sorry but he needs to stop people need to be original and do their own thing there is already a David he just needs to stop

    Brooke HayesBrooke Hayes7 months ago
  • I swear if I see him. I swear to god

    Sasha HahaSasha Haha7 months ago
  • Im here because of david dobrik

  • people don't care much when he copies content.. but it's fucking weird that he is changing himself to BECOME David. Coping the way he speaks and laughs. god, he is such a psychopath.

    meghana santhoshmeghana santhosh7 months ago
  • Alex is so strong to talk about his private life. All the comment of Alex being David is not ok. Alex really lost his dad and he is strong to talk about it . I hate all does people hating on the Hype house member.

    Alexane BoyerAlexane Boyer7 months ago
  • Its not just first person its almost everything else, and you used to film your vids differently

    Tristan ChongTristan Chong7 months ago
  • Yes we feel very sorry for your loss, but that doesn’t give him any reason to copy David’s videos exactly the same or have to change his personality completely just to bring in more fans/content. It isn’t hard to be yourself and create your own vlog channel, it just requires hard work!

    Victor RodriguezVictor Rodriguez8 months ago
  • Almost 101% same.. Give a reference hashtag #daviddobrik at the end, it's ok. :P

    Milan KBMilan KB8 months ago
  • DONE

    Brandon TauerBrandon Tauer8 months ago
  • The thing is he copied his laugh and he wears black that’s David thing and even the same jokes he just needs too do him don’t copy someone bigger

    Luis MunozLuis Munoz8 months ago
  • 2:25 he laughed as he said "so my dad passed away when i was young"

    Benjamin TurnerBenjamin Turner8 months ago
  • Did anyone else notice that those are Davids Bitches in the intro

    Rohan CraigRohan Craig8 months ago
  • Done

    Lily GarciaLily Garcia8 months ago
  • Drew disken is not even your problom to be asking question to him like i was a huge fan but not eny more like tf is wrong with you i hate you like is not even your problom about that 🤢🤬☠🖕

    bryana's worldbryana's world8 months ago
  • #copycatter

    *Sam **Sam *8 months ago
  • The original is better than the wannabe

    *Sam **Sam *8 months ago
  • This is not even copying content, this is identity theft like he acts the same way and talks the same way it’s like he studies David in him room

    AmphroseAmphrose8 months ago
  • When he laughs and acts like David it makes me so annoyed and mad. Like dude can you just say the truth that you’re literally trying to be him. 🙄

    Joelmy LantiguaJoelmy Lantigua8 months ago
  • When he laughs and acts like David it makes me so annoyed and mad. Like dude can you just say the truth that you’re literally trying to be him. 🙄

    Joelmy LantiguaJoelmy Lantigua8 months ago
  • He uses the pity card saying that he wants to film videos like his dad that died but that has absolutely nothing to do with why ppl are upset at him. Until he actually addresses why he laughs and talks like david, hes gonna continue getting comments. I would advide that he just tells the truth, like if he came out and just said “ i like and watch david’s videos so much that i guess it rubbed off on me without noticing.” I would totally understand that. But the thing is that it may be more fucked up than that, like he might be copying him knowing full well what hes doing. That on the other hand is like kinda creepy.

    Thompson GatehouseThompson Gatehouse8 months ago
  • Why do yo- Alex: *my father!*

    Chin LineChin Line8 months ago
  • I like how he *laugh talks* “So my dad passed away when i was younger”

    Maloh SamMaloh Sam8 months ago
  • Vid starts at 1:40

    Cap'nNuttyCap'nNutty8 months ago
  • David is david and alex is not alex or david

    Mini_ MilkMini_ Milk8 months ago
  • Show us those videos of your dad filming in first person

    Mendy 00Mendy 008 months ago
  • He even wears all black like David

    Danny FinneganDanny Finnegan8 months ago

    MentallyHardMentallyHard8 months ago
  • If people want to watch someone who sounds and try’s to hard to be like David, might as well watch David’s vlogs 🤭

