Last To Say NO Wins!

Sep 23, 2020
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Love u guys:)

  • yoy never did the last to say no changle

    Danielle CordoneDanielle Cordone3 days ago
  • 600k subscribsers so hype

    Sabastian SkinnerSabastian Skinner7 days ago
  • Hi

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  • 4:59 she is so strong!

    Barb TobinBarb Tobin18 days ago
  • And keep doing what you’re doing

    ALIJAH TaylorALIJAH Taylor22 days ago
  • You are the best and I love your videos

    ALIJAH TaylorALIJAH Taylor22 days ago
  • hi i love your youtube channel so much and the mob i hope every body have a great day and stay strong in 2020

    Alexis RomeroAlexis Romero23 days ago
  • Come to dequeen

    Natalie BaileyNatalie Bailey25 days ago
  • can you come to colarado springs and this my moms profile and I am her daughter!!!!!

    Christa ChandlerChrista Chandler26 days ago
  • Don't get a horse there very time consuming and expensive

    Brody BrooksBrody Brooks29 days ago
  • yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Gerald AchibiriGerald AchibiriMonth ago
  • Jesus Christ is king

    Ben Henderson68Ben Henderson68Month ago
  • 2:28 bud finna catch picaku

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  • Imagine not subbing to good content... COULDN’T BE ME

  • Subscribe to Drew

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  • I live in new york

    Jillyan SchoeningJillyan SchoeningMonth ago
  • i cant say hi to you in real life i live in Lithuania

    Asta KlimašauskienėAsta KlimašauskienėMonth ago
  • Drew:"I'm not going to buy you a horse" In drews head after she kisses him " ok im getting her a horse" PS y'all are my favorite USworldsr and I hope too see y'all in the future one day but I live in Texas keep up the great vids btw 😁👍🏼👍🏼also. High...road🙂👍🏼🤝

    Creativekid 2020Creativekid 2020Month ago
  • Hi

    Ashley SmithAshley SmithMonth ago
  • Stupid drew

    Colton DunnColton Dunn2 months ago
  • f

    Isabella BrowningIsabella Browning2 months ago
  • 2:03 go slow mode like .5

    Karlin MuraiKarlin Murai2 months ago
  • hiiiii

    Greta NiemczyckiGreta Niemczycki2 months ago
  • I guess I’ll never see y’all in Louisiana =(

    Hunter MooreHunter Moore2 months ago
  • Drew is a simp for Britt🤣

    Erizz AdamErizz Adam2 months ago
  • Pancakes are just waffles with out Abs

    Zane Anderson 2027Zane Anderson 20272 months ago
  • 0:12! I mean the thumbnails might be a reason why 🤣🤣

    The Jumping BeastThe Jumping Beast2 months ago
  • “Tucker wasnt meant for NY, We’re going to Texas”😂

    jman415jman4152 months ago
  • high

    KYLE LANEKYLE LANE2 months ago
  • What the hell 306 people dislike d you’re video

    Gabriel McKeeGabriel McKee2 months ago
  • uncensored version of this video

    TrashkillerTrashkiller2 months ago
  • low road

    World wide cringe Tas SotoWorld wide cringe Tas Soto2 months ago
  • Drew: we are going bingo Me: BOOMER!!

    John FreerJohn Freer2 months ago
  • Pls go to Texas

    TXJeepsterTXJeepster2 months ago
  • I have a horse

    Johan CruzJohan Cruz2 months ago
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  • the real question how did they make that thumbnail??!?!

