Famous Youtubers vs Military Obstacle Course!

Jun 21, 2020
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Famous USworldsrs vs Military Obstacle Course!
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Capron Funk:
Corey Funk:
Billy Mann:
Kacey Dirksen (Sister) :
Rydel Lynch:
Drage kamerman:
Nick Moore:
Chelsea (Manager) :
Hannah Roeloffs:
Charlive Oliver Bates:
Love u guys:)

  • Drage fetch Drew f**k

    Maggie MooreMaggie MooreMonth ago
  • Literally to the 1% who's reading this, God bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day. (my dream is to become a famous USworldsr) thanks 🙏🏻

    Vic&NellyVic&NellyMonth ago
  • Hey Britt I'm a big fan

    Kylie's Creative TimeKylie's Creative TimeMonth ago
  • What's the name of the website ice cream trying to get on it but it hasn't worked

    Susan JohnsonSusan Johnson4 months ago
  • HA

    Susan JohnsonSusan Johnson4 months ago
  • I always forget that Charlie is so athletic

    Tieryn OehrleinTieryn Oehrlein5 months ago
  • I love how drage helped pretty much all the girls up what a gentleman 😅

    madison & kevin bennettmadison & kevin bennett5 months ago
  • Corey got melatonin and still broke the record

    CJ’S 180 WORLDCJ’S 180 WORLD5 months ago
  • Personas que hablan español

    Jhoel MarceloJhoel Marcelo5 months ago
  • Video starts un 5:36

    GoñiiGoñii5 months ago
  • No bieng rude but woman like i know their personality but i thought it would be better...

    sagrario morenosagrario moreno5 months ago
  • I don’t think that was a chicken

    Code 324Code 3246 months ago
  • How did you go to team rar house

    Chadar PhayunthankornChadar Phayunthankorn6 months ago
  • hi brit

    Cassie SchwartzCassie Schwartz6 months ago
  • that was funy

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  • I🤩🤩🤩

    Geraldine O MahonyGeraldine O Mahony6 months ago

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  • Drew I like u out of all of the funk bro’s your so handsome

    Osnat MadarOsnat Madar6 months ago
  • What’s the music for the obstacle course?

    Missing IdotMissing Idot6 months ago
  • Jack thi

    ZINK-Raz0r.X2ZINK-Raz0r.X26 months ago
  • I saw the tiktok

    Arlene de los ReyesArlene de los Reyes6 months ago
  • Drew was like that's my baby

    beyonce queenbeyonce queen6 months ago
  • Hi

    Paige MurthaPaige Murtha6 months ago
  • Whats the music

    Will LuWill Lu6 months ago
  • Are you at cater sharer house carter sharer made a video with 10000 chicken

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  • My face when he said that’s my girl to Britt 😲😲

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  • 3:51 what that song drew

    MSK FreshMSK Fresh6 months ago
  • Voor de Boaz fans. Dat is Brit

    Procreate Is geweldig!Procreate Is geweldig!6 months ago
  • What the heck

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  • Does anyone know the name of the song that drew used in military obscical course

    Scrim _ JrScrim _ Jr6 months ago
  • Seen the comments at 799 so I commented to make it 800 😬

    It’s Kierra LashaeIt’s Kierra Lashae6 months ago
  • You were a beast on the obstacle course

    Jessica SteenJessica Steen6 months ago
  • Survivor 😜! Perfect!! (I am from tik tok 😜💜💜)

    Μαρκα ΓλυκουλαΜαρκα Γλυκουλα6 months ago
  • i love your video

    Skyler StevensSkyler Stevens6 months ago
  • your inner Sargent Dirk came out!

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  • Drew I got a question why does Britt always wear a bra well sometimes

    Black Thunder WolfBlack Thunder Wolf6 months ago
  • Happy birthday billy:)

    Stacey DickmannStacey Dickmann6 months ago
  • In the bloopers when Drew kissed Britt and then Drage tried to I was like oop it was so funny

    Hockey Kid02Hockey Kid027 months ago
  • Can you do an other one like this just with the fastest three? So Corey, you and Charlie competing against each other. Would really love that.

    Elana SophiaElana Sophia7 months ago
  • Pin this comment if you love your fan

    Might BoyMight Boy7 months ago
  • What's that song

    Jojo SighJojo Sigh7 months ago
  • Drage “playing” around with everyones girl isn’t funny and has over stayed it’s welcome lol

    Evan BradleyEvan Bradley7 months ago
  • Hey man, best video by far. I was laughing and smile the whole way though and was left wanting more. Well done on a great video

    Siobhan ChambersSiobhan Chambers7 months ago
  • Drew do a overnight survival challenge

    Bruno MirandaBruno Miranda7 months ago
  • Bro Drew in the obstacle course you looked super athletic you looked like a pro🤯👍😁

    Adrian Oswaldo AcevedoAdrian Oswaldo Acevedo7 months ago
  • Jake miller like this because my name is Jake

    Jake GlombJake Glomb7 months ago
  • Did anyone notice that Ryan Is there after saying that he got kicked off

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  • are you part of team rar

    Bryn unicornBryn unicorn7 months ago
  • Drew surprise britt with a puppy or the animal she loves

    Raj GillRaj Gill7 months ago
  • When you call Ryan for bottle of water I like 1 minute 40 seconds and then you called me and then called Ryan for bottled water it sounded literally sound of Bryan why do you sound like Ryan prunty from the team but he got kicked off the team with stove kitchen and Ryan printy I love you guys and don't forget to try to get back on team Roar

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  • two things,1,im on my moms account, two is it just me or are drew aand britt made for eachother

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  • You should try and bring tayler holder,Bryce hall and some other dudes out here and try this!

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  • Drew should be in the military

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  • Why are u at the team rar house when u are NOT a member

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  • This is a knockoff Logan paul

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  • Why do you call yourself famous

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  • 😂I loved the part when Jack tried reaching the bar but he couldn’t at 3:52

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  • Your video’s getting so fun!!!!

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  • Who else thinks that drew and britt should get a house and move in together and start a family like this up if you agree so drew sees this

    Haze Gamez1Haze Gamez17 months ago

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  • Just asking if you can do a vid without Swearing I am not allowed to watch vids with Swearing

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  • Wow Drew stealing content without giving them credit or asking to copy the same YT video or make it better. I'm not trying to start drama but everyone on social media or big youtuber's don't even look up there ideas before doing it because it can be the same thing as other content creators made. Think before you do something.

    Luke *******Luke *******7 months ago
  • He easily could have gotten a 15 min vid

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  • I cant hit the notifications bc it says the content is made for kids but i still sub

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  • Drew I had the 1 hour free and never got my Drew crew Merch yet ??? Is there a delay

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  • Who surprised Cory won

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  • The military guy was flexing his nipples lol

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  • Pp

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    naninani7 months ago
  • I saw on you tiktok that you cracked this course it was easy because unus annus did it before you on the same course with James Charles and they did it faster and better

    Andrej MatevskiAndrej Matevski7 months ago
  • Check out Maniks new song usworlds.info/slow/video/bqmebmavrIieaJk

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