does my sister approve my crush...

May 27, 2020
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Love u guys:)

  • can't stop smiling (:

    BrittHertzBrittHertz7 months ago
    • Britt I love you and Drew as a couple but I wish Drew would post longer videos cause I love y’all’s content

      Hunter LehmannHunter Lehmann14 days ago
    • And I cant stop looking at ur face

      Jeramia CavinessJeramia Caviness4 months ago
    • Beyond the call

      justsaypmoe1967justsaypmoe19675 months ago
    • BrittHertz I love you And

      Off-road outlawOff-road outlaw5 months ago
    • Hi britt. I love your vids

      Kieth OttoKieth Otto6 months ago
  • time stamp 3:16 all i can think about is drew thinking what are you doing stepbro or your the best brother anyone could ever ask for omfg someone save me fromm this cruel mind of mine

    Brock SennBrock Senn28 days ago
  • Ur sister is stunning bro

    charlie taylorcharlie taylorMonth ago
  • kacey almost cried i think she did for a bit

    sophia salassophia salasMonth ago
  • Awesome sibling bond 😭😭😭

    Sam HollandSam Holland4 months ago
  • I can't stop looking at ur face

    Jeramia CavinessJeramia Caviness4 months ago
  • heehe

    Cullen HOLMESCullen HOLMES5 months ago
  • Wholesome moment 😊❤️

    Mufasa Dah wrldMufasa Dah wrld5 months ago
  • I love Drews content and to be honest I reckon he will hit one mil before the end of this year

    Reuben GleesonReuben Gleeson6 months ago
  • Awwww

    Shams SwadiShams Swadi6 months ago
  • Hi dritthertz

    unicorn Vogtunicorn Vogt6 months ago
  • Good prank

    Andrew MeldeAndrew Melde6 months ago
  • Drew crew

    Thomas SwabsinThomas Swabsin6 months ago
  • Your sister is the best you have the best sister

    Alma HernandezAlma Hernandez6 months ago
  • Someone else thinks she has stronger words about Britt than drew ?

  • They are cute 😗😙😚😍😘😍😁🤗

    Rebeca AltuzarRebeca Altuzar6 months ago
  • He such a good guy I am so happy for you Britt you guys we meant to be 😘😍

    Tiktokedits 0078Tiktokedits 00786 months ago
  • Hey guys I want you guys videos every single day you guys a call I got your number but he hasn’t answer so I text you and you didn’t text back so I’m a big fan of you guys you guys are awesome people in the whole tumor on Insta see ya hope you guys have fun wish I could see you guys love you guys

    Haylea JusticeHaylea Justice6 months ago
  • Have anyone ever notice that everyone will be on the funk bro’s video but for everyone else maybe 5 people will do a challenge but we all know that there is not 5 people in the house

    Eclipse GamingEclipse Gaming6 months ago
  • Aww 😘

    Emma LynnEmma Lynn6 months ago
  • The bloopers are do funny 😝

    Wayne GarnonWayne Garnon6 months ago
  • Your sisters is so sweet and pretty😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

    Mohammad0 HudaMohammad0 Huda6 months ago
  • The video starts at 1:54

    Matthew VegaMatthew Vega6 months ago
  • this was so funny and hart warming

    Santiana AtencioSantiana Atencio6 months ago
  • brow youer garil is pritty im not saying i love her brow

    Dellontay PinnockDellontay Pinnock6 months ago
  • I love you so very much

    Elise Von BaranyElise Von Barany6 months ago
  • ....

    SmegsyJvdeSmegsyJvde6 months ago
  • Hi

    howardgirls Howardhowardgirls Howard6 months ago
  • 😮

    Michiel VunderinkMichiel Vunderink6 months ago
  • Í like her

    Wild MitchWild Mitch7 months ago
  • You guys so god☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺🏡🏡🏡🏡🏡🏡🏡🏡🏡

    cassey the girlcassey the girl7 months ago
  • Britt is friken amazing

    Harley ClarkHarley Clark7 months ago
  • You two should date

    Lea KrkutiLea Krkuti7 months ago
  • Britt, you are Literally my idol ♥

    Lilly BalloweLilly Ballowe7 months ago
  • I Love Britt and Drew together, they are amazing.

    Lilly BalloweLilly Ballowe7 months ago
  • If she can approve of you and Britt then you can approve of Charlie and kacey

    Heather DennehyHeather Dennehy7 months ago
  • Well done for 400k

    Fortnite NoobFortnite Noob7 months ago
  • T

    Ck_Caethegod 123Ck_Caethegod 1237 months ago

    Ck_Caethegod 123Ck_Caethegod 1237 months ago
  • So now can they announce that they are officially dating? #Brew

    Lior Austrian-JacobsLior Austrian-Jacobs7 months ago
  • Omg I saw your sister I live in Ohio

    Khlo ChipmunksKhlo Chipmunks7 months ago
  • Hey drew love your crush

    king_ papiking_ papi7 months ago
  • How much does your merch cost

    Anahi GutierrezAnahi Gutierrez7 months ago
  • :(

    HeyCropZHeyCropZ7 months ago
  • yayyyyy

    Zachary PercoskiZachary Percoski7 months ago
  • Bro i want to meet you all so bad i have subscribed and turned on post notifications

    KingLoganKingLogan7 months ago
  • Hi please notice me, I am a huge fan❤️🥺

    M&A VideosM&A Videos7 months ago
  • me seeing the mob vid and seeing how many times you did the intro

