Mar 8, 2020
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Love u guys:)

  • Text me! 513-434-3059 I wanna get to know the Drew crew :)

    Drew DirksenDrew Dirksen10 months ago
    • sorry didnt mean to call u

    • I will definitely text you

      FazeJamFazeJam5 months ago
    • Hello

      JKJack66JKJack667 months ago
    • Drew Dirksen is it free

      Hayley GutteridgeHayley Gutteridge7 months ago
    • You and Britt Breakup

      Dee king tigerDee king tiger7 months ago
  • where do i get your merch man i need to know you are incredible and the most funniest person ever and you and billy crack me up

    Christmas VibezChristmas Vibez17 days ago
  • 513 is my area code

    deermulletrump2024deermulletrump2024Month ago
  • Nick is your best friend

    Jacob IrvineJacob Irvine4 months ago
  • Drew will pin this if he loves his fans :)

    STRJ GamingSTRJ Gaming4 months ago
  • Gosh dang it I can’t text you I’m too young

    Jase BrownJase Brown4 months ago
  • I like your vids love it so much I'm goin to watch it forever

    kyle Paynekyle Payne5 months ago
  • Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiijiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Jaydiin HowseJaydiin Howse5 months ago
  • Favorite yotume

    Noah KarrenNoah Karren5 months ago
  • nice clickbait

    xUltimateAJxUltimateAJ6 months ago
  • 513-4343059

    Will PatemanWill Pateman7 months ago
  • 513 flash

    Will PatemanWill Pateman7 months ago
    • πŸ‘‹

      Will PatemanWill Pateman7 months ago
  • pls make your vids longer i love your vids

    jay fernandezjay fernandez7 months ago
  • 2:42 n-word confirmed

    Ki11erJoseph1Ki11erJoseph17 months ago
    • She said nick

      Riley MosierRiley Mosier6 months ago
  • #drewcrew

    lil_lijlil_lij7 months ago
  • I think u and britt should prank your friends, doing the "being cringe in front of my friends"

    Felicia StephensFelicia Stephens7 months ago
  • I love that color on Chelsea

    Audrey CarverAudrey Carver7 months ago
  • Who geared chels say nigga

    Tray WayTray Way7 months ago
  • Hi

    YT JazzyYT Jazzy8 months ago
  • Anyone else get Chelsea saying the N-word at 2:40?

    Shawn RobertsonShawn Robertson8 months ago
  • Anyone else catch her saying the Nword

    Shawn RobertsonShawn Robertson8 months ago
  • The extra inch joke was so funny

    Coen HinesCoen Hines8 months ago
  • Drew make owed with drit

    Scott BrueggenScott Brueggen8 months ago
  • As a n the phone number

    Sophia SoriaSophia Soria8 months ago
  • Is this like the jake Paul fake thing

    Sophia SoriaSophia Soria8 months ago
  • Why clickbait

    KXL Crxck3dKXL Crxck3d8 months ago
  • Let Drew and Nick do the Drew crew work

    Life full of creationsLife full of creations8 months ago
  • Hi

    Owen MartinOwen Martin8 months ago
  • You clickbaited me so hard

    Gunther 0Gunther 08 months ago
  • com to trotr rod

    Brandon HyltonBrandon Hylton8 months ago
  • 🀝

    Keaton WeeseKeaton Weese8 months ago
  • Can I have a T-shirt of Drew crew

    Tharina StrydomTharina Strydom8 months ago
  • love chels so much lmao

    alexis .alexis .8 months ago
  • Are u and Britt dating U should y are a great couple

    Jack X ReubenJack X Reuben8 months ago
  • What is your actual number

    Matthew RuizMatthew Ruiz8 months ago
  • 513 434 3059

    Deb BrownDeb Brown8 months ago
  • are we just going to act like she didn't almost say the n word

    Jaylin MeyerJaylin Meyer8 months ago
    • @Javonn Jones 2:44usworlds.info/slow/video/jWKMrnq1s2WXi50

      Jaylin MeyerJaylin Meyer8 months ago
    • Time stamp?

