Last To Fall in Dunk Tank WINS!

Jul 12, 2020
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JULY 26th
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Capron Funk:
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Billy Mann:
Kacey Dirksen (Sister) :
Rydel Lynch:
Drage kamerman:
Nick Moore:
Chelsea (Manager) :
Hannah Roeloffs:
Charlive Oliver Bates:
Love u guys:)

  • can you pliese make it more longer vid plz

    Taihuda RahmanTaihuda Rahman2 days ago
  • It kid be called the Funk Dunk

    Katelynn AronsonKatelynn Aronson22 days ago
  • Wtf my birthday is the 26th definitely buying the drop

    alexander sundquistalexander sundquistMonth ago
  • Wet

    Frucht SeiteFrucht Seite2 months ago
  • Nick lol the Moore’s 🥰

    Ariel LochnerAriel Lochner3 months ago
  • 🤝

    Evan LeeEvan Lee3 months ago
  • My birthday is coming up

    anthony Medinaanthony Medina4 months ago
  • lyrical lemonade

    Acky MofoAcky Mofo4 months ago
  • I love Britt so much

    Amasa Bigelow BigelowAmasa Bigelow Bigelow5 months ago
  • Who else has a crush on britt

    Jack AlexisJack Alexis5 months ago
  • You published this on my birthday

    hillyank4hillyank45 months ago
  • Yo

    DJ DillDJ Dill5 months ago
  • do you like brad pasliy h

    Shelly CraemerShelly Craemer5 months ago
  • berd

    Kuba WiernyKuba Wierny5 months ago
  • Bro she's ur girl you don't need a dunk tank to get her wet 😂

    brad bensonbrad benson5 months ago
  • Can i ask...why is everyone now wearing bass pro hats on tiktok and youtube hahah

    Katherine NiceKatherine Nice5 months ago
  • nossa que cara lindo!!

    Stephany SaraStephany Sara5 months ago
  • Wanna be alex warren

    Collin SolomonCollin Solomon5 months ago
  • I'm a big fan

    Shelli LewisShelli Lewis6 months ago
  • My dad still wants tiktok to be banned fr I'm like wtf dad

    Olivia LottOlivia Lott6 months ago
  • I wish i could make 1 million accounts and subscribe to you with all of them

    Hilda AldurénHilda Aldurén6 months ago

    Madi MooreMadi Moore6 months ago
  • I Like How Drews Vlogs Are Like Logans Vlogs, Just doing random, fun stuff!

    ItsPandaLVItsPandaLV6 months ago
  • who else thinks that hannah and corey should have a channel together???

    Chloe HorwathChloe Horwath6 months ago
  • You must date britt

    Samuel GomaSamuel Goma6 months ago
  • Why don’t you have 1m yet

    Outdoor BoyOutdoor Boy6 months ago
  • Hey Drew!! I am happy that there are challenges that can include everyone. Keep being you as you have a good heart.

    Sarah HowlandSarah Howland6 months ago
  • Faze rugs beendid the funk tank before any youtubers you actually used the same one I believe

    Night MareNight Mare6 months ago
  • Hey you billy and Corey are my favorite

    chris harrellchris harrell6 months ago
  • My brithday is on July 29 and can you shout me out on tic tok it’s oneonly_jonathan ty

    Jonathan BerishaJonathan Berisha6 months ago
  • Hi

    Bath RenewalBath Renewal6 months ago
  • 😩why are they gonna shut down tictok

  • Who els thinks drew should make longer vids

    vuseility !!vuseility !!6 months ago
  • I saw this on Tik tok

    Chubby.___.CookieChubby.___.Cookie6 months ago
  • My older sister tried the bottle and the basketball thing and the bottle hit her in the eye

    Randum RaiderRandum Raider6 months ago
  • Britt: Drew will u lick it of Me:WTF 🤣🤣

    Rakesh SewsunkerRakesh Sewsunker6 months ago
  • There not gonna banned tiktok

    Jeric BasaranJeric Basaran6 months ago
  • lmao my baby bothers bday is on 27th to

    HAYNOWHAYNOW6 months ago
  • Actually having infant sizes is mega high🤝

    Travis CampbellTravis Campbell6 months ago
  • I deleted tiktok

    Lea BLea B6 months ago
  • 3:12

    Hannah LittlerHannah Littler6 months ago
  • My birthday is the 27th

    Lisa ConnerLisa Conner6 months ago
  • I will buy the infant sizable for my puppy

    Francie De KlerkFrancie De Klerk6 months ago
  • Can you please make a custom one for me because my birthday is July 25

    Liam TeasLiam Teas6 months ago
  • 3:28 Kacey look exactly like Drew 😂

    toti Cherinototi Cherino6 months ago
  • I wish i had money bc my birthday is the 27th

    Will WalkerWill Walker6 months ago
  • Who wants to hear a corny joke? What does corn grow on? A corn cob.