    GG ImpossibleGG Impossible2 months ago
  • Hey! Give drew 30k likes or no 50k

    Frida LaFrida La2 months ago
  • G

    BreezyBreezy2 months ago
  • Can you pls DO 15 or 20 minets Long videos

    Ctal 08Ctal 082 months ago
  • No fixen way you were at the meturpoliton museum I went there about 2 years ago was in 6th grade when I went with my class that's so cool

    bella twilight gamerbella twilight gamer3 months ago
  • I am a very big fan I hope I can meet you guys

    Alicia N ZunigaAlicia N Zuniga3 months ago
  • It’s funny how nobody is wearing masks

    nico tarin-ogrennico tarin-ogren3 months ago
  • ThroughFan

    Aubri MorganAubri Morgan3 months ago
  • Hi love your vids hope I can meet you one day

    Hasa LadHasa Lad3 months ago
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  • No one: me seeing thumbnail ooh lalalala

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  • Drew can you plzzzzzzzzzz come to Beckley WV it would mean the world to me i love you and your vids

    Ex_ AshEx_ Ash3 months ago
  • 35 thousand rn

    Ashton FerringtonAshton Ferrington3 months ago
  • Anyone else mad that they didn’t know they were in the city 😔 like I coulda seen you guys

    Itz KatieItz Katie3 months ago
  • Bro my gf has the same paints as Britt

    NATENATE3 months ago
  • Drew what was that in 6:56

    Bard ___Bard ___3 months ago
  • "Oh I'm so drunk I'm gonna go throw up now" *_Drew 2020_*

    Samuel MarkSamuel Mark3 months ago
  • Social distancing what?

    Gideon grafGideon graf3 months ago
  • “Say NO.” “Not doing that, no.” *“Gotcha”*

    EurekaXEurekaX3 months ago
  • I would love to meet u guys

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  • just wait.....................................................................just wait ............................................. ........ hear a noise in my bedroom ..........scay

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  • He did it I seen the TikTok

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  • What the

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  • How do you get on USworlds I can’t figure it out I want to be a USworlds or Please help me😢💓💓

    Kaci SKaci S3 months ago

    Oliver FurstenburgOliver Furstenburg3 months ago
  • Ooooo

    aidan eeaidan ee3 months ago
  • luv ya drew ur the best

    yani ramosyani ramos3 months ago
  • If you really want to step up the high road a notch you should make a high road song

    GnomemanGnomeman4 months ago

    Boogity01Boogity014 months ago
  • Hi Drew my birthday is tomorrow and it would mean so much if you replied to my comment, also I love your videos there amazing😊❤

    Jazmyne GriloJazmyne Grilo4 months ago
  • Britt is so cut 🧳🐽🤝

    mikeskoalsmikeskoals4 months ago
  • *Is this a vlog or a vid* _idk_

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  • go to rhode island and go to rock way street

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  • Hey drew you no eian weller. I live next door to him. Love the vids

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  • U said britt that u wanted a HORSE I have four horses u should come to Ireland to ride them and I watch every video

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  • USworlds isn’t sending notifications at all

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  • When it says bloopers but there’s no bloopers-

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    Juliette QuaveJuliette Quave4 months ago
  • Drew: lets get this this video to 30,000 likes next day: it's over 30,000 likes

    Johanna MattsonJohanna Mattson4 months ago
    • Drew crew is strong

      Drew DirksenDrew Dirksen4 months ago
  • Hi

    Shawn HolsteinShawn Holstein4 months ago
  • oMg ThIs Is One Of tHE cUtEsT ViDs IvE sEeN

    justbamboe_justbamboe_4 months ago
  • Why is Britt always shirtless in ur thumbnails 😂

    Harleigh DearthHarleigh Dearth4 months ago
  • I can’t wait to see drew porpoise.

    H HH H4 months ago
    • Plsssssss

      H HH H4 months ago
  • You and Britt are th3 cutest couple on USworlds (my opinion )

    Howie JunorHowie Junor4 months ago
  • You inspire me so much

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  • You make me so happy

    RiversxmagicRiversxmagic4 months ago
  • Simp

    Bergstrom 123Bergstrom 1234 months ago
  • New Yorkers wouldn’t appreciate you don’t know the difference between Central Park and time square

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  • honestly starting to get annoyed of all these clickbaits... at least proves that they are working.

    JobsonJobson4 months ago
  • I got mugged outside of the mouseuem well my mom and grandma did

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  • Were goin ta texaaS

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