    IFloresIFlores8 months ago
  • Not the main concern of the video but that green gtr looks retarted

    NaviNavi8 months ago
  • Tbh I’ve watched him for a long time and his laugh has been the same he has even had most of the same friends for a while except really what I’ve see change is the video style and well not only he’s doing it Logan Paul does the same style a lot more countless you tubers do and I guess because y’all on see him on USworlds on TikTok where he originally came from he’s a pretty cool person and has acted the same since he first made it and like yeah he has similarities but he’s his own person isn’t the first time someone has been like another person it’s happened lol it’s like let the guy live David clearly doesn’t have a problem Ik ima get hate but oh well just saying my opinion sorry if I offended anyone

    Unknown PAWUnknown PAW8 months ago
    • I completely agree with you ! You are spot on !

      Kasey GoldKasey Gold7 months ago
    • I completely agree with you ! Spot on ! Unknown Paw

      Kasey GoldKasey Gold7 months ago
    • David bruh I’m 18 wym?

      Unknown PAWUnknown PAW8 months ago
    • Little kids don’t offend anyone but you’ll grow up and see reality

      DavidDavid8 months ago
  • They have the same laugh

    UnIT_IDUnIT_ID8 months ago
  • i never wanted to punch someone so bad until i saw this alex guy thats copying david dobrik

    Deux KelDeux Kel8 months ago
  • Can you guys stop like are you serious stop it!! If you guys are "true" fans of David you will know there's only one David and one Alex so stop it stop creating drama and more negativity like common what's wrong with you guys you are just making tik tok more toxic by saying that his David like again STOP IT grow up😉

    ugnbenugnben8 months ago
  • how’s he gonna say his dads death is the reason he’s secondary of david

    rex1rex18 months ago
  • he isn't copying his vlog style, he is trying to steal his identity.

    Tallulah DawsonTallulah Dawson8 months ago
  • ceo of changing the subject 😌

    no oneno one8 months ago
  • What episode of the masked singer???

    Swagmaster 1016Swagmaster 10168 months ago
  • Done

    Slide and showSlide and show8 months ago
  • I love your videos alex there the best but I can never find what I want to find its wierd . So I was thinking maybe you could put every thing that happens on the thumbnail !! It would really help

    Slide and showSlide and show8 months ago
  • did he really use his dad’s death as a crutch..?

    Braelyn WhitesideBraelyn Whiteside8 months ago
  • Even his mannerisms are like David’s. It’s like he’s copied him so much he’s actually becoming him

    Mo Mo Mo Ur BoatMo Mo Mo Ur Boat8 months ago

  • Him saying he isnt copying David dobrik is bull shit

    Bonnie AgustinBonnie Agustin8 months ago
  • You guys let him off the hook too easily, doesn't explain why he talks and laughs exactly like David, or why he cuts the edit when he starts laughing, again exactly like David, the same messy hair look, i could go on and on. Its not a good look come on kid find your own style.

    jdv 86erjdv 86er8 months ago
  • So honestly just leave him alone stopping here to help if you love him you love him if you don’t you don’t you like ever done with whatever just leave him alone

    Jannaliss HerreraJannaliss Herrera8 months ago
  • you guys are just are generally just toxic

    Jannaliss HerreraJannaliss Herrera8 months ago
  • Do you guys are just jealous that Alex is way better than David open so just leave him alone he’s not copying alone do you like Alex better than they were doing so. It does not matter

    Jannaliss HerreraJannaliss Herrera8 months ago
  • 2:00

    izzy robsonizzy robson8 months ago
  • Did anybody notice how his laughter and voice changed, when he was talking about it to him. CAUGHT

    ii_exileii_exile8 months ago
  • Lol a lot of people do 1st person that’s not what people want you to change.

    anthony cablinganthony cabling8 months ago
  • Lmao he’s trying to bring his dad into this so people feel bad for him

    BruhBruh8 months ago
  • Before he sai his editing style was inspired by TikTok David said it was from vine COPYCAT

