Confronting My Sisters Boyfriend

Jul 8, 2020
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JULY 26th
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Love u guys:)

  • that was good

    Nilah MilinoNilah Milino27 days ago
  • I can't tell if Drew is kidding or if he is being an overprotective brother

    Caidence RichardsonCaidence Richardson5 months ago
  • Um Charli, your um, torso is distracting me.....

    Devyn MalkaDevyn Malka5 months ago
  • Billy telling jokes to the dog KILLED me

    Devyn MalkaDevyn Malka5 months ago
  • Your manager not your sister 🤣🤣🤣

    Jasmine McSweeneyJasmine McSweeney5 months ago
  • Dude the flip on charlie.....not cool.

    דני ניסיםדני ניסים6 months ago
  • I follow you on tiktok

    Matthew ZavalaMatthew Zavala6 months ago
  • when u said charli in that vlog i thought charli d amlio

    Darren ColemanDarren Coleman6 months ago
  • Drew takes it cool 😎 Billy I just everything in my pants Like so drew can see Like thx

    Max GamingytMax Gamingyt6 months ago
  • Logan Paul wanna be

    Xelite SiphonXelite Siphon6 months ago
  • I think that Charlie actually likes Casey

    Ava WhiteAva White6 months ago
    • Agree

      Alicia GuyAlicia Guy6 months ago
  • 600th comment

    Aiden BraultAiden Brault6 months ago
  • Billy i think I just everything in my pants Me starts uncontrollably lafing omg

    Makensi NicholsonMakensi Nicholson6 months ago
  • 598 th yes

    Denis CreminsDenis Cremins6 months ago
  • Stop being over protective it’s a bit weird she is your sister

    opticzopticz6 months ago
  • Billy’s hilarious

    Gabriella SanchezGabriella Sanchez6 months ago
  • Hey Drew I would love to come visit you some time. And ask you to teach me how to backflip plz. Love your videos

    Kale ClarkKale Clark6 months ago
  • Call me plz, I’m Cool

    Recon RailRecon Rail6 months ago
  • What happened to all the tilanus clothing

    Corkscrew 999Corkscrew 9996 months ago
  • Hi I'm a big fan

    stokestwins a_astokestwins a_a6 months ago
  • Looks like Charlie is getting into pranking more 😆😋

    Greg FreemanGreg Freeman6 months ago
  • July 26 is the before my birthday

    Shauna HarperShauna Harper6 months ago
  • hey my brithday is sunday can you give me a shout out plz I'm a big fan my name is nevaehzia

    Jelissa JonesJelissa Jones6 months ago
  • Love ur videos so much there so much fun to watch!🤪😆

    Piper KnorppPiper Knorpp6 months ago
  • Charlie is jacked

    Brayden FacinoBrayden Facino6 months ago
  • Bad dog

    Tim SmithTim Smith6 months ago
  • High Road!

    Aron Joshua Cardona QuerolAron Joshua Cardona Querol6 months ago
  • I’m disappointed I was a prank ...

    Redneck LifeRedneck Life6 months ago
  • Let Charlie date your sister

    D.P. FizzyD.P. Fizzy6 months ago
  • Drew just play it Kim and Kacy date

    Zay 03Zay 036 months ago
  • Drew. U can’t hate him tho. If we’re honest u hid feelings for almost a month on Brit

    Importantrapgod JayImportantrapgod Jay6 months ago
    • Even if isn’t a prank

      Importantrapgod JayImportantrapgod Jay6 months ago
  • Ohh ok

    Rhys McEvoyRhys McEvoy6 months ago
  • That’s neat birth day

    Antonio BelliaAntonio Bellia6 months ago
  • Yyyy Charly and kase is such a good couple 😡

    hxvrhxvr6 months ago
  • Low

    Steven SkeenSteven Skeen6 months ago
  • Why is Charlie hella ripped? My g is a friggin body builder

    YaBoiNullYaBoiNull6 months ago
  • Leave it to drew to piggy back off of someone else’s content like usual, try coming up with something original for a change.

    Eric LeducEric Leduc6 months ago
  • low road

    Isidro SantillanIsidro Santillan6 months ago
  • No bro cause they go out dosnt matter

    DYN HazeDYN Haze6 months ago
  • now my depressed

    lainey stricklandlainey strickland6 months ago
  • Marry is like.. u gotta wait like 3 to 5 years 😂😂

    t i at i a6 months ago
  • I love your channel. I enjoy watching your video. Drew Dirksen you have inspired me and my friend to create our own USworlds channel. We post great content but could do with some support and subscribers. Keep up the good work. Hope to be as good as you someday.

    Pilick TwinsPilick Twins6 months ago
  • only og remember flip check

    Dumb TeensDumb Teens6 months ago
  • Are you happy about the prank

    Chelsea DowdleChelsea Dowdle6 months ago
  • You and bri are my favorite USworldsrs

    Sabrina VerduzcoSabrina Verduzco6 months ago
  • Are you jack dohtery big brother

    Sabrina VerduzcoSabrina Verduzco6 months ago
    • Lil brother

      Sabrina VerduzcoSabrina Verduzco6 months ago
  • I love you so much drew!! You are my fav person ever. I want to meet you someday!!❤️💕 btw subscribed

    Rachael KRachael K6 months ago
  • Wait so there not even dating

    ALMOND BOYALMOND BOY6 months ago
  • “I think I just everythinged in my parts” I love billy and all the jokes he was telling with the dog

    Alexcia WorthingtonAlexcia Worthington6 months ago
  • Hey ma lov the vids

    Mix FrostieMix Frostie6 months ago
  • Chelsey is back from new york!

