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May 13, 2020
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Love u guys:)

  • Is 8t just me or..... does drew and Britt do a bunch of couple stuff🧐

    Gib PeeleGib Peele2 months ago
  • Lol when u were doing the waves and u missed the paper and got it on his shirt 😂😂😂😂 0:58

    Arley CanalesArley Canales3 months ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🙏🏻

    Guadalupe DiazGuadalupe Diaz3 months ago
  • Am I the only one who googled the richest kid in America and Donald didn't came up

    Princess KayPrincess Kay5 months ago
  • I have all of that but with zebras

    Me. SlitMe. Slit5 months ago
  • Literally no-one needs a house that big

    Rex LONRex LON7 months ago
  • Kh

    Khyier playzKhyier playz7 months ago
  • Billy is the best

    Wy8tt. filmsWy8tt. films7 months ago
  • Where was Donald ever in this OK the richest kid in the world

    Vance HardinVance Hardin7 months ago
  • so you guys showed up at prince george's house

    Julie NajiJulie Naji8 months ago
  • Are you guys daying

    Edouard LitoEdouard Lito8 months ago
  • cory the best not drew but close go sub to cory funk the funk bros your close drew but not yet

    Jeremiah KingJeremiah King8 months ago
  • You guys should do hide and seek I’m the last person to get found should win a pair of AirPods

    Luis GonzalezLuis Gonzalez8 months ago
  • Theyre so dumb they have to spin the bottle a little bit ahead of the eggs so the shooter has to run back and snipe the runner

    PanthersCxPanthersCx8 months ago
  • Skirt skirt

    Shayne MccannShayne Mccann8 months ago
  • Drew? Are you and Britt dating?

    Wesley WolsinkWesley Wolsink8 months ago
  • Yo you should do some guitar and stuff on this channel I love that

    D’Man HeckerD’Man Hecker8 months ago
  • Faze rug: I don’t wanna hurt anybody Jake Paul: THROWS IF AT HIS GIRLFRIEND AS HARD AS HE CAN if you wanna see the vid check out Jake Paul

    AAL Football Fusion LeagueAAL Football Fusion League8 months ago
  • Anyone else think Drew should sell his white trainers?????

    Malebo BrownMalebo Brown8 months ago
  • Please can you put the video back out please

    Oliver LiveseyOliver Livesey8 months ago
  • Can you make another flip video, but where you teach us to flip

    Annjoli VenterAnnjoli Venter8 months ago
  • I want to meet Drew so bad that I’m going to comment that I will meet him... but imma comment that every time. So... I’m going to meet Drew one day

    Tegan HolmeTegan Holme8 months ago
  • Wi is no won posting

    Beth TreatBeth Treat8 months ago
  • Why did you delete your newest vid

    Thewarz FlashThewarz Flash8 months ago

    Aliyyah SudamaAliyyah Sudama8 months ago
  • Did anyone else just see drew delete his newest video of "buying her her own amusement park(sorry drew, seen the announcement you made, sooo.. probably going to delete this comment.)

    E ME M8 months ago
    • Me

      Dianzel YshanDianzel Yshan8 months ago
  • Why did you delete your newest video

    Xander StringerXander Stringer8 months ago
  • Why did you delete the video I wanted to see it :(

    Jūlīañ ÆZ¿‽Jūlīañ ÆZ¿‽8 months ago
  • Why did you delete the video that was 12 minutes ago 😢

    mason toellemason toelle8 months ago
  • ya i just got the notification of the new vid but when i pressed on it it said that he deleted it like what

    The Funny FarmThe Funny Farm8 months ago
  • I already watched this and I just saw that drew accidentally posted a video and deleted it

    Ansley WayneAnsley Wayne8 months ago
  • Hey why you delete the new video

    Julio Alfredo Samayoa EscrichJulio Alfredo Samayoa Escrich8 months ago
  • Guys I know Drew’s new video he is surprise some one at an amusement park

    xcloudyxcloudy8 months ago
  • How come when I tapped on the notification for a video it said this video was deleted by creator

    Landy ScottLandy Scott8 months ago
  • He just posted a new video and he deleted it😣😭

    Sasha SzekelySasha Szekely8 months ago
  • Can someone tell me where I can get his merch

    Smriti BalajiSmriti Balaji8 months ago
  • Do more 6 minute Sunday with britt

    Dazyion SweeperDazyion Sweeper8 months ago
  • I❤you

    Tegan WatanabeTegan Watanabe8 months ago
  • Hey Drew i think You should make a video with faze rug and Donald , teaching them how to do a backflip

    Esteban RoasalesEsteban Roasales8 months ago
  • Drew you are awesome you should make more Merch for the high road.

