I Gave Him DISSOLVABLE Swim Trunks without Him Knowing! *Freakout*

Jan 13, 2021
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Love u guys:)

  • High Road Drop is live Next video!!! January 17th. Hyped for this one:) also this has to be one of my favorite vlogs haha

    Drew DirksenDrew Dirksen11 days ago
    • Where do I go to cop the merch?

      Craig McLeanCraig McLean8 days ago
    • can I buy I live in Sweden they go and send to Sweden. ??

      jack westerjack wester10 days ago
    • @Christopher Bohren why are you what is wrong

      Bella LuttrellBella Luttrell11 days ago
    • That is my dad's birthday 🎉🎉🎉 yeah but I can't buy them I'm not aloud 😭

      Bella LuttrellBella Luttrell11 days ago
    • My birthday is on the 17

      Lucky FellowLucky Fellow11 days ago
  • funny AF! and i need that shot glass lol

    Henry HadabonaHenry Hadabona3 days ago
  • Thats small

    Elian ArciniegaElian Arciniega4 days ago
  • Fucking respect for nick, hes always doing shit for content

    Jeremy HilbrandsJeremy Hilbrands6 days ago
  • When he said “ now you know why they call me the rock” I was like 😱what 😂

    Kassandra YanesKassandra Yanes7 days ago
  • Nice

    Jamie LordJamie Lord7 days ago
  • At the end, nick actually thought that was true😂🤣

    Jamie LordJamie Lord7 days ago
  • I have a g string on🤣🤣

    Yxng ExoticYxng Exotic8 days ago
  • When I am watching this the drop merch came out let’s go finally

  • Drew you have inspired me to do heaps

    Hayden CliffordHayden Clifford8 days ago
  • Come on we can get 600,000 subscribers

    ETH CoolETH Cool8 days ago
  • hey drew im a big fan but every time i go on to tilanus apparel it only comes only up with the mystery box, just wondering if you could help me with that thx

    RxillFnRxillFn8 days ago
  • Do you have a number you can text

    Layla LigammariLayla Ligammari8 days ago
  • You should make High Road crops

  • Drew is my favourite USworldsr in the world. (Keep it up bro) and never give up.

    Hayden CliffordHayden Clifford9 days ago
  • I just found your channel but i had your mom as my 6th grade teacher at Monroe

    Dylan SnyderDylan Snyder9 days ago
  • Thanks so much for likening my comment this made my day

    leah6410 leah6410leah6410 leah64109 days ago
  • I subscribed

    Cristiano AlvesCristiano Alves10 days ago
  • Make another song and music video

    John JoyceJohn Joyce10 days ago
  • Everybody subscribe and let's get drew to that 600k mark

    Joelson HendrixJoelson Hendrix10 days ago
  • Y’all are crazy wild 😂😂😂

    Ditsy DaphinieDitsy Daphinie10 days ago
  • Ca I buy I live in Sweden they go and send to Sweden ?

    jack westerjack wester10 days ago
  • Bro that high rode drop is so fire

    Joseph-gamerkid558 MorrisonJoseph-gamerkid558 Morrison10 days ago
  • It merch drops on my birthday

    CaptainDavisCaptainDavis10 days ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    James SchugJames Schug10 days ago
  • Who’s that sexy man in the after credits?

    Brandon MooreBrandon Moore10 days ago
  • Hi Drew

    James DohertyJames Doherty10 days ago
  • why did Bobby look like caveman patrick from spongebob

    Cruz OteroCruz Otero10 days ago
  • Drew you are almost at 600K congrats. Also the vid was pretty funny so...

    LegendOfGamingLegendOfGaming11 days ago
  • Drew you are impolite

    Yunis KhalidYunis Khalid11 days ago
  • Honestly seeing the size of their ducks really gave me a confidence boost lol

    Owen PiazzaOwen Piazza11 days ago
  • OMG, I freaking love the merch!!! Love you guys so freaking much 💕!!!

    Anh Sophie SegschneiderAnh Sophie Segschneider11 days ago
  • U got to stop plugging

    Banna boyBanna boy11 days ago
  • Boi

    RepRep11 days ago
  • Let’s go

    17s MysTic17s MysTic11 days ago
  • This is the funniest shit ever

    Michael RosanoMichael Rosano11 days ago
  • Does anyone else think Druze sounds like Deadpool when he’s spiderman

    LTX UniverseLTX Universe11 days ago
  • If Nick and Chelsea wasn't dating then why was they quarantined together

    Christian BozemanChristian Bozeman11 days ago
  • Hey can I get a free hoodie it’s my birthday on the 20th plzz

    Skater Gav gavSkater Gav gav11 days ago
  • Add kids size

    Drew CarlsonDrew Carlson11 days ago
  • That was the most funny thing in my whole life Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

    Salt NecksSalt Necks11 days ago
  • You should do it again but there’s someone else

    Salt NecksSalt Necks11 days ago
  • When ever I watch ur video my iPhone says battery low because I keep the best video for last

    Abhay MAbhay M11 days ago
  • Fun fact: toilet water may be the cleanest water u may ever drink

    TheGamingPandaTheGamingPanda11 days ago
  • Your my faveret you tuber

    Sharon TokarzSharon Tokarz11 days ago
  • Who else wishes drew made long vids and posted more often No hate drew just really love the content and want more of it

    PLC 1024PLC 102411 days ago
  • Add youth sizes

    FearsomebaconFearsomebacon11 days ago
    • Sorry if I’m replying back at weird times I live in Nebraska

