I Flew To My Girlfriend and SURPRISED Her With This...

Dec 6, 2020
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Love u guys:)

  • Beautiful toes drew

    LegendOfGamingLegendOfGaming6 days ago
  • Damn

    Nola ShatzelNola Shatzel7 days ago
  • My little sister paints all of my friends and family's toes

    slogokweb channelslogokweb channelMonth ago
  • drew looking at his toes looking like where did i go wrong in life what have i done

    Nanda PandaNanda PandaMonth ago
  • Turn to Jesus Christ

    Ben Henderson68Ben Henderson68Month ago
  • Daddy Timmy timmy

    clan495 tiktokclan495 tiktokMonth ago
  • Drew

    clan495 tiktokclan495 tiktokMonth ago
  • So because Brit brought you to the nail salon, you brought her to the gym? Sounds about right lol

    juliem_1986juliem_1986Month ago

    Luke RiveraLuke RiveraMonth ago
  • Who came from TikTok

    Magnolia Joy JohnsonMagnolia Joy JohnsonMonth ago
  • Drew can I have a call out in your next video I have been watching you for a year High road

    Christian FigueroaChristian FigueroaMonth ago
  • did you say i love you to eachother "girly squeals"

    thaliathaliaMonth ago
  • Wait wait wait is that at fox mask Brit is wearing?!?!?!

    Calvin IngramCalvin IngramMonth ago
  • I hate the cosin

    C- BeAsT BtWC- BeAsT BtWMonth ago
  • I’m on roblox telling peaple to by your merch now

    Kjw RobonKjw RobonMonth ago
  • Britt: y do you put it so deep. Drew: points the camera to himself

    PeeweeΨPeeweeΨMonth ago
  • Bucky is sk funny

    Wes GervaisWes GervaisMonth ago
  • Simp

    Luis_831Luis_831Month ago
  • I love you Guys

    Germain Carl DanielGermain Carl DanielMonth ago
  • dang love u drew, but you gotta pull up your mask cases are so bad

    Julia Hart BorocziJulia Hart BorocziMonth ago
  • New high road tee?

    fujii kodaifujii kodaiMonth ago
  • Drew can you dunk a basketball? Please attempt to for a vlog. Your jumps are elegant af

    Bob SagetBob SagetMonth ago
  • All of his thumbnail has his gf with some sorta b showing why?

    Money LoafMoney LoafMonth ago

    Amanda CookAmanda CookMonth ago
  • I’m the 8400 like lol

    PenguOf EdenPenguOf EdenMonth ago
  • 0:32 drew got Benji’s

    Harrison FullerHarrison FullerMonth ago
  • i live in new york

    robotrangerrobotrangerMonth ago
  • Lol instead of brit wearing drew crew mask she wears TFox mask

    Jacob SchraderJacob SchraderMonth ago
  • “If we ever broke up” pls dont

    Keahn WhiteKeahn WhiteMonth ago
  • Did anyone notice the stack of cash in drews suitcases.

    Troy DickinsonTroy DickinsonMonth ago
  • Drew: holy s**t Britt: is your s**t really holy Drew: yes Me: holy s**t :o

    Ryker DavisRyker DavisMonth ago
  • Plot twist she was with a different guy

    Lil_reflexLil_reflexMonth ago
  • Her : you put it in so far Drew: 😉

    StickParkourStickParkourMonth ago
  • I got my wine I do this all the time yessss💋

    Cindi TurnerCindi TurnerMonth ago
  • Day 11 trying to get a shoutout on someone’s channel

    Funny GamerFunny GamerMonth ago

    Aiden BosAiden BosMonth ago

    Julie PetersenJulie PetersenMonth ago
  • it ant six mins lol

    Elizabeth JohnsonElizabeth JohnsonMonth ago
  • can we talk about how he has HAIR SPRAY in his suitcase! i mean his hair is always on point tho soooo

    Emma LocknerEmma LocknerMonth ago
  • are those hoodie and pants like an old merch drop i missed out on or an upcoming one cuz i love them?

    Corkscrew 999Corkscrew 999Month ago
    • @Drew Dirksen i can’t believe you actually responded 😅 I love your videos your one of my favorite you tubers it would be awesome to meet you some day!!

      Corkscrew 999Corkscrew 999Month ago
    • Up coming 🤝

      Drew DirksenDrew DirksenMonth ago
  • Drew: “holy sh#t” Britt: “ it your sh#t holy”? Me:😂😂😂😂

    Alicia MullingsAlicia MullingsMonth ago
  • Drew your vlogs make me crack up everytime!

    Kyle DarrowKyle DarrowMonth ago
  • Omg the gym is open in the us😳 i miss it.

    G I A N N I-G I A N N I-Month ago
  • The first 6 minute Sunday (that I have seen) that is exactly 6 minutes!

    ThatsALilFishyThatsALilFishyMonth ago
  • Hi drew I'm a huge fan!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cole ColbergCole ColbergMonth ago
  • Subscribe to my channel.

    Silas MooreSilas MooreMonth ago
  • when i finished the video, all i could think is "tangerine"

    JeJudJeJudMonth ago
  • please make a music video of that song that you did in 1 hour.

