Ignoring Britt For 24hrs Prank!

Sep 16, 2020
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Love u guys:)

  • how should I prank him back?!

    BrittHertzBrittHertz4 months ago
    • Pretend that your cheating on him

      madeline patrick tarbardmadeline patrick tarbard3 days ago
    • Yes britt

      Tara TofallTara Tofall21 day ago
    • That is good

      luc croftonluc crofton26 days ago
    • Say no to him for 24 hours

      Aiden sisnerosAiden sisneros28 days ago
    • Break up with him prank

      Casen WillardCasen WillardMonth ago
  • drew you should be a man and put on a codnom and mess with britt

    otowncountryplaylistotowncountryplaylist7 days ago
  • high road

    JaydonJaydon12 days ago
  • I loved the part when drew said ladies hold on to ur titties Lmfao😂😂😂

    Ajab gaziboAjab gazibo14 days ago
  • Ask Cory to be in a video with you then ignore him

    Tonya KellenbergerTonya Kellenberger14 days ago
  • Ask Corey if if he wants to do a video with you and then ignore him for 24 hours

    Tonya KellenbergerTonya Kellenberger14 days ago
  • Nick : sticks hand on cactus to impress Chelsea Drew : asks Chelsea if that was bad*** Chelsea : no that was dumb***

    Addison KingAddison King15 days ago
  • It is weird how he is calling the can am defender an atv when it is clearly a utv

    Katherine HieblKatherine Hiebl20 days ago
  • If u like this I have a better chance of meeting drew and Britt

    Tara TofallTara Tofall21 day ago
  • Wait so am I dumb but that is a ohio number correct?

    XruXru22 days ago
  • jacob is my real name

    Jacob ChampionJacob Champion24 days ago
  • Slap him for 24 minutes

    Amanda BlankenshipAmanda BlankenshipMonth ago
  • Jesus is king

    Ben Henderson68Ben Henderson68Month ago
  • Definitely make a drop with both the astronauts shacking 🤝

    Payton LewisPayton LewisMonth ago
  • Fake number

    Zoe GZoe GMonth ago
  • Britt you should pull a prank on him back

    Blake PruettBlake PruettMonth ago
  • Hi Jacob

    Heather shortHeather shortMonth ago
  • Drew while your at it you should just like everyone elses comments

    Nicholas MendozaNicholas MendozaMonth ago
  • Drew 4 ur info there xuvs coz a ATV is a quad

    Mark DowlingMark Dowling2 months ago
  • 8:52

    XxfootballXx 41XxfootballXx 412 months ago
  • I Like how he just took the name tag

    Mr. SoloMr. Solo2 months ago
  • Not a atv is a utv

    Josue GallegosJosue Gallegos2 months ago
  • is Kacey and charlie still a thing

    dynamic_g0ddynamic_g0d2 months ago
  • How dare you post while I’m on the other side of the world in class with no VPN ?

    Claire KangClaire Kang2 months ago
  • In like a year I’m going to say hi Jacob the atv driver and everyone is gonna be like huh lol

    Team OaxlyTeam Oaxly2 months ago
  • They had us in the first half, not gonna lie.😂😂😂

    Carrington NdhlovuCarrington Ndhlovu2 months ago
  • Hi Britt I think you could prank him by pretending to be possessed. Love the vids❤️

    Allie VincentAllie Vincent2 months ago
  • fill drew’s room with packing peanuts or with legos

    Bao PhamBao Pham2 months ago
  • fill drew’s room with packing peanuts or legos

    Bao PhamBao Pham2 months ago
  • My name is JACOB let’s gooooo

    zxoaszxoas3 months ago
  • drew and britt your the best u and rydel and caypron are the best couples ive seen

    Kuba MichalskiKuba Michalski3 months ago
  • Jacob the ATV driver your the best

    Camden DunawayCamden Dunaway3 months ago
  • Britthertz

    Jazmine marin MarinJazmine marin Marin3 months ago
  • Is that the tfox warehouse?

    Fraser McCormackFraser McCormack3 months ago
  • Subscribe to Jacob Dirksen 😂

    Jonathan CopeJonathan Cope3 months ago
  • Hey Jacob how old are you

    Teresa FurrTeresa Furr3 months ago
  • Prank Ing him 50 times in one day

    Grace PerezGrace Perez3 months ago
  • he’s going to TFOX

    ferdi erasmusferdi erasmus3 months ago
  • Please provide Polish subtitles I like watching you 😊😍

    Żadna GajewskaŻadna Gajewska3 months ago
  • Was up i ur biggest fan I love u guys and God bless u

    Carter KinslowCarter Kinslow3 months ago
  • Eee guys is the warehouse tfox Remember like the signatures on the wall

    Sami TipaSami Tipa3 months ago
  • I'm from tiktok

    Optix NuggieOptix Nuggie3 months ago
  • More

    Aohili LauleaAohili Laulea3 months ago
  • I thought she was going to kill you for a sec...

    DEZDEZ3 months ago
  • britt you should diy his shampoo a color

    Reese MilneReese Milne3 months ago
  • Pretended cheat on him and ignore him

    Kendyl BurnsKendyl Burns3 months ago
  • Ignore him and when he tries to Talk walk away

    Kendyl BurnsKendyl Burns3 months ago
  • I’m from titok

    Tyon MakkTyon Makk3 months ago
  • This is the second time watching the vid and wanted to say that at least she didnt break up with you like some other girls do ......