      FearsomebaconFearsomebacon11 days ago
    • You’re my favorite USworlds er

      FearsomebaconFearsomebacon11 days ago
    • Yeah but I’m a tiny 11-year-old boy

      FearsomebaconFearsomebacon11 days ago
    • Extra small is closest to youth

      Drew DirksenDrew Dirksen11 days ago
  • I am so early

    ChelseaChelsea11 days ago
  • When the merch drops is on my moms birthday

    Hayden HullHayden Hull11 days ago
  • Does cap dog still have Covid

    Crazy PickleCrazy Pickle11 days ago
  • Stay in the drew crew

    Fearlica hiFearlica hi11 days ago
  • U know Britt and Chels love it

    Johnny_Pro 523Johnny_Pro 52311 days ago

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  • can i have a hoodie my bday is on the 20th of this month plz

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  • Make the dangerous music video pls

    Pineapple 25Pineapple 2511 days ago
  • My sister just gave birth #uncleof3

    HeyyitzRespawnHeyyitzRespawn11 days ago
  • That’s so funny 😂 my favourite person drew. Bro 🖤

    Gopi MaxtedGopi Maxted11 days ago
  • 🔥❤️ always love watching your videos,they always make me laugh whenever I’m sad

    Kayla AngrandKayla Angrand11 days ago
  • Wait do you still live at the mob house

    Matt TobiasMatt Tobias11 days ago
  • New merch is better than logan pauls

    Alex CousinsAlex Cousins11 days ago
  • Drew you naughty boy

    jack glassonjack glasson11 days ago
  • Greetings From Mikronesia

    Nicholas BennNicholas Benn11 days ago
  • doesn't bobby have covid

    adspfcadspfc11 days ago
    • @Bobby U oh okay

      adspfcadspfc11 days ago
    • I did, I’m covid free now :)

      Bobby UBobby U11 days ago
  • Hey Drew can i pls just get a heart from you you are a legend i asked in almost every vid Thanks so much this means alot to me

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  • When are you going to propose to Britt

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  • I am subscribed

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  • I need to test that in my pool🤣

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  • I love your videos but you have to stop cursing plz

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  • Bro your the best I subscribed!!! Rydel Funk liked my comment it would make my day if you did :) Stay safe

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    • lots of love thxs drew

      Joel StulgaitisJoel Stulgaitis11 days ago
  • Why

    Seyoum ScirakSeyoum Scirak11 days ago
  • No f#cking way

    Alice SullivanAlice Sullivan11 days ago
  • That is fuck up shit

    Marlayna HarperMarlayna Harper11 days ago
  • Okay doesn’t Bobby have covid

    Alec RichmanAlec Richman11 days ago
  • Drew you should be at 1 mil people if you see this subscribe to Drew because he is the one who made me try a backflip on the ground and I landed it for the first time

    Kaje ThorogoodKaje Thorogood11 days ago
    • Thanks for the like Drew keep it up

      Kaje ThorogoodKaje Thorogood10 days ago
  • Can you go live

    Bu RehBu Reh11 days ago
  • Ok thx

    Chloe Play'sChloe Play's11 days ago
  • Ima cop those sweats

    RawrRawr11 days ago
    • @Drew Dirksen no way drew answered me 😲

      RawrRawr11 days ago
    • Let’s goooo

      Drew DirksenDrew Dirksen11 days ago
  • There are dissolving bikinis #DrewRocks

    EL ChavezEL Chavez11 days ago
    • Where 👀

      Drew DirksenDrew Dirksen11 days ago
  • Fu

    Dylan JacobsDylan Jacobs11 days ago
  • My bday is on the 24

    qbs.jayway Oqbs.jayway O11 days ago
  • High

    Helina JonesHelina Jones11 days ago
  • Yooo your delivery driver is one David shoot with paintball on his blog

    Jesus SanchezJesus Sanchez11 days ago
  • Your merch comes out on my cousins birthday

    Katelynn WhittKatelynn Whitt11 days ago
  • Damn bobby did have cold

    FallMillen :vFallMillen :v11 days ago
  • When you know that this isn’t clickbait

    housegerbil zrhousegerbil zr11 days ago
  • Jan 11th was my birthday to

    Icy fusionIcy fusion11 days ago
  • Dam I want some nowwwwwww

    Icy fusionIcy fusion11 days ago
  • Follow me on twitch Volx9

    VolxVolx11 days ago
  • lol what an awesome video i luv watching your videos drew it brings joy into my day!

    logan quistlogan quist11 days ago
    • @Drew Dirksen oh np man.

      logan quistlogan quist11 days ago
    • Thank u so much!

      Drew DirksenDrew Dirksen11 days ago
  • Giving me Arriack vibes

    Sonny StainSonny Stain11 days ago
  • Hey drew love your videos and stay safe ❤️

    Jessica AslettJessica Aslett11 days ago
  • i think this the quickest his views has gone up

    Finn WallisFinn Wallis11 days ago
  • This video is iconic and prob one of my favorites

    Manager ChelsManager Chels11 days ago
    • Yesss chels😂

      Elisha-rose KellyElisha-rose Kelly9 days ago
    • Thanks chels !

      Drew DirksenDrew Dirksen11 days ago
  • It’s a funny prank!

    ThechillgamerThechillgamer11 days ago
  • doesn’t Bobby have corona...

    Kelly CurryKelly Curry11 days ago
    • He did, but he quarantined and then tested negative so he’s all good!

      Drew DirksenDrew Dirksen11 days ago
  • Do you still live with the funk bros

    Kam LeeKam Lee11 days ago
  • I love your vids dude

    Ethan ChristiansonEthan Christianson11 days ago
  • This is amazing

    x fyzzx fyzz11 days ago
  • May everybody that was wearing the swim trucks may they rest in peace. 8 Drew Dirksen

    braedan lacourbraedan lacour11 days ago
  • High 🤝 road

    Isabella NoriegaIsabella Noriega11 days ago