I FINALLY ASKED HER *The Highest Road*

Jun 28, 2020
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I finally asked Britt to be my girlfriend...
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Love u guys:)

  • This makes me so emotional and I’m so grateful to call you mine 💜

    BrittHertzBrittHertz6 months ago
    • I love y’all as a couple

      Hunter LehmannHunter Lehmann15 days ago
    • You guys are so cute I have been waiting for this to happen

      Kacee JonesKacee Jones24 days ago
    • Hi drew

      GC CLAN GCGC CLAN GCMonth ago
    • I’m not even gonna hate I’m gonna to congratulate but I still have a crush on you Britt😣😖😫

      Tyrice JacquettTyrice Jacquett2 months ago
    • I love you as a couple

      Bdizzle9206 FortniteBdizzle9206 Fortnite2 months ago

    Kaden PriceKaden Price7 hours ago
  • i love you guys so much👫❤❤❤💕💕💖💗💛❤💙💚💛💜💓💋👄

    Taihuda RahmanTaihuda Rahman2 days ago
  • Hoooooray congratulations drew

    Michelle TempleMichelle Temple8 days ago
  • They both know each other probably were already dating before they did this video,but both seem nice hope it works out for them.

    dane perrydane perry11 days ago
  • 😁

    Ruby and Brooke game time 810Ruby and Brooke game time 81014 days ago
  • Drop Dead gorgeous and girlfriend

    jonathan collazojonathan collazo17 days ago
  • Nice

    Stacy BrussStacy Bruss22 days ago
  • I dare you to kiss BrittHertz and touch her Bought at deskmen time

    Dorathy OnyeagoroDorathy Onyeagoro22 days ago
  • Good job

    Dan DeCrossDan DeCross23 days ago
  • Good luck drew And Britt

    Dan DeCrossDan DeCross23 days ago
  • Is anyone going to talk about that kiss

    Hebron KanuHebron KanuMonth ago
  • Britt love your yet chanl

    Scott DerghamScott DerghamMonth ago
  • Congrats drew and Britt

    Emily LemonEmily LemonMonth ago
  • Next time ask her to marry you !

    Dennis schumakerDennis schumakerMonth ago
  • i know the feeling its the best

    Sintix fySintix fy2 months ago
  • Now its time for face licking

    grant wyattgrant wyatt2 months ago
  • Hi

    Gaming JackGaming Jack2 months ago
  • Simp

    Clay LewClay Lew2 months ago
  • Cool

    Rosanna Marie LadsonRosanna Marie Ladson2 months ago
  • They make an amazing couple

    a bevinsa bevins2 months ago
  • U guys have kissed so much and I thought that u guys were all ready boyfriend and girlfriend

    Tristan AndersonTristan Anderson2 months ago
  • Hiii

    Isaiah SandersIsaiah Sanders3 months ago
  • Have a great time together

    Michael KampMichael Kamp3 months ago
  • Yup

    Liam TraceyLiam Tracey3 months ago
  • I don’t have a girlfriend I’m still lonely🥺🥺🥺🥺

    Steven LeeSteven Lee3 months ago
  • you guys are adorable I just wish to have the same confidence that u do Drew LOVE YOU GUYS

    Valerie Saint-LouisValerie Saint-Louis3 months ago
  • Why do you say bad words

    Abid SidikAbid Sidik3 months ago
  • 🔥🔥👍🏻👍🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💯😇😇

    Guadalupe DiazGuadalupe Diaz3 months ago
  • No one: Drew and Britt: sleeping together before they are dating

    Coop McinnesCoop Mcinnes3 months ago
  • Who else was wondering how those flowers lasted for two weeks Oh just me ok

    Amy TAmy T3 months ago
  • Official britthertz and drew diksen and boyfriend and girlfriend

    Kham NgudKham Ngud3 months ago
  • So how long have y’all been dating and I like kind of video channel so I kind a like it’s like stop the cussing because I’ll get in trouble for watching I’ll be like you’re really like my favorite person but like a job please like stop the custom guess I feel like the cousin is like not really good for like a USworlds so we drop Addi pretty please stop because then stop the cussing and I want to see some more gauze a mom dad family sisters I don’t really know like your girlfriends mom your girlfriends sisters your your parents your sister’s brothers I don’t really know but would you please stop

    Kadi WellsKadi Wells3 months ago
  • 🤩🤩🤩

    aidan eeaidan ee3 months ago
  • No joke I'm kinda mad about this I thought that drew is super! Cute but I know you'll be really happy together ❤ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ I liget cried for 3 hours please give me a shout out please never got one before God bless you did you do this in covid

    CooldudegamingCooldudegaming3 months ago
  • Congrats Drew and Britt.

    Emily LemonEmily Lemon3 months ago
  • when you getting married

    hxhxjnxb hshshbxbbhxhxjnxb hshshbxbb4 months ago
  • This is so adorable I am so happy that he asked you to be your girlfriend❤️

    The Silly Sister's Channel Glandton GirlsThe Silly Sister's Channel Glandton Girls4 months ago
  • This is so cute❤️

    The Silly Sister's Channel Glandton GirlsThe Silly Sister's Channel Glandton Girls4 months ago
  • You guys are so amazing for each other and I know that you will have a wonderful time together.

    Jude ShumakerJude Shumaker4 months ago
  • Waiter Billy.

