Apr 22, 2020
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Love u guys:)


    BrittHertzBrittHertz9 months ago
    • Hey baby britthetz

      Lil top TjLil top Tj6 months ago
    • @Chevoyae Gibson yeah

      Erica WilliamsonErica Williamson6 months ago
    • You and drew should be a thing who else agrees like if you do👍👍👍 ps I always watch both of your channels xx 🦋🌈🌈🦋

      Bella SophieBella Sophie7 months ago
    • You’re the best Drew and brit

      Dana NewellDana Newell8 months ago
    • I what to by it but. I have to wait for my birthday

      Manou's worldManou's world9 months ago
  • Hay Drew tell your crush I love you

    Amasa Bigelow BigelowAmasa Bigelow Bigelow5 months ago
  • This is how many think drew and Britt should have baby👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

    Tanner AndersonTanner Anderson5 months ago
  • Lets go

    Filip BrkićFilip Brkić6 months ago
  • you should make your videos a little bit longer please please

    meron adrianameron adriana6 months ago
  • Go on a date

    Erica WilliamsonErica Williamson6 months ago
  • Get em again plz

    MaroMaro6 months ago
  • No

    Spencer CousinsSpencer Cousins7 months ago
  • I thought he bought a plan for the highest point

    Ryan NunesRyan Nunes7 months ago
  • 🤝

    Khyier playzKhyier playz7 months ago
  • Hi

    Dana NewellDana Newell8 months ago
  • Get your Murch in the link

    Anderson De la cruzAnderson De la cruz8 months ago
  • 🤝🤝🤘

    David MulhollandDavid Mulholland8 months ago
  • Can you just be a couple

    Shaye-lee StiglingShaye-lee Stigling8 months ago
  • I love how he dose bloopers

    Olivia MorseOlivia Morse8 months ago
  • You should make longer vids! :)

    Ellie DworakEllie Dworak8 months ago
  • Cute together ❤️❤️❤️

    Julianna CentrellaJulianna Centrella8 months ago
  • I’m going to meet Drew someday

    Tegan HolmeTegan Holme8 months ago
  • Drew + Britt =dritt

    Rebecca ParkhurstRebecca Parkhurst8 months ago
  • Done !!

    xxRubz .08xxxxRubz .08xx8 months ago
  • DREW DATE BRITT and and and just date britt🤍 I only put that heart there is because idk

    Elessa MooreElessa Moore8 months ago
  • Look at 1:28 🤣😂

    Sharon LewisSharon Lewis8 months ago
  • Data Brett

    motoo bro mannymotoo bro manny8 months ago
  • Are they dating

    cuxtionYtcuxtionYt8 months ago
  • They weren’t hand cuffed for the entire day

    RandomGuyer TrumpetRandomGuyer Trumpet8 months ago
  • Always in a bikini

    Eli MilnesEli Milnes8 months ago
  • I missed out on the high road merch like always 🖐🏻😔

    Mackenzie schilloMackenzie schillo8 months ago
  • How thinks drew is the best youtuber in the world 💙

    Omar_GomezシOmar_Gomezシ8 months ago
  • I love the very beginning of your video it’s like the highroad stuff is so good I like the songs and stuff

    Samantha SowderSamantha Sowder8 months ago

    Chloe WallerichChloe Wallerich8 months ago
  • Britts face at 1:26

    adrian is veraadrian is vera8 months ago
  • Are you guys together

    Arthur CoffeyArthur Coffey8 months ago
  • Omg drit

    Yvette KrastsYvette Krasts8 months ago
  • First I like free time. Now I like this channel. You are literally the best.

    Joshua PhuYoSengJoshua PhuYoSeng8 months ago
  • They were holding hands ...

    The Bennett’sThe Bennett’s8 months ago
  • Use me as DREW & BRITT should date button ❣️

    Ava RollanAva Rollan9 months ago
  • I do

    uMaDcUzUbAd bo begneruMaDcUzUbAd bo begner9 months ago
  • Drew+Britt=dritt

    Choou JrChoou Jr9 months ago
  • OMG I love High Road it is Awesome😘😍🥰❤️

    Wanda MayWanda May9 months ago
  • Are you dating

    Chyamali DennisonChyamali Dennison9 months ago
  • Wait a second..So they’re not dating but they live in the same house? What kinda relationship is this?

    ROBLOX Reckless1111ROBLOX Reckless11119 months ago
  • Britt+drew=brew

    Yakee ŁuczkaYakee Łuczka9 months ago
  • Can I ask you do a tripple backflip

    Amy-Lee JonesAmy-Lee Jones9 months ago
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    thanoscultthanoscult9 months ago
  • I love the beginning about the highroad

    Samantha SowderSamantha Sowder9 months ago
  • You should date

    demolition derby kiddemolition derby kid9 months ago
  • Kiss Britt for 30 second

    the fire wolfthe fire wolf9 months ago
  • Is britt your girlfriend

    Andy SebadeAndy Sebade9 months ago
  • At 3.30 their holding hands look close

    Toby O’ConnorToby O’Connor9 months ago
  • Drew just ask her out

    Sally BaasSally Baas9 months ago
  • Date Britt!!!!!!!!

