I Surprised my Mom with Her FAVORITE CELEBRITY! *Not Clickbait*

Dec 27, 2020
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I surprised my Mom with her Favorite Celebrity! This was something that meant so much to me, hope you enjoy it:)
INSTAGRAM (@DrewDirksen) ► instagram.com/drewdirksen
TIKTOK (@DrewDirksen) vm.tiktok.com/XmJH4N/
Capron Funk:
Corey Funk:
Billy Mann:
Kacey Dirksen (Sister) :
Rydel Lynch:
Drage kamerman:
Nick Moore:
Chelsea (Manager) :
Hannah Roeloffs:
Charlive Oliver Bates:
Love u guys:)

  • This is a real high road moment

    Tilling Crown 763Tilling Crown 76315 days ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    James SchugJames Schug17 days ago
  • miniurl.es/womanprivathotqjwi sfruttato il bicchiere è giù e ho andare ad un 🔥 Jeżeli żądanie, Judy, on cierpliwie do

    Anna JenkinsAnna Jenkins17 days ago
  • That was so cute what you did for your mom. And that gift from Brit was amazing!

    juliem_1986juliem_198618 days ago
  • miniurl.es/womanprivatonlinesdxo grado di intelligente a destra e io faccio il il salto del tetto per la scuola edificio che ないではない彼女が見にレポートし、数が読ま彼に彼の頭をオフダウン、それ

    Shannon JonesShannon Jones20 days ago
  • Early squad where you at

    Brody BullaBrody Bulla20 days ago
  • Now to make it a mission to get Ree Drummond and your mom to cook together.

    D CalixD Calix21 day ago
  • Omg kacey I have the same Santa pants as u!! Haha!

    Maddy BMaddy B22 days ago

    KavishekKavishek22 days ago
  • my mom does to

    Jason O'MalleyJason O'Malley22 days ago
  • Drew I love what you did for your fam! But Can you PLEASE make a music video for ur song dangerous!?!? ITS SO GOOD

    Crazy BroCrazy Bro22 days ago
  • You got a hair cut so I have to say I like your cut g 🤣

    Lily WLily W22 days ago
  • can you give me you're nomber i am a boy

    Caelum WellsCaelum Wells22 days ago
  • Dude I love Ree!! She’s awesome!

    Tiffany UpchurchTiffany Upchurch22 days ago
  • My mom loves Pioneer Woman😭💗

    Chasity Faith HarperChasity Faith Harper22 days ago
  • High

    Tobey McClintockTobey McClintock22 days ago
  • I’m here when there’s 69k views

    Tobey McClintockTobey McClintock22 days ago
  • Best video hands down!

    Sheila LeeSheila Lee23 days ago
  • Yooo my son reads her kids books and shes awesome!!!!!

    Andrew MoakleyAndrew Moakley23 days ago
  • I love the Pioneer Women she is my inspiration.

    Emmy GraceEmmy Grace23 days ago
  • Bro I wish I was your sibling bro I need a hi road

    Epic GüeroEpic Güero23 days ago
  • Good job Drew!!!

    Kim HillKim Hill23 days ago
  • My mom's favorite as well. Must be every mom's favorite. Lol.

    Dumb 45 BroDumb 45 Bro23 days ago
  • I am here from tik Tok

    Andover Home YogaAndover Home Yoga23 days ago
  • Drew is the most caring and best youtuber out there.

    Adam SalhabAdam Salhab23 days ago
  • Bro You inspire me to flip and live life to the fullest you need way more subs you cheer me up when I’m sad because I’ve been really depressed lately because I can’t see anybody and I always do during the holidays and I’ve been subscribed to you since you were at 500 subs let’s get you to that 1 mil High Road

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  • Road to 1m keep up the good work

    Kevin SheaKevin Shea23 days ago
  • this was the frickin cutest thing ever.

    Uniquely SydneyUniquely Sydney23 days ago
  • When will your music video come out, pls release it, everybody gonna love it, k that's all and high road, k that's all bye

    Teo TomTeo Tom23 days ago
  • Your so nice

    Benjamin AllanBenjamin Allan24 days ago
  • That Todd guy sounds like someone in facing the giants

    Chris FortmanChris Fortman24 days ago
  • My mom loves that person

    Tristian DelgadoTristian Delgado24 days ago
  • Let’s try to get 10k like please🙏

    Tyler FathiTyler Fathi24 days ago
  • OMG, that was sooooooooooooooooo freaking nice!!! Love you guys so freaking much 💕!!!

    Anh Sophie SegschneiderAnh Sophie Segschneider24 days ago
  • Thats my favourite celebrity to

    Gwen ReachGwen Reach24 days ago
  • POV: u came from TikTok

    ilytaeilytae24 days ago
  • Nice video, you’re fucking insane. Drew bro

    Gopi MaxtedGopi Maxted24 days ago
  • hey drew i love ur videos and merry christmas and a happy new year

    Jessica AslettJessica Aslett24 days ago
  • Ah yes, Colgate clock

    Romir AryaRomir Arya24 days ago
  • I got some of your merch for Christmas

    Serenity NunnSerenity Nunn24 days ago
  • All the legends that have been Subscribed for over 1 year that is a LEGEND can like this!!!

