Game Of F.L.I.P... You Fail, You Bellyflop!

May 31, 2020
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Love u guys:)

  • Need to teach Britt how to bellyflop lol

    Drew DirksenDrew Dirksen7 months ago
    • ...

      Jerrel StevensJerrel Stevens21 day ago
    • @Sara Sanandres delando

      Delando StanfordDelando Stanford25 days ago
    • Yes

      Annalisse HunterAnnalisse HunterMonth ago
    • Seargent dirk is back in action

      Lucas HwangLucas Hwang2 months ago
    • Tru

      Silas NeumanSilas Neuman2 months ago
  • I type your phone number and a general web so can you deliver it to me my I live on Baba Road

    Bhim MagarBhim Magar19 days ago
  • I LOVE your volgs

    Kittye StevensKittye Stevens23 days ago
  • Hey my birthday is June 3rd

    Noah GreenNoah Green27 days ago
  • Boo

    Amy ChamberlainAmy ChamberlainMonth ago
  • My birthday is June third

    Gabe crusherGabe crusherMonth ago
  • Drew britt is my girl friend

    Yoni SanchezYoni SanchezMonth ago
  • Merch

    vasile Boltasuvasile BoltasuMonth ago
  • Fireworks in the room funny

    Tabatha AultTabatha Ault3 months ago
  • my birthday is June 3rd

  • Fun fact billy was a professional skier

    Levy BoiLevy Boi3 months ago
  • That's crazy my birthday is on June 3d

    Bentley KesslerBentley Kessler3 months ago
  • Yes

    SWIZ its SYCHO FNSWIZ its SYCHO FN3 months ago
  • Gaffer v

    Erika PollackErika Pollack4 months ago
  • yo i know how to bellyflop i can hellp wen we go to a pool my brother tells me to do it

    Courtland CollierCourtland Collier4 months ago
  • No

    Stacy BrownStacy Brown4 months ago
  • Kacys the only one who actually belly floped

    LoolarllLoolarll4 months ago
  • Can I get the highroad The new one you were gonna send out

    Scott TanisScott Tanis4 months ago
  • hi

    Colton FallsColton Falls4 months ago
  • Are you taken?💋😘😍

    Doris EdwardsDoris Edwards4 months ago
  • Oh my God

    Jordalen 2Jordalen 24 months ago
  • You. Are the best

    Little JamLittle Jam5 months ago
  • N

    Saskue UchihaSaskue Uchiha5 months ago
  • dont get me wrongg i like drew...but he always says that the drop sells out soooooo fast but the entire drop fits in his front seat???

    2 Wheel Addiction2 Wheel Addiction5 months ago
  • Hi

    Brandy TrostBrandy Trost5 months ago
  • Everyone who see this have a wonderful day and lovely day

    Haylie ObrienHaylie Obrien5 months ago
  • if you say "i love you" at the end of every sentence u pretty much say you deserve more

    FreqFreq5 months ago
  • I want some badley

    Natalie RobertsNatalie Roberts5 months ago
  • How do I get your merch

    Natalie RobertsNatalie Roberts5 months ago
  • Britt refused to do a proper belly flop every time. She is so cute. I can't even blame her. She is tiny, belly flops probably hurt her worse

    A MSA MS5 months ago

    Halliey BlakeHalliey Blake5 months ago
  • stop saying the s world and f world

    Kraft WahlKraft Wahl5 months ago

    Izzy OMGIzzy OMG5 months ago
  • that must of hurt

    King LukeKing Luke5 months ago
  • Get him to 10000000 ok love him

    Myles McFarlaneMyles McFarlane5 months ago
  • Nice

    Wesley JohnstonWesley Johnston5 months ago
  • Nice

    Wesley JohnstonWesley Johnston5 months ago
  • britt did it belly flop once

    will venablewill venable5 months ago
  • 🤪🤩

    Courtavious RoseCourtavious Rose6 months ago
  • I love the clickbait it’s wearing orange

    sal 200s yousal 200s you6 months ago
  • CFC

    mullermandkmullermandk6 months ago
  • So cool Kerch

    LonleyPenguinLonleyPenguin6 months ago
  • I was sitting there watching billy flat 3 like 👁👄👁

    SkiFreshClipsSkiFreshClips6 months ago
  • Idk why my brother is such a big fan of you your just alright can you do more videos like the treadmilll game ☝️

    Owen and IanOwen and Ian6 months ago
  • Hi

    Owen and IanOwen and Ian6 months ago
  • this vid was uploaded on my 10th birthday

    Mette FalkensteenMette Falkensteen6 months ago
  • 🍑♥️

    Kohl GunnKohl Gunn6 months ago
  • Britt and derw are the cutest couple

    mankeerat singhmankeerat singh6 months ago
  • Instead

    reid on wiireid on wii6 months ago
  • These wusses pull up on the belly flops every time... Corey... come on man!