    Cute Isabella Reese BohachicCute Isabella Reese Bohachic9 months ago
  • Cory is so funny

    Sumit SSumit S9 months ago
  • It seems like Britt always has bathers on under neath stuff

    Dottie DogDottie Dog9 months ago
  • You guys should date because you’re so cute together and everybody will be jealous that you guys will be dating

    Carly ParkerCarly Parker9 months ago
  • You should pie Britt with whipped cream

    Harrison TalmanHarrison Talman9 months ago
  • Does anyone know when the high road merch comes in the mail.

    VInce AMatoVInce AMato9 months ago
  • Bought merge and you’re my favourite USworldsrs

    Harris RidsdaleHarris Ridsdale9 months ago
  • Can you and Britt plz date plz you guys are perfect for each other

    McKenna ReeseMcKenna Reese9 months ago
  • 3:02 notice how they keep holding hands 🥺

    Caitlin FeatherstoneCaitlin Featherstone9 months ago
  • She likes u bruh

    Cameron GreenCameron Green9 months ago
  • if you have not already found a name for your us/your fans you can call us DREW CREW

    Kailyn CondeKailyn Conde9 months ago
  • Take britt to the city of no laws and both of you streak

    Gabriel IrahetaGabriel Iraheta9 months ago
  • half of the people here are dirty minded no offense

    vincent_exploitsvincent_exploits9 months ago
  • I’m so ready to buy your merch drew

    Brad TarpleyBrad Tarpley9 months ago
  • her face at 1:30

    Ladarrius WadeLadarrius Wade9 months ago
  • Ship

    DJ productionsDJ productions9 months ago
  • hey i wonder if drew knows that britthertz titled her video handcuffed to my CRUSH for 24 hours. like so drew sees this

    GnomemanGnomeman9 months ago
  • U are a good

    D'arcy HarmsworthD'arcy Harmsworth9 months ago
  • Love u all

    D'arcy HarmsworthD'arcy Harmsworth9 months ago
  • Will u to just admit your dating

    Shelby HeimShelby Heim9 months ago
  • U should go out with her she Iikes u

    mag clipzsmag clipzs9 months ago
  • we are dyeing to know if yall are dating and the moment were she takes her pants off,"quick high road moment😂😂😂

    Shy JolleyShy Jolley9 months ago
  • You & Britt should definitely date, because you guys look so cute together in the videos

    Michael JennigesMichael Jenniges9 months ago
  • I got burnt by high road merch but that’s the side affect of having the hottest merch ever

    Reuben WardReuben Ward9 months ago
  • Hey drew you are my favourite USworldsr and you inspire me to do flips even though I don’t know how

    Technique_llTechnique_ll9 months ago
  • R u dating

    Junior MarleyJunior Marley9 months ago
  • You guys are cute together

    HTown713 CabreraHTown713 Cabrera9 months ago
  • Guys it’s easy there dating

    Locolinc33Locolinc339 months ago
  • #coulplegoals

    Bobbie HuggettBobbie Huggett9 months ago
  • U guys should date and I am from tik yok

    DUMBBROS 20DUMBBROS 209 months ago
  • You should ask Brett to be your girlfriend

    Cash GarnerCash Garner9 months ago
  • he only liked britts comment!!! just date pls

    Makenna DoyleMakenna Doyle9 months ago
  • Can you do a backflip with 5lbs?

    Vladimir dimitrovVladimir dimitrov9 months ago
  • I dare you to kiss him 20 times

    Chande ColetraneChande Coletrane9 months ago
  • U should do a last to leave trampoline wins 1,000

    Jacob ThomasJacob Thomas9 months ago
  • They would make a cute couple. They should date for 24 hours!!!!❤️❤️👍👍

    Kenzie AustinKenzie Austin9 months ago
  • Are u and her dating

    Ruqeyah ParkerRuqeyah Parker9 months ago
  • I subscribed

    Bryce SargentBryce Sargent9 months ago
  • are they datin

    Johnny WamblesJohnny Wambles9 months ago
  • 5:08 Drew: I feel like there r better ways to do this Us: ya no duh

    Aidan RobinsonAidan Robinson9 months ago
  • Drew you should make a song I reckon it would be really good because you are a really good singer

    A venture BoysA venture Boys9 months ago
  • High road

    orville greenorville green9 months ago
  • 🤔

    Kelsey VentKelsey Vent9 months ago
  • Are you guys a thing

    Kelsey VentKelsey Vent9 months ago
  • We all know they enjoyed holding hands while flipping

    Cory BoudreauxCory Boudreaux9 months ago
  • Do a PART 2!!!!

    Diego McAlhanyDiego McAlhany9 months ago
  • Great vid, the flips were awesome

    DankFernDankFern9 months ago
  • is you and britt a thing

    Arthur HaldaneArthur Haldane9 months ago
  • I ordered late

    Jack ParkeyJack Parkey9 months ago
  • You and funk bro’s should do a music video

    Mia PalmerMia Palmer9 months ago