Sep 30, 2020
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Tag me in the photos so i can repost them in the vlog
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Love u guys:)

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  • It's my birthday to happy birthday drew I just turned 10 on September 30

    Cliodhna McNeilCliodhna McNeil2 months ago
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    Lauren DaveyLauren Davey3 months ago
  • Your dad doing the chair trick, so iconic! Loved it!

    Amy MilneAmy Milne3 months ago
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  • Drew will like and pin this if he loves his fans

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  • HappyBirthday drew

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  • Happy Birthday Again!!!!!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

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  • Love the merchandise keep up the good work

    Cameron MilksCameron Milks3 months ago
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    tony graytony gray3 months ago
  • Didn’t know Ben is a nascar fan, Jimmie Johnson

    Garric GonsalvesGarric Gonsalves3 months ago
  • How old is his dad cause my dad is 51

    Ellis ChapmanEllis Chapman3 months ago
  • 555k subs we can make a mill, Come on drewvcrew

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  • 555k suds

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  • Happy birthday jou are the best

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  • I ride horses and my name is tucker

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  • Happy birthday Drew hope uhave a great time :)

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  • I have a question.... which did you do first USworlds or tik tok

    The Potato KidThe Potato Kid3 months ago
  • so cool

    Travel DynamixTravel Dynamix3 months ago
  • Happy birthday drew I am buying your merch it’s so cool and just how you do the intro with it love you drew your so cool with everyone you have in your life remember to stay high road

    Kara JamesKara James3 months ago
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    Jürgen kloppJürgen klopp3 months ago
  • "You look like you have a dads tank top" --Drew "It is my dads tank top" --Nick LOL!

    juliem_1986juliem_19863 months ago
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  • Happy birthday

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  • happy birthday Drew!!! Your vids our the best. keep up the good work

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  • I remember when Britt went on team rar to compete to be apart of team rar

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  • im late but happy birthday love you guys keep doing your best :D

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  • Neighbors: wtf

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  • road haaaaapppppppppppppyyyyyyybbbbbbiiiirrrrttttthhhhhhhhhddddddddaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! drew love your vids

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  • Happy birthday

    Jessica MillerJessica Miller3 months ago
  • So can u give me some advice on urube video that make alot of views and likes

    pinionpack officialpinionpack official3 months ago
  • Can u give me hints utube channel on my old one had 596 views at 8 years old but got locked out of my acount so starting a new one

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  • I want to my godfathers ranch and I read a horse

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  • I swear I was riding a horse today

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  • Happy late birthday 🥳🥳🥳🥳

    Randomvids0982 RandomRandomvids0982 Random3 months ago
  • You tell us how you guys quit the band because your music changed my life that why

    Thomas SittonThomas Sitton3 months ago
  • What’s the name of the song that he used for the USworlds story for the merch and HAPPY BDAY DREW

    Vision ClanツVision Clanツ3 months ago
  • Happy birthday

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  • Am I watching logan paul

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  • Happy Birthday Drew!🥳🎂

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  • Happy birthday l got high road

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  • Why does Britt never ware a shirt

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  • Drew my birthday is also September 29 I love your vids

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  • Yo drew my name is drew happy birthday my birthday was the 25 of September big fan please respond HIGH ROAD

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  • I want to get 100 shirts insta @noahv30

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  • You are my favorite youtuber. Drew HIGH👋

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  • Drew can you make kids sizes for the merch?

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  • we have the same birthday

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  • Longest b day intro

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  • My birthday is monday

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  • Your bday is to weeks exactly from mine

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  • I live to videos ands when I save up enough money I am going to get some merch

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  • Happy birthday Drew you look like you are way younger keep it up, you are awesome bro.

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  • My birthday is in 3 days

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  • Happy birthday Drew may God bless you with so many more years love you USworlds channel keep working it and make your dreams come true❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😇

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