    Keto JakeKeto Jake6 months ago

    YungieYungie6 months ago
  • What time in in right now Britt is dress girl but drew asked Britt to be his girl one week ago but this vid was a month ago and they were sleeping together

    Footballman 42Footballman 426 months ago
  • Nice butt

    Rodrigo DimasRodrigo Dimas6 months ago
  • Fire

    AppLe KillsAppLe Kills6 months ago
  • He probably said that cuz they bf and gf

    The golden beast Joshua fbThe golden beast Joshua fb6 months ago
  • P

    Tony SabatiniTony Sabatini6 months ago
  • hi

    Justin ZhouJustin Zhou6 months ago
  • #highroad

    Zachary DieujusteZachary Dieujuste6 months ago
  • Britt - “I thought you’d make a beautiful octopus” Me - 😂🦋

    • Camden •• Camden •6 months ago
  • Her but is nice girl

    Miguel GamerMiguel Gamer6 months ago
  • Dredge. is that your jeep or is it somebody else’s jeep

  • You can’t steal treytens music

    Trey TenTrey Ten6 months ago
  • Are you and Britt together guys were sleeping together

    I ate Your mom :3I ate Your mom :36 months ago
  • How come you guys sleep together

    Eric SpringEric Spring6 months ago
  • I x

    Kenia FabKenia Fab7 months ago
  • Im a biig fan

    Delano OliverDelano Oliver7 months ago
  • why

    2027Ava Piccione2027Ava Piccione7 months ago
  • 6:02 the way britt looks at drew. BREW is soooooo cute

    KaveryKavery7 months ago
  • The fireworks could have set the room on fire

    Shaunna JanesShaunna Janes7 months ago
  • Are you guys together

    Melodie'sWorldMelodie'sWorld7 months ago
  • Is it me or does the voice over in the beginning sound like Mario Lopez or something?

    29oth29oth7 months ago
  • I Loved the last videos

    Paul FrenchPaul French7 months ago
  • hell yes

    The Gavin Fun ShowThe Gavin Fun Show7 months ago
  • Whats that backgriund music i have been searching for it for a long time

    ItzJayrlolItzJayrlol7 months ago
  • 5134343059

    Charlie AdamsCharlie Adams7 months ago
  • bro i am a huge fan and might i suggest that you do your next merch by writing highest road on the left put the logo on the right and behind write your crews names

    bassbooster 200bassbooster 2007 months ago
  • Some of you didn’t even bellyflop properly.

    Amaru van diemenAmaru van diemen7 months ago
  • Brooo, bro, sup bro bro brobro.Thats a rich young peoples with big houses cent haha fucking annoying

    Amaru van diemenAmaru van diemen7 months ago
  • high road

    Davon McAloonDavon McAloon7 months ago
  • Anyone Notic how much of a puśšy Britt is for a belly flop

    ItsYourBoyTyle RItsYourBoyTyle R7 months ago
  • Drew is pretty lucky to have Britt if u think about it

    Mumba Yeetus CleatusMumba Yeetus Cleatus7 months ago
  • W

    Myliyah StoreyMyliyah Storey7 months ago
  • High 🤝

    Emma MariaEmma Maria7 months ago
  • You made the right choice using the company Tanner Fox uses for his merch. Your new product looks awesome. Great job. Shout out Tanner Fox for connecting you!

    JBridges1092JBridges10927 months ago
  • It will not let me text you

    Vanessa AllenVanessa Allen7 months ago
  • He blurred out her goodies

    Andrew SchanleyAndrew Schanley7 months ago
  • who gunna wear hoodies and sweaters in the summer

    Tanveer SinghTanveer Singh7 months ago
  • They sleep together now? They are totally dating! # Brew

    Lior Austrian-JacobsLior Austrian-Jacobs7 months ago
  • High 🤝

    TSG ClanTSG Clan7 months ago
  • 🤝

    Khyier playzKhyier playz7 months ago
  • I love you so much Drew

    Vectah Von VictorVectah Von Victor7 months ago
  • That merch is sick

    Happy Falcon22Happy Falcon227 months ago
  • I didn’t see Britt actually bellyflop once

    ZanniRIPZanniRIP7 months ago
  • Don’t break ur back

    A TA T7 months ago
  • I love this game!

    Claire PierczynskiClaire Pierczynski7 months ago
  • Why they all got shoes on?

    FrozenDrinksForFreeFrozenDrinksForFree7 months ago
  • Think about it they sleep together

    Vladimir GonzalezVladimir Gonzalez7 months ago
  • Can britt teach you tricks

    Issy YorkIssy York7 months ago
  • Why don’t you take off your shoes when you get in the pool

    Geniveve TapizGeniveve Tapiz7 months ago
  • Is that bugha

    Alex RanickAlex Ranick7 months ago