      Javonn JonesJavonn Jones8 months ago
  • 3:20 too cute :0

    macarena valenzuelamacarena valenzuela8 months ago
  • i just subcribe and turned on the post notifications i love your vids they make me laugh all the time keep up the good work

    Leah GrindleyLeah Grindley8 months ago
  • Make a video with your girlfriend

    Julio MaganaJulio Magana8 months ago
  • 6.9k likes and 69 dislikes

    Jayden DischJayden Disch8 months ago
  • Sucked in Chels

    Tyler NICKELTyler NICKEL8 months ago
  • I love high road πŸ›£β˜οΈ

    Tyler NICKELTyler NICKEL8 months ago
  • Ok, why was Drew and Britt in a room together and Britt had a lace almost see through bralette on and underwhere? Seem weird to!πŸ˜…πŸ§πŸ˜―

    Butt HeadButt Head8 months ago
    • Izzy Hollinger she always has that on in her vids

      Kylie FlipsKylie Flips8 months ago
  • Chelsea' always sh!tting all over Nick. Why would anyone put up with that? :-o

    Rocco SophieRocco Sophie8 months ago
  • I wish these were longer

    __ C Star ____ C Star __8 months ago
  • I ship them

    Shaughna Crew!Shaughna Crew!8 months ago
  • Is this number real

    Carlota ValentinaCarlota Valentina8 months ago
  • 2:42 she kind and f sounds like she said the n word

    Parker BarronParker Barron8 months ago
    • She said nick

      Riley MosierRiley Mosier6 months ago
  • We Derek

    eddieguerra3169eddieguerra31698 months ago
  • When are you going to ask britt

    Sweet potato_ gacha YTSweet potato_ gacha YT8 months ago
  • The fact that no one noticed that Brit was in a lace see through bra and really tight underwear like shorts and was in Drew’s bedroom doing the splits... that should tell you enough already😏

    Blanche ArnoldBlanche Arnold8 months ago
  • hi drew I'm a fan with my brother Brook

    Holly BristowHolly Bristow9 months ago
  • everyone who text him: U SHOULD DATE BRITT!!! thanks for 3 likes

    Maddy MurphyMaddy Murphy9 months ago
    • @Evie Mitchell wrong there 35

      Waiheke StreamsWaiheke Streams28 days ago
    • 34 likes πŸ‘

      Evie MitchellEvie MitchellMonth ago

      ObSoulObSoul7 months ago

      Nolando calirissianNolando calirissian7 months ago
  • Go Chelsea, walk that runway girl

    Mr MustachioMr Mustachio9 months ago
  • Are you still dating britt

    Nikolay AbrosikovNikolay Abrosikov9 months ago
  • i know you said that you won't get the high road sweatshirts when they sold out but can you please be nice and get more because i wanted one but i could't get it because it was my mom 50th b day and i did't want to be mean to my mom on her birthday and think about my self when i should think of her. and on the next day they were all sold out so of the bottom of your heart can you please get more. i am a huge fan of all of you and i added your number and you don't respond back but its OK.

    Pavel WeitgenantPavel Weitgenant9 months ago
  • Is nick really busted by chealsy

    MaskedPerson GamesMaskedPerson Games9 months ago
  • 5:05 Drew is probably soooo jealous

    Joe MedleyJoe Medley9 months ago
  • Am I the only one but is Chelsea gorgeous

    Livie LoveLivie Love9 months ago
  • You and britt should be together

    Olivia WalkerOlivia Walker9 months ago
  • Love you so much love youπŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ₯°πŸ˜β€β€πŸ˜πŸ₯°πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ₯°πŸ˜β€β€πŸ˜πŸ₯°πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ₯°πŸ˜β€β€πŸ˜πŸ₯°πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ₯°πŸ˜β€β€πŸ˜πŸ₯°πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ₯°πŸ˜β€β€πŸ˜πŸ₯°πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ₯°πŸ˜β€β€