    Billy BurgendyBilly Burgendy4 months ago
  • You to are such a good couple your the best couple in the world good job drew and britt

    Toxic_killarz 69Toxic_killarz 694 months ago
  • U guys ur so cute together ❤️

    Fereshta REZAIEFereshta REZAIE4 months ago
  • This is by far the highest road

    Breeze MaBreeze Ma4 months ago
  • Yes yes and more yes

    Breeze MaBreeze Ma4 months ago
  • i honestly can’t stop watching this video. it was so emotional and this was the cutest thing ever! i’m so happy for you guys!

    Asami HarteAsami Harte4 months ago
  • 😁 it was so good 😊

    Jo-Anne NellenJo-Anne Nellen4 months ago
  • keep up the good work

    Parth PanchbhaiParth Panchbhai4 months ago
  • sick bro

    Parth PanchbhaiParth Panchbhai4 months ago
  • I thought they were already boyfriend and girlfriend because they kiss all of the time

    Tori CummingsTori Cummings4 months ago
  • I am creing write now

    Aliana M. PoAliana M. Po5 months ago
  • Awwww cute

    Aliana M. PoAliana M. Po5 months ago
  • Jesus took your time drew

    Ridge207Ridge2075 months ago
  • Bro they were dating before they started dating

    OSL_BeastGamingOSL_BeastGaming5 months ago

    Cooper SmallwoodCooper Smallwood5 months ago
  • This put a smile so much people faces

    Jet DarcyJet Darcy5 months ago
  • OK Drew

    Kamden GephardtKamden Gephardt5 months ago
  • So she was part of grav gang now there are a couple

    Firey ToesFirey Toes5 months ago
  • Congratulations

    Stephen HepworthStephen Hepworth5 months ago
  • I ship you and brit

    savannah and isaiahsavannah and isaiah5 months ago
  • They kissed and awful lot for not being boyfriend and girlfriend

    LF EDITZzzLF EDITZzz5 months ago
  • Please don’t swear any more because watch this and I’m ten and I’m a girl

    Kevin NovellinoKevin Novellino5 months ago
  • Hi I love your videos

    Marshall GrenzMarshall Grenz5 months ago
  • I love you Brett 💖

    danielle josephdanielle joseph5 months ago
  • Regulations Drew

    Jenny KreilJenny Kreil5 months ago
  • they should get married at the end of the year 2020

    Just a NobodyJust a Nobody5 months ago
  • Congrats my guy👏🤟🏻💪👍

    kiyan Duyongankiyan Duyongan5 months ago
  • Please get married now please

    vu3lexzzvu3lexzz5 months ago
  • Dude drew is goat

    vu3lexzzvu3lexzz5 months ago
  • Drew it’s not the highest road until you marry her or have children together btw you both are cute together

    Galaxy GamerGalaxy Gamer5 months ago
  • Uh its so pretty duh duh

    Tonje PedersenTonje Pedersen5 months ago
  • Yay drew congrats

    Burnzee 27Burnzee 275 months ago
  • Who discovered them briit from jordan matter and drew from faze rug

    koki's gaming videoskoki's gaming videos5 months ago
  • When she said that their going in a hot air ballon I thought she said we're going on a honey moon lol

    Jude flipsJude flips5 months ago
  • you and britt should make a Chanel together

    Olivia AndersonOlivia Anderson5 months ago
  • High road 🤝

    India GrahamIndia Graham5 months ago
  • You guys are so cute and were meant to be together 😍

    Leila BennettLeila Bennett5 months ago
  • When he asked u out i was litearlly crying cuse IT was so sweet

    Natalie VassbotnNatalie Vassbotn5 months ago
  • U peeps r amazing

    Austin WashburneAustin Washburne5 months ago
  • Congrats

    Noah ColdingNoah Colding5 months ago
  • If they don’t get married, I’m leaving earth 😗✌️

    • Ash_RL •• Ash_RL •5 months ago
  • She was so happy

    King TigerKing Tiger6 months ago
  • 💓💖💕💘❣️💝❤️💙🤫👍📝📝📝✝️😙😗😘🥰😍😎😛😻💕🧡🙉🤎🤍💜🥳😻. 👩‍❤️‍👩

    brianna Zelayabrianna Zelaya6 months ago
  • #couplegoals

  • i thot she said no

    C4USH3RC4USH3R6 months ago
  • Y’all were not together before this but y’all still kiss?

    Tristan JohnsonTristan Johnson6 months ago
  • I am happy for you have a nice day

    Tommy KingstonTommy Kingston6 months ago
  • You guys should do last to stop kissing wins 10,000 dollers with the couple.

    David GarlandDavid Garland6 months ago
  • Congratulations

    Hayden WasikiewiczHayden Wasikiewicz6 months ago
  • l can’t stop watching actually l watched this over and over again

    Stephanie PhamStephanie Pham6 months ago
  • I love your videos

    Kain MurdockKain Murdock6 months ago
  • i’ve been waiting for the moment you would do those and when you did it made me so happy inside

    Lily SwindlerLily Swindler6 months ago
  • I was really depressed but when I saw this and smiled i haven’t smiled n months

    JookyTube _JookyTube _6 months ago
  • OMG

    devourcloudzzdevourcloudzz6 months ago
  • thats wierd they keeped on kissing befor they were even bf and gf

    Mason NguyenMason Nguyen6 months ago
  • Nice gob

    Bobbie VanBruggenBobbie VanBruggen6 months ago
  • When they had boyfriend/crush/girlfriend/it's time you guys know/the truth about us| in their videoss

    The WanderersThe Wanderers6 months ago
  • This video should have more likes

    Niels Jørgen VestergaardNiels Jørgen Vestergaard6 months ago
  • I love you guys ❤️❤️

    Allison KidsonAllison Kidson6 months ago
  • Congrats

    Keef DyerKeef Dyer6 months ago