    Reese HolscherReese Holscher8 months ago
  • also love you drew

    Alex KellyAlex Kelly8 months ago
  • Drew and Brit should Date if their already not

    Alex KellyAlex Kelly8 months ago
  • Are tanners balls ever gunna drop

    Flywith1000Flywith10008 months ago
  • When is gonna be new merch pls i wanna buy it but all is sold out

    Petra CarvanováPetra Carvanová8 months ago
  • who else saw drage at 3:24

    Morgzii27Morgzii278 months ago
  • 2:14 were tf did marko go😂

    RubnxtツRubnxtツ8 months ago
  • none of them can throw lmao

    philladelph 21philladelph 218 months ago
  • "DONE"

    Nathan Van DommelenNathan Van Dommelen8 months ago
  • Can u upload another music video

    Wolf HutchisonWolf Hutchison8 months ago
  • do you miss Liva

    gamm vidsgamm vids8 months ago
  • 669

    Evan MccainEvan Mccain8 months ago
  • Good vid

    LeoFNCLeoFNC8 months ago
  • The way Britt is in the thumbnail tho

    Quaye PaoraQuaye Paora8 months ago
  • Are u playing tic tac toe British person:🤨its naughts and crosses American person:Are u mad 😠 Plas like 😁🤗

    IC6 BearIC6 Bear8 months ago
  • nice new banner bro

    how2natehow2nate8 months ago
  • Ever other vlog you should do a 10:00 minute vlog

    Matthew FryfogleMatthew Fryfogle8 months ago
  • Y is Britt almost naked in every vid?

    Penny Cat1876Penny Cat18768 months ago

    Penny Cat1876Penny Cat18768 months ago
  • 4:20 what song is that

    Jordan VioletJordan Violet8 months ago
  • This is so😜😜😜

    Yalx ClipzYalx Clipz8 months ago
  • I want to be just like you

  • Make more videos with Britt

    Dazyion SweeperDazyion Sweeper8 months ago
  • Drew and Bree are dating

    Blake CuppyBlake Cuppy8 months ago
  • The pool looks like it's not deep, but it's deep

    Mohamed ErwinMohamed Erwin8 months ago
  • So funny luve u bc of this vid

    Tariqz-_-Tariqz-_-8 months ago
  • I really hope you guys are dating you guys are so cute i think you guys are dating love you all so much

    Rebecca ParkhurstRebecca Parkhurst8 months ago
  • Are you and britt dating

    Mason HegemanMason Hegeman8 months ago
  • Are you dating btitt I know the ANSER cxx

    Lily SmithLily Smith8 months ago
  • Done !

    xxRubz .08xxxxRubz .08xx8 months ago
  • I just been watching every video of yours and your friends and I love them and are so funny. You should make another video where you recreate Rydels band with u as the guitar and choose any 4 other of your friends and sing one of there favorite songs ever. #shipdrewandbritt

    Danielle HartDanielle Hart8 months ago
  • High

    Xander StringerXander Stringer8 months ago
  • Is it mean or is that every Donald I know is rich

    Jace OlsonJace Olson8 months ago
    • Me

      Jace OlsonJace Olson8 months ago
  • Brittany Hertz is cheating on you drew

    HeyMaddieHeyMaddie8 months ago
  • tanner with that quick flex

    tree memetree meme8 months ago
  • Please do more videos with Ben azelart

    BrodrickBrodrick8 months ago
  • Why does Brit never wear a shirt

    heidibrushheidibrush8 months ago
  • We know you are dating

    AnubisAnubis8 months ago
  • bruh that’s not a pool is a lake😂😂

    Cheyanne MaddoxCheyanne Maddox8 months ago
  • High road for ever.

    Kerry WalkerKerry Walker8 months ago
  • You should make a intro but with Britt and everyone in it

    Italia TaylorItalia Taylor8 months ago
  • Hello

    Grace WilliamsGrace Williams8 months ago
  • Hello

    Grace WilliamsGrace Williams8 months ago
  • Ok I may be late but saw on your insta earlier in the week sooooo hello

    Grace WilliamsGrace Williams8 months ago
  • “Domed me right in the neck”

    Lee ClaybergLee Clayberg8 months ago
  • We should all unsubscribe so drew and Brit admit that they are dating

    Christian OrtizChristian Ortiz8 months ago
  • Who else thinks Drew and Brit are the cutest couple on USworlds 🔥

    Skindog YTSkindog YT8 months ago
  • Everyone knows you and Brett are dating

    Julian WoodJulian Wood8 months ago
  • Is it true that you are dating

    Lisa MullinLisa Mullin8 months ago
  • Remembering Corey la barrie

    summer philebaum-herron#pineapplessummer philebaum-herron#pineapples8 months ago
  • What were you doing in the bathroom on Corey channel with Britt and you were holding hands while doing a front flip just say ur dating aready

    Sports kidSports kid8 months ago
  • After a stressful week and months of this drew ur my favorite created and blogger love u bro u make my dad always uplifting and fun love u dude ❤️❤️❤️

    C2 FlashyC2 Flashy8 months ago
  • U should make longer videos like 10 min and up jus a suggestion

    Keymarion GallowayKeymarion Galloway8 months ago
  • I love that song he plays in the background I want to know what it is called someone pls tell me

    Potter WilliamsPotter Williams8 months ago
  • make a channel with drew and britt

    Charlie Joey HawleyCharlie Joey Hawley8 months ago
  • Donlad gets so much clout for this stuff

    Nico StahlNico Stahl8 months ago
  • I don't even know what to say.

    JoFuzzyJoFuzzy8 months ago
  • Can you make longer videos please 😂

    Bethan LeesBethan Lees8 months ago
  • Awesome video, that’s fucking funny!! You’re insane bro

    Gopi MaxtedGopi Maxted8 months ago
  • Yay fave youtuber

    FxdezyツFxdezyツ8 months ago
  • I ship drew and brit

    Lex SpellLex Spell8 months ago