    Melissa I want that phone MorganMelissa I want that phone Morgan9 months ago
  • Don’t forget people is going to ty to call you

    Cleopatra YoungCleopatra Young9 months ago
  • I love you drew

    Nicole ManningNicole Manning9 months ago
  • im sorry but i was nearly crying at this 😭 this was too funny , your amazing , the content you bring is amazing, i love you 🧑

    courtney xcourtney x9 months ago
  • Manager Chels is gorgeous

    Casp32Casp329 months ago
  • 513-434-3059

    Jaymaine BellingJaymaine Belling9 months ago
  • Make it 13 minutes Sundays 😁

    Quentin SabottaQuentin Sabotta9 months ago
  • i subscribed a nd turned all notifications

    Anneline AbrahamAnneline Abraham9 months ago
  • When they said bet to do backflip three in a half I guessed it before they said it

    Nathaly’s vlog show EsperanzaNathaly’s vlog show Esperanza9 months ago
  • Yooooooo

    Noah CraneNoah Crane9 months ago

    Liv MessLiv Mess9 months ago
  • is drew buff or chubby?? i cant tell!

    Bear17 KBear17 K10 months ago
  • Τ±

    Karlie World KateKarlie World Kate10 months ago
  • hey drew your the best youtube in the world

    Edward LambertEdward Lambert10 months ago
  • Well I'm almost 12 not 13 so it wont let me through and it makes me sad cause I'm a big fan

    Chase MeeksChase Meeks10 months ago
  • I am having a bad day and this helped me cheer up thx.

    Bret HeinzeBret Heinze10 months ago
  • This was on my birthday March 8th and I was turning 11 years olds.

    Olivia DavisOlivia Davis10 months ago
  • I texted you hope you respond

    Thayne QuinerThayne Quiner10 months ago
  • Drew I love your hair you are my inspiration I love your videos so much you and Billy are my favourite in the whole crew of funk bros

    KP GamerKP Gamer10 months ago
  • Drew you are such a good guy love it❀️

    Tommie MaasTommie Maas10 months ago
  • Lol

    black Legendblack Legend10 months ago
  • Omg y'all r awesome

    Emorie AndersonEmorie Anderson10 months ago
  • Are Drew and the girl dating????

    Peyton AuermullerPeyton Auermuller10 months ago
  • What that sign " highest gifter wins prize " mean ?

    Azfar shafiqAzfar shafiq10 months ago
  • dude i'm gonna text you k

    Nicole HundleyNicole Hundley10 months ago
  • Casey πŸ₯΅πŸ₯΅πŸ₯΅

    Kevin DKevin D10 months ago
  • Why is it 500k people see this and 100k follow????!!!!!!!!

    Izabella_ _Lov3Izabella_ _Lov310 months ago
  • Why did I feel so uncomfortable during that montage

    Noah TheysNoah Theys10 months ago
  • Sup

    Colin RussellColin Russell10 months ago
  • #beatDrage

    Jonah BishopJonah Bishop10 months ago
  • Who went straight to the store

    Jonah BishopJonah Bishop10 months ago
  • Make longer video

    Olivier PΓ©pinOlivier PΓ©pin10 months ago
  • fat lie bye I will still watch

    Mr OssoMr Osso10 months ago
  • High . . . 🀣

    MozyMozy10 months ago
    • ROAD

      Drew DirksenDrew Dirksen10 months ago
  • Can u plz make vids longer keep up the great work

    Kegan ParkesKegan Parkes10 months ago
  • How much older is Chelsea

    Mack BaxterMack Baxter10 months ago
  • I texted that number, but it kept adding a +1 in front of that number.

    Rebeka CARTWRIGHTRebeka CARTWRIGHT10 months ago
  • I would but I do not have any money sos

    Hollie preslandHollie presland10 months ago
  • Is it real jk

    TTV L2spamsTTV L2spams10 months ago