    Owen CoyleOwen CoyleMonth ago
  • If u like this comment and reply U will get whatever u want for xmas

    Cameron VelezCameron VelezMonth ago
  • yessssss

    Cameron VelezCameron VelezMonth ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    James SchugJames SchugMonth ago
  • Loved it!!! How can you jump that high??? Love you guys so much 💕!!!

    Anh Sophie SegschneiderAnh Sophie SegschneiderMonth ago
  • Are you in Howard beach???

    Pasqualina DoshnaPasqualina DoshnaMonth ago
  • My favorite drew vlogs are the ones in Ohio

    Judah KalmbacherJudah KalmbacherMonth ago
  • This guy gives me a logan paul vlog vibe dig it tho❤❤

    J1J1Month ago
  • Love from Nepal and specially ( me 👌👌👌)

    Ak skaa gamingAk skaa gamingMonth ago
    • Thank you drew for liking my comment

      Ak skaa gamingAk skaa gamingMonth ago
  • Such a cute couple. Did your gf make you edit out most of the scrubby part at her pedicure?😂 She seems the most ticklish?😂 Keep making cool vlogs👍🏻

    Jim BobJim BobMonth ago
  • Nice, Drew bro 👌🏻

    Gopi MaxtedGopi MaxtedMonth ago
  • I love your videos and everyone in the Funk Bro’s house! 😊

    Edyn MorganEdyn MorganMonth ago
  • Ok I like the content you put on here dude but, it goes too far when you paint your nails dude.

    Brendan SpangleBrendan SpangleMonth ago

    Romir AryaRomir AryaMonth ago
    • Yayay I got a heart 2 in a row 💞💞😂

      Romir AryaRomir AryaMonth ago
  • Bro fab youtiber

    The KingThe KingMonth ago
  • Drew, please please please can you publish the song from your 1 hour make a viral song video because I love it.

    Shannon DrysdaleShannon DrysdaleMonth ago
  • Can you please make vids longer the worst part about the vid is when it ends

    HuntoxgodHuntoxgodMonth ago
  • Screams in TANGERINE

    Liam Bailey VlogsLiam Bailey VlogsMonth ago
  • I love you drew but please wear your mask right bro

    Charles IngersollCharles IngersollMonth ago
  • The funny thin is my stepsister is have a Christmas baby and his name is Crew and that reminded me of Drew Crew so he’s apart of the Crew🥺

    Brooklyn LaneBrooklyn LaneMonth ago
  • Hi Drew

    James DohertyJames DohertyMonth ago
  • Is there a way u can teach me how to do a backflip please

    Bobby WaboBobby WaboMonth ago
  • clicked on this video faster than my dad leaving me

    Mr Rab1kill1Mr Rab1kill1Month ago
  • High

    Bobby WaboBobby WaboMonth ago
  • Drew your videos always make me laugh you should make them longer

    Maddy MillerMaddy MillerMonth ago
  • You should do 24 hours in britts house with out her noing

    E B AE B AMonth ago
  • You got crusty toes

    Logan RoseLogan RoseMonth ago
  • My shit is holy -Drew

    ayan da dudeayan da dudeMonth ago
  • Drew crew! You smell like cookies your my cookie Awww❤️❤️

    Kenley PeeleKenley PeeleMonth ago
  • it' 5:59

    Alex KinchAlex KinchMonth ago
  • Most underrated youtuber

    Zack MoodyZack MoodyMonth ago
  • Pull your dam mask up

    Garrett PetersonGarrett PetersonMonth ago
  • is that abella danger at 1:59

    Giovanni KelleyGiovanni KelleyMonth ago
  • Can u tell me next time when ur in nyc and if ur still are check ur dms

  • I mean your awesome drew but ur toes r so ugly

    Ragepantser FN ClipsRagepantser FN ClipsMonth ago
  • Hi

    Craig HeckmanCraig HeckmanMonth ago
  • Drew is a simp

    Caleb WilsonCaleb WilsonMonth ago
  • You guys are literally 5 mins away from me and I'm LOSING my shit 🤯

    MaddyMaddyMonth ago
  • Can you dunk

    Carlos RuizCarlos RuizMonth ago
  • Aweee when she said “Your my cookie” 🥺✋🏽

    Isabella HSimpsonIsabella HSimpsonMonth ago
  • "my shit is holy" LOL

    RemphyRemphyMonth ago
  • please maka ten minute sunky

    Hanzo On Ps4Hanzo On Ps4Month ago
  • Of course he would get the pedicure with Nick what other answer were you expecting lol

    Fatal VanzyFatal VanzyMonth ago
  • Dare Sargent dirk on billy and airhorn

  • video idea have drews parents meet britts parents

    Ethan AndrushkoEthan AndrushkoMonth ago
  • so I was eating... then I saw the toes. I’m not eating anymore.

    Boogity01Boogity01Month ago
  • Where how to wear your mask doofus

    Adam PfaffAdam PfaffMonth ago
  • Usually the vlogs are 6:14 secs this ones actually 6 minutes lol

    Dragon1044Dragon1044Month ago
  • I love how she has a Tfox mask on

    NicoNicoMonth ago
  • Hey drew

    Jacob Da costaJacob Da costaMonth ago
  • LOL your dad is cooooll

    Brian EhrenzellerBrian EhrenzellerMonth ago
  • Drew: you smell like cookies Britt: your my cookie. Me:so cute😁😁

    Found DogFound DogMonth ago
  • Big fan

    Found DogFound DogMonth ago