    JCB VortexJCB Vortex6 months ago
  • where is levi

    The flaming tiger WildernessThe flaming tiger Wilderness6 months ago
  • Fiancé

    Xavier LagrouXavier Lagrou6 months ago
  • "I think I just everythinged in my pants" I'm dead🤣🤣

    Isiac HollenIsiac Hollen6 months ago
  • "I`ve just everythinged in my pants"

    Anders NordbyeAnders Nordbye6 months ago
  • Awesome video, that’s so funny, you’re insane

    Gopi MaxtedGopi Maxted6 months ago
  • "I think I just did everything in my pants'' Billy 2020

    Conor RondeauConor Rondeau6 months ago
  • Its funny how your merch drops on my birthday Like if I deserved merch 😂

    ulices domingoulices domingo6 months ago
  • Please meet fans in England

    Daniel MazzDaniel Mazz6 months ago
  • First of all Kacey Dirksen is the BEST pranker, she got Drew really good but Drew got Charlie good but if that was a real situation don't go punching Charlie because he did talk to you and violence doesn't help with anything and if they were together let them be if they love each other you beat them up if he broke her heart only.

    Just a subscriberJust a subscriber6 months ago
  • Confusion

    Jamie LordJamie Lord6 months ago
  • I’m confused. Are Charlie and Kacey dating?

    Jamie LordJamie Lord6 months ago
  • I love ❤️ that couple

    Shaughna Crew!Shaughna Crew!6 months ago
  • Drew pls complete this sentence High

    Rendani mudauRendani mudau6 months ago
  • Ehhh 26 July is my birthday🎉🎉❤️

    Mulisa MphoMulisa Mpho6 months ago
  • Hi

    Joshua SmithJoshua Smith6 months ago
  • I felt so sorry for charlie but it was funny and good content xx

    Ella ThomasElla Thomas6 months ago
  • I wish that Drew’s videos were longer

    Lexi BlaxlandLexi Blaxland6 months ago
  • Last to get caught by k9 around the house

    Lewis DansonLewis Danson6 months ago
  • Wait so do Kacey and Charlie still like each other tho? Because I still ship it

    Reagan’s WorldReagan’s World6 months ago
  • break up prank with britt? anyone down with the prank?

    RAfael Jose TimbolRAfael Jose Timbol6 months ago
  • Wait Casey and Charlie are dating

    TMS_SnowyTMS_Snowy6 months ago
  • Narlie charlie

    Hudson nixHudson nix6 months ago
  • I just got clickbaited

    Nemical BSNemical BS6 months ago
  • Let your sis date anyone she wants its not up to you

    YasYas6 months ago
  • bro my cringe levels went into space

    russian elmorussian elmo6 months ago
  • I wished it was not a prank

    Irollcole IrollcoleIrollcole Irollcole6 months ago
  • drej definitely likes Kacey

    Joe BaddaJoe Badda6 months ago
  • 🔥🔥❤❤

    shashika. 2000shashika. 20006 months ago
  • If Drew and Britt maybe get married one day do you think they will want children ?

    Raegan BrouardRaegan Brouard6 months ago
  • What does high road and low road mean

    Bounce PepperBounce Pepper6 months ago
  • To be honest, I think drew should set some boundaries with Kacey. I know you wanna protect her and stuff but that's her life to live and not for you to tell her how to live. All love bro. Keep doing you!

    King GayetaKing Gayeta6 months ago
  • Let's see it high 🤝

    Adam the ballerAdam the baller6 months ago
  • Wow july 26 My birthday is july 26 what a coincedence

    Feljud Lim ReromaFeljud Lim Reroma6 months ago
  • Amazing! Enjoyed this so much.

    primonesimusprimonesimus6 months ago
  • If it was real he would of beat drew ass😂💯

    dkxpalotdkxpalot6 months ago
  • Billy is the main character

    Carly ThompsonCarly Thompson6 months ago
  • So their boyfriend and girlfriend now like you and britt

    Hailley EspinozaHailley Espinoza6 months ago
  • LoL

    Virgil SawyersVirgil Sawyers6 months ago
  • charlie low key ripped tho

    Amber JonesAmber Jones6 months ago
  • Omg! Kace!!!

    emma macfarlaneemma macfarlane6 months ago
  • Kacey is the BEST prankster

    Rae FalcoRae Falco6 months ago
  • Drew dirksen Kacey is the BEST prankster heehe!!! she got ya good man!!

    Chanel SharpChanel Sharp6 months ago
  • Haha haha

    Kristina LangeKristina Lange6 months ago
  • He must of been scared

    Gator LegacyGator Legacy6 months ago
  • Pls make videos longer they are so good

    Beast ModeBeast Mode6 months ago
  • Since your in a prank war you can prank the whole house by memory loss or something like that lysm

    Hayley-Ann CullenHayley-Ann Cullen6 months ago
  • You are starting to swear to much

    Henry ZupancHenry Zupanc6 months ago
  • good prank charlie

    xavier mendiola vazquezxavier mendiola vazquez6 months ago
  • You said the word Drew and Charlie didn’t hesitate or did he

    Epic Troll GamingEpic Troll Gaming6 months ago