    Clinton RichardsClinton Richards6 months ago
    • Clinton Richards not goin to lair what was good

      Lia MiaLia Mia6 months ago
  • i just made 3 youtube accounts so i could sub to drew 3 times

    sidney andersonsidney anderson6 months ago
    • Haha I love u

      Drew DirksenDrew Dirksen6 months ago
  • It said you posted this now an dit was 2 days ago

    Darnell EdwardsDarnell Edwards6 months ago
  • Can you do a video called taxed tag

    Aoife MolloyAoife Molloy6 months ago
  • Hey drew are the drops going to be in kids sizes and also are they going to be on your merch site

    Parker MenechinoParker Menechino6 months ago
  • Drew I’m from the same area as you

    Nate DillowNate Dillow6 months ago
  • The title tho

    xx atomicxx atomic6 months ago
  • Road

    LOSER 1224LOSER 12246 months ago
  • Drew Brit Said she’s gonna break up with you after that... That’s Low

    LOSER 1224LOSER 12246 months ago
  • Drew you and Britt are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Cute

    Aiden KloppAiden Klopp6 months ago
  • frikin tik tok sucks

    TrainCrazyPlayzTrainCrazyPlayz6 months ago
  • Me laughing at the title😂

    DescoDesco6 months ago
  • Yay finally Chelsea is back🎉🎊

    Mishka GordonMishka Gordon6 months ago
  • I'm low key so hyped that Chelsey might be back in the vids!

    Tyler NipperTyler Nipper6 months ago
  • There is nothing on your clothing brand

    Isaac RichmondIsaac Richmond6 months ago
  • Can you make a size for me

    Tucker BencusTucker Bencus6 months ago

    Joseph LawsJoseph Laws6 months ago
  • Wasn’t this from Jarvis’s video.Cmon man at least tell where u got the idea. Anyways great video.

    jagraj brarjagraj brar6 months ago
  • What 2 colors did you die your hair

    Casey PileCasey Pile6 months ago
  • drew my birthday is on july 25th

    The Wild AmigosThe Wild Amigos6 months ago
  • I deleted tiktok :(

    Tani T.Tani T.6 months ago
  • Hi

    stokestwins a_astokestwins a_a6 months ago
  • Is there any other way to text you ??????

    Tucker BencusTucker Bencus6 months ago
  • You know what you should do you should prank your girl friend that you are breaking up with her and she is pretty

    bryland Rossbryland Ross6 months ago
  • Bro I want to meat you

    bryland Rossbryland Ross6 months ago
  • hi

    Max DawickMax Dawick6 months ago
  • Get him to 500k

    Lee WilliamsLee Williams6 months ago
  • 17th thoasanth like

    DrewDrew6 months ago
  • My birthday is on July 22

    Roberto Pablo SosaRoberto Pablo Sosa6 months ago
  • I love you drew ❤️

    Anissa MedranoAnissa Medrano6 months ago
  • U an britt are a cute couple and so much alike take care

    Jeanette RohlikJeanette Rohlik6 months ago
  • Tok tok isn’t deleted:)

    Olivia ShipmanOlivia Shipman6 months ago
  • finally Drew and Britt are official

    ItzRetroWolfYTItzRetroWolfYT6 months ago
  • Drew u know what to do HIGH

    Tony MazTony Maz6 months ago
  • Those of us that are to dirty minded reading this title 😳😳

    Sam PickeringSam Pickering6 months ago
  • Omg

    Maiyah RhaeMaiyah Rhae6 months ago
  • Love you vidioes

    Gav SumnallGav Sumnall6 months ago
  • do u still like brittl

    MayaLee AlburyMayaLee Albury6 months ago
  • Me

    Sam BradshawSam Bradshaw6 months ago
  • Make a song for Britt the last was so good

    ZuguMCZuguMC6 months ago
  • I’ve subscribed and turned on the notification bell 🔔 and liked all the videos I’ve watched on your channel Drew please reply 🎥🤝

    Kayla BKayla B6 months ago
  • Where has Chelsea been for ages

    Team NavyTeam Navy6 months ago
  • Love this your help me go through tough times

    fa Dunnfa Dunn6 months ago
  • Hey drew, just got spacers and am about to get braces. I fell off a golf cart yesterday and sprained my foot. Would really cheer me up if you like or responded. Love the videos

    Aaron FrasaAaron Frasa6 months ago
    • Drew Dirksen THANK YOU!!

      Aaron FrasaAaron Frasa6 months ago
    • Hope you feel better bro

      Drew DirksenDrew Dirksen6 months ago
  • Hi

    Waylon SimsWaylon Sims6 months ago
  • Drew I love you and the mob I wish I could meet you and Brit I would literally crap myself I am such a huge fan watched you for a year

    Corbin MillerCorbin Miller6 months ago
    • Holy shit drew heart my comment I just almost crap myself

      Corbin MillerCorbin Miller6 months ago
  • Drew your amazing and you have came so far with the highroad and drew crew Merch u should get a certificate love u

    Skyla-Jade HillSkyla-Jade Hill6 months ago
  • Such a good brother

    Trenton GolcynskiTrenton Golcynski6 months ago
  • What if drew comments on my comment? I hope so. Anyone who reads this is an amazing person.

    Nick ChengNick Cheng6 months ago
  • Can you please make your videos longer because your content is amazing

    Kyairah JohnsonKyairah Johnson6 months ago
  • High

    Raghav SathishRaghav Sathish6 months ago
  • My b-day is on sep 4 and drew is sep 30

    Jasmine MendozaJasmine Mendoza6 months ago
  • But whatvif brit was wtvin another wya jk love u 2

    East SniperEast Sniper6 months ago
  • 👋🏼 hi

    ShiftyThumbz09 ElmerShiftyThumbz09 Elmer6 months ago