    HAYNOWHAYNOW7 months ago
  • Hi

    Hugo PacoHugo Paco7 months ago
  • Capron has 4K more followers than you😲

    Kalan AcuttKalan Acutt7 months ago
  • I sall you on mask singer

    Trenton MoatsTrenton Moats7 months ago
  • Thought they were bout to kiss

    Carter ClayCarter Clay7 months ago
  • 4K away

    Yehonatan DanielYehonatan Daniel7 months ago
  • Hello are you guys dating if you are please make a video

    Armandas VenclovasArmandas Venclovas7 months ago
  • 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉😁

    Al anood Al ameriAl anood Al ameri7 months ago
  • Hey you song that you do they remind me of my step dad he bast away a year ago the songs make me happy

    Dillon WaltripDillon Waltrip7 months ago
  • Drew: my sister had been in Ohio for the past few days. Me: I live there!

    jen jonesjen jones7 months ago
  • I cryed of happines

    kikita leonkikita leon7 months ago
  • Ok?

    CatsxdlolCatsxdlol7 months ago
  • I want to meet you a Britt one day 😃

    Helen LinHelen Lin7 months ago
  • My b-day is june 4 so i can ask my parents for some new merch

    Alexito Reising-RubliAlexito Reising-Rubli7 months ago
  • Don't lie who'd been a fan of Drew before 2020 (Giving two people who sub to me 13,500 v-bucks on fortnite)

    Liam OechsliLiam Oechsli7 months ago
  • Your sister is hot

    Ok But whenOk But when7 months ago
  • Drew make more music videos

    Jose CasasJose Casas7 months ago
  • Merch

    Arturo ValdovinosArturo Valdovinos7 months ago
  • USworlds

    Arturo ValdovinosArturo Valdovinos7 months ago
  • So cute

    Jaylen PegueroJaylen Peguero7 months ago
  • Drew you should post more longger cause we love your video or post video like one week 4 times pls im waiting for a new video

    nikayana nikayananikayana nikayana7 months ago
  • Hello

    Carson PrestonCarson Preston7 months ago
  • You guys are a cute couple

    H-Mac MtbH-Mac Mtb7 months ago
  • You should ask britt to be ur gf, u guys are so cute together. Make longer videos. Got the High road merch

    Kathy OrtizKathy Ortiz7 months ago
  • Britt is one that is har to not like

    Jens Gabriel OhmaJens Gabriel Ohma7 months ago
  • are you and britt dating

    Racheal GoldsworthyRacheal Goldsworthy7 months ago
  • why dont you do music anymore?

    country boys subcountry boys sub7 months ago
  • Yo anyone knows how old Chelsea is ?

    lanarhoadessucktdickslanarhoadessucktdicks7 months ago
  • He the next davib dobrik

    Par LechePar Leche7 months ago
  • Drew you’re better than the funk bro’s 😂. Love your content man, please post more!!

    MythicYewMythicYew7 months ago
    • “Shout out”

      MythicYewMythicYew7 months ago
    • TilANVs”

      MythicYewMythicYew7 months ago
    • “Done”

      MythicYewMythicYew7 months ago
  • Are u and kaci twins bc u look like yous are

    Rihanna McpheeRihanna Mcphee7 months ago
  • Bahamians can’t text the number

    Ryan BucketsRyan Buckets7 months ago
  • Bruh

    kiyan tarralkiyan tarral7 months ago
  • From watching "Shape of You" From His song hes looks so young ik why bc it was three years ago it kind make me wanna cry... Like If U Think So

    D BD B7 months ago
  • Yo how to vlog I'm a gaming channel and I want to switch to vlogging I'm also

    EmeraldStrikesEmeraldStrikes7 months ago
  • hi

    Parker JohnsonParker Johnson7 months ago
  • Haha

    Craig AdamsCraig Adams7 months ago
  • DREW HOW MUCH IS THE MERCH for drew crew

    Aiden CorkerAiden Corker7 months ago
  • Did anyone think that he looked like he was about to cry when she was talking about Britt

    Alyssa ParkerAlyssa Parker7 months ago
  • When Drage left in his car so he wouldn't get wet I was like... I would do that too🤣

    Mary-Ann HagopianMary-Ann Hagopian7 months ago
  • They are dating it’s so obvious I love them so much

    David WaldenDavid Walden7 months ago
  • I love you and Brit together

    CHOMBE idkCHOMBE idk7 months ago
  • Maybe drew should send maroon 5 girls like you (O. D. L) cover to britt

    Mr TwMr Tw7 months ago
  • I feel like im getting a prep talk

    RyanRyan7 months ago
  • the next david dobrik

    CaydeenCaydeen7 months ago
  • Hi (:

    Matthew HughesMatthew Hughes7 months ago
  • Drew since you’re a amazing singer you should sing everybody that is a couple in the house a song 1.Hannah and Corey 2. Capron and rydell 3.britt

    Kethy NguyenKethy Nguyen7 months ago
  • You should stop saying crush because I don’t think you are just crushes

    Brenna DavisBrenna Davis7 months ago
  • Drage leaving was honestly the best😂🤣

    Kelly FairmanKelly Fairman7 months ago
  • U guys look like twins

    VoidQuacksVoidQuacks7 months ago
  • June 3 is my birthday

    Treyjizzle YTTreyjizzle YT7 months ago
  • The number isn’t working

    BC FantasticBC Fantastic7 months ago
  • To be honest kacey is such a sweet heart

    A WigginsA Wiggins7 months ago