    Sai PABBATISai PABBATI8 months ago
  • Fake Jonah on the right too

    marcelo samayoamarcelo samayoa9 months ago
    • Uh hes not a part of alex warrens vlogs hes with drew

      calvin licalvin li9 months ago
  • Like the video style is ok that’s fine but you’re literally copying his person and that’s hella creepy

    V JuicesV Juices9 months ago
  • If I see. A corinna kopf copy cat Ur done ... l

    Gabby and AvantikaGabby and Avantika9 months ago
  • His story about his father justifies the reason he makes videos. But he didn’t explain why his style, voice and mannerisms changed. He can still make good videos without copying somebody else. Why does he do it?

    Isabella LariosIsabella Larios9 months ago
  • He is obsessed with him dude, needs to be his own person that is just strangeeeeeee. Tries to be him so bad I swear he studies him every single night

    uncle clituncle clit9 months ago
  • Im really not lieing but this guy is dumb coper

    InafakkInafakk9 months ago
  • He's so annoying

    Joseph VictorJoseph Victor9 months ago
  • is it just me or does Alex sound different in this video than his vlogs?

    Inaaya MuftiInaaya Mufti9 months ago
  • He really has problems someone take his camera away

    Salma .OSalma .O9 months ago
  • this guy thinks he can manipulate y’all into thinking he’s not copying David by saying his dad died.

    big fat square bagina nigga face yesbig fat square bagina nigga face yes9 months ago
  • He is actually copying him he dosent like David and I feel. Bad because David is him self and he’s famous but Alex can’t be himself he has to copy David and he wants to be famous

    Killah BeatzKillah Beatz9 months ago
  • pulled out the cancer card

    drip dripdrip drip9 months ago
  • When u want to be popular u turn into a sociopath..

    Emerald KaoEmerald Kao9 months ago
  • I bet his dad’s videos were just like David’s vlogs. It’s not like he was using his dads death to avoid telling the truth?

    Lachlan TalbotLachlan Talbot9 months ago
  • So he tried to play the sympathy card to cover up the fact that he has an unhealthy obsession with David... creepy

    Erin_ stannersErin_ stanners9 months ago
  • done

    Eli JacobsenEli Jacobsen9 months ago
  • So he said its cause of his dad and not David...but yet all his videos from like 2 years were not first person...bro just admit it and be yourself again...if you even know who that is...and even copies his hair...I can't with that guy

    Kevin CrispinoKevin Crispino9 months ago
  • Dont even know why Im here, I dont watch hype house or dobrik and all Im getting from this is this. is no one gonna point out that there is a specific youtube personality that logan paul, the dobrik brothers and the people of hype house all fucking have? Like yeah their titles are gonna be similar because its all clickbaity and unoriginal like damn. Dont hate on a guy for just trying to keep up with the algorithm of youtube. And he probably has similar mannerisms because he actually hangs out with David Dobrik and a lot of other youtubers,,,, I think we all pick up certain speech things from our friends.

    AMossyMessAMossyMess9 months ago
  • BUT THE THING IS Alex you know your self that you do get content from him and do you watch his videos saying that you don’t copy him and you do this because your dad is bullshit

    Maddy StephensonMaddy Stephenson9 months ago
  • Alex saying his dying dad filmed shit is the reason he makes his vlogs like David is extremely cowardly! Blaming yourself coping every little mannerism on your dead dad is messed up.

    Steve DoughnutSteve Doughnut9 months ago
  • Y’all should do a lie detector test and ask him questions

    Young ProdoYoung Prodo9 months ago
  • he is even wearing all black jacket, pants, and some shit and pls stop using your dad as an excuse its very disrespectful for his grave i mean don't use ur father who brought u these and using him for views thats just shitty

    Julius PimpimJulius Pimpim9 months ago
  • He's making money. So I guess let him do his thing until he realize he's wrong. 😂

    HaymeHayme9 months ago
  • u used david dobriks scene for ur intro, were u one of the b@#$h's?