    Michael ThibodeauMichael Thibodeau24 days ago
  • Man u need to come to oklahoma and take your mom to her store

    Tayler LaubachTayler Laubach24 days ago
  • I can’t believe you did that drew,aww❤️❤️😂🥺

    Kairey MarksKairey Marks24 days ago
  • Merry Christmas

    Caleb SparksCaleb Sparks24 days ago
  • Hi

    Caleb SparksCaleb Sparks24 days ago
  • The star is the highest road depending where it is Britt ur the best gf I guy could ever have drew is the luckiest guy in the world (DREW U THE LUCKIEST GUY IN THE WORLD)

    EL ChavezEL Chavez24 days ago
  • Lol Drew my step dad wore the same exact sweater on Christmas

    Keith MartinKeith Martin24 days ago
  • I wanna moon :|

    uvuv24 days ago
  • bruh

    KidZ KoupEKidZ KoupE24 days ago
  • Omg you just hit 500k love the vids can’t wait until 1mil and then 10 and keep going

    AIR_the5tspottsAIR_the5tspotts24 days ago
  • Hi Britt hi drew

    Brynlee TestBrynlee Test24 days ago
  • Bro I’m a grown man and I’ve watched her plenty of times before lol

    Cole BiselCole Bisel24 days ago
  • Love you Drew. 🤝🤝

    Kaedyn EricKaedyn Eric24 days ago
  • I think u can hit 2 mil bye 2022

    Logan HambrightLogan Hambright24 days ago
  • High

    Peter DrewPeter Drew24 days ago
  • Hi Drew

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  • they look like twins

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  • Drew PLEASE pin my comment I love your videos and I bought your Mystery box and I love it

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  • Hey

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  • Ya can’t wait for u to hit 600k u have been taking the high road all this time and ur efforts have almost paid off they will pay off once u hit 1mil u inspire me so much ur a great person drew

    carter robinsoncarter robinson24 days ago
  • Dude!!! That was a super awesome and touching video that you did for your mom. Also pretty awesome that you have your own star super cool. Also that you own part of the moon. Super awesome bro!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and hope you have a wonderful news years.

    Bryson AirdBryson Aird24 days ago
  • Can you do a vid that is more than 10 minutes plz

    Rino Gamer/cringeRino Gamer/cringe24 days ago
  • HIE

    fortsilasfortsilas24 days ago
  • I LOVE THIS!!!❤️❤️

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  • Drew is the best and the kindest person ever and he is the best!

    Jaylia ChowJaylia Chow24 days ago
  • bruh is it just me or does drew’s mom and pioneer woman look alike

    Sienna SmithSienna Smith24 days ago
  • Hi drew I love you videos at the moment I am leaning a backflip on land 🤝

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  • You told us to comment so..... Hi

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  • Dude you killed it. Well done

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  • Hey drew high

    Jacob Da costaJacob Da costa24 days ago
  • I rem pioneer lady when she started her cooking show

    Phantom KingPhantom King24 days ago
  • I am your biggest fan and i would love if you replied!! you are so funny and i love the funk bros! Hope you had an awesome christmas and high :)

    Aiden YoderAiden Yoder24 days ago
  • Love the vids I watch every vid

    Myan PaulinoMyan Paulino24 days ago
  • Omg I have her dishes and love her spaghetti sauce! This is the sweetest thing. Actually you and Britt had some amazing gifts!!!! Love you all

    Ditsy DaphinieDitsy Daphinie24 days ago
  • love how amazingly you treat your family

    BrittHertzBrittHertz24 days ago
    • You are the best

      Dane SteinbargerDane Steinbarger21 day ago
    • Hi Britt

      Jason PhillipsJason Phillips22 days ago
    • @Adam Mcredmond tf wrong with u??

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    • @Jacob Currie stfu bro

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    • How much it cost to name a star?

      minimitch ytminimitch yt23 days ago
  • “You have to send me that video”😌😁

  • My mom had the same name as yours

    yannick VTTyannick VTT24 days ago
  • I love that show

  • Drew I appreciate you so much your videos are the best and every time I comment you like it ur the best and merry Christmas.High 🤝

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  • New years eve present for drew let's hit 600k

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  • Drew my second insta account is named @_.ali69__ if u dmed me just by saying high that would literally mean the world to me and I've been watching u since u had 49k subscribers i am not kidding and i hope u have a amazing day love you

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  • Hey from tik tok lol

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  • You are so nice good job😀😀😀😀👍

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  • High

    Drawing with Rj3Drawing with Rj324 days ago
  • She has her plates and bowls

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  • Yes so does my mom

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  • OMG it was very imotionel ♥

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  • Highest 🤝

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  • Owning a part of the moon... is the ultimate moon 🤝

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  • 😭🤝💯🤝🤧 stop tryna make me cry

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  • What is that song that was playing in the Outro

    Lisa MartinLisa Martin24 days ago
  • Awww that was so sweet of you to do that for your mom !!! And it's awesome that you have your own star 🌟 🤝 !!!!!

    Robert 713Robert 71324 days ago
  • If drew replies i will do nothing 🙂

    Saulius KerinasSaulius Kerinas24 days ago
  • My mom's obsessed with Ree too. She always asks for her stuff for Christmas, her birthday, or mothers day. It's quite hilarious actually.

    HailstormHailstorm24 days ago
  • I love your videos I love what you guys do!

    Arielle BachrachArielle Bachrach24 days ago
  • Week 7 maybe more asking for something dangerous official music video plz I am desperate I need it soo bad

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  • High 🤝

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