    SicknessSickness3 months ago
  • Drew here his a video idea, How to do a back flip.

    Fenton and JaceFenton and Jace3 months ago
  • In the new drew crew drop will there be kid’s size?? High

    H WilkinsonH Wilkinson3 months ago
  • High road 🤝 i love u all and hope u and Britt stay together forever y’all r make to be lol

    Pan LoverPan Lover3 months ago
  • Those are side by side’s not atv

    Austin FieldsAustin Fields4 months ago
  • New merch “ Jacob the ATV driver”

    Anti MellowAnti Mellow4 months ago
  • Jacob the ATV driver

    camelladcamellad4 months ago
  • My friend lives in Arizona

    My ships with Kirishima Lol yesMy ships with Kirishima Lol yes4 months ago
  • Yes you should

    Xavier WeeseXavier Weese4 months ago
  • What number before the number (like +27)? I live in a different continent haha

    Wahldu BurggraaffWahldu Burggraaff4 months ago
  • I LOVE you and Britt

    Harper PaukHarper Pauk4 months ago
  • I died when she said I broken da car and😂

    Joshi eJoshi e4 months ago
  • i love how chelsea said “no that’s stupid you dumb a-“😂 also i can’t wait to see the new house!!!

    Julia HarperJulia Harper4 months ago
  • Im from tik tok

    Sasha SullivanSasha Sullivan4 months ago
  • I love how they at least do one backflip in every video they are in

    Keila GutierrezKeila Gutierrez4 months ago
  • Why ain't the funk bros posting anything

    Raymond BrownRaymond Brown4 months ago
  • I love you drew! ♥️ this video was so fun to watch!

    Amy MilneAmy Milne4 months ago
  • all your merch is almost sold out i really wanted to get the tye dye hoodie

    Kara JamesKara James4 months ago
  • It is my birthday

    Jacob IrvineJacob Irvine4 months ago
  • You shoud be mean to kasye prank

    07442182403 Roberts07442182403 Roberts4 months ago
  • Brit

    Bacon boysBacon boys4 months ago
  • Do the same

    Bacon boysBacon boys4 months ago
  • When are we gonna see the house

    Kellie HiltonKellie Hilton4 months ago
  • you should teach britt how to skateboard

    Ian BosquezIan Bosquez4 months ago
  • I’m from TikTok

    Bryson ColeBryson Cole4 months ago
  • You mean side by sides

    Ben MichenerBen Michener4 months ago
  • im from arizona tucson,arizona to be exact

    Davian Thomas-HernandezDavian Thomas-Hernandez4 months ago
  • Ignore him

    Linda MccrayLinda Mccray4 months ago

    Boogity01Boogity014 months ago
  • for now on refer to me as jacob the atv driver more like jacob the hot atv driver

  • They bought the new house!!! Remember that last house they looked at? Saying that only one neighbor was too close, and the property was a little too expensive?? Well that’s the one!! It has enough rooms for everyone!! A garage for Corey and everything else!! Also they said they were going to put a pond in the back!! Guess we are getting a pond for the funk bros!!

    Jacob FieberJacob Fieber4 months ago
  • for your next drop drew you should make sports bras. for the girls.

    Rylei WellerRylei Weller4 months ago
  • I love watching drew

    king slayer kingsking slayer kings4 months ago
  • yo drew my english teacher is giving me crap loads of work to do your videos help me a lot on not yelling at her

    Dallas TeelDallas Teel4 months ago
  • High

    Nidal MouradNidal Mourad4 months ago
  • Who think drunk drew should make a song and a music video

    CG OutdoorsCG Outdoors4 months ago
  • nice

    eden nizerieden nizeri4 months ago
  • I like how he calls utvs atvs lol

    Joel TeunissenJoel Teunissen4 months ago
  • in the last vid u did when u showed the new merch what is the song called when u did the montage

    Ex0t1cR3m1xEx0t1cR3m1x4 months ago
  • Are you sure it was 24hrs of ignoring Britt? :/

    Saachi BhavsarSaachi Bhavsar4 months ago
  • pretend your flirting with nick and ask him to be on it too

    Adeline CheungAdeline Cheung4 months ago
  • pretend your flirting with nick and ask him to be on it too

    Adeline CheungAdeline Cheung4 months ago
  • Please I will have your respect

    Graysen TuckerGraysen Tucker4 months ago
  • Tucker is my last name use my last name and do the highest road there is

    Graysen TuckerGraysen Tucker4 months ago
  • day one trying to get 1 k subs from just comments

    Shadow BladeShadow Blade4 months ago
  • You should change your USworlds name to Jacob The ATV Driver

    Chibi BearChibi Bear4 months ago
  • I hated this vid so I’m unsubscribing but I love drew

    Is water wet 2.0 ReidIs water wet 2.0 Reid4 months ago
  • You should go to every subway you can wherever you are and just collect peoples name tags. Subway High Road

    CAR2 UNESCAR2 UNES4 months ago
  • Britt prank him like you are cheating on him it will be funny😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀and love you

    Jesse PadillaJesse Padilla4 months ago
  • Why does she never have on a shirt

    Donovan W JamesDonovan W James4 months ago
  • drew high.

    CLINT TONCLINT TON4 months ago
  • This video is so funny

    Valen MalinoskyValen Malinosky4 months ago