Jun 14, 2020
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This was so fun to do! Made an entire song and music video in 24hrs.
Official Music Video will be out WEDNESDAY Be ready!
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Capron Funk:
Corey Funk:
Billy Mann:
Kacey Dirksen (Sister) :
Rydel Lynch:
Drage kamerman:
Nick Moore:
Chelsea (Manager) :
Hannah Roeloffs:
Charlive Oliver Bates:
Love u guys:)

  • Drew will pin this if he loves he’s fans

    Aubrey RiggleAubrey Riggle7 months ago
    • STONKS

      Lille PottLille Pott24 days ago
    • Lol omgg

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    • Lol

      RC FAVOURITE ! HiRC FAVOURITE ! Hi2 months ago
    • You are just making him pin the comment

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    • Rydel and capron are together lol 😂

      ChoicesChoices6 months ago
  • Drew you are so good

    Maisie LambleMaisie Lamble11 days ago
  • Such an inspirational guy 🤩

    kieren crutchleykieren crutchley13 days ago

    Barb TobinBarb Tobin17 days ago
  • I

    J. Weeks.J. Weeks.25 days ago
  • Love the song

    Marcus GordonMarcus Gordon29 days ago
  • It would have been awesome with billy beatboxing😁😁

    Arjun AjeeshArjun AjeeshMonth ago
  • Keep up the hard work and love the song

    dxszy FCdxszy FCMonth ago
  • Nicks face when Drew said famous friend

    Melda LevendallMelda LevendallMonth ago

    Joshua FiestJoshua FiestMonth ago
  • Bro mans has yamaha studio monitors... Sorry I'm a producer with no money and I'm in need some studio monitors

    Ivan LuxIvan LuxMonth ago
  • I can't believe that drew dirksen can sing

    Kimber WillisKimber WillisMonth ago
  • Wensday

    Heather shortHeather shortMonth ago
  • When I watched this video I loved It and love to sing and I’m learning how to play piano and your music is great

    residentsurferresidentsurfer2 months ago
  • 3:23 is In our Hands by Ten Towers

    Isak JIsak J2 months ago
  • This was on my birthday omfg !

    Monkey ‘Monkey ‘2 months ago
  • If ur wondering what the intro song is called come together

    Olivia AguilarOlivia Aguilar2 months ago
  • I love you drew you are my favorite now 💕💕💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭😎😎 your cool to

    somaiya rahmansomaiya rahman2 months ago
  • Lol Billy forgot the alphabet

    Mya StaffordMya Stafford2 months ago
  • Whats that song named at 3:23 somebody please answer

    Raul BarriosRaul Barrios3 months ago
  • @Drew Dirksen, can you make a video on the process that you take when you write songs?

    Justin BrunaughJustin Brunaugh3 months ago
  • Hi I like your vids

    BoodacusBoodacus4 months ago
  • You should do something with Rydel rocky and Ross Lynch

    Sam HollandSam Holland4 months ago
  • Holy shit! You so good at singing! Love you, Drew!

    Kelsie ReynoldsKelsie Reynolds4 months ago
  • I’ve found your old SoundCloud

    Ritch BarracudaRitch Barracuda4 months ago
  • I love Drew, Kaycee, Jake and the whole rest of the fam! I love Kaycee's laugh and Drew's singing voice!!!

    Kelsie ReynoldsKelsie Reynolds4 months ago
  • What’s the song at 3:25?

    lando2lando24 months ago
  • I know I am a little late but is Brit wear Drew’s boxers If you agree like

    CG OutdoorsCG Outdoors5 months ago
  • More like six minutes

    Anthony Kirk PizarroAnthony Kirk Pizarro5 months ago
  • When you didnt realise that rydels last name is Lynch so you didnt know her brother was ross lynch,then when rydel is playing the keyboard you see to boys in the back and start staring at one of them like."that looks like ross lynch"so when you look at the title for the musiv video you see her last name is Lynch.Then you go onto the internet and search ross lynch and see that rydel lynch is on the family section and is like,"Thats why that guy looked like ross lynch...Bc he is ross lynch."Anyone?No,just me?ok.

    HxavenHxaven5 months ago
  • I hope you make more music

    venum _51venum _515 months ago
  • Anybody notice how in the thumbnails they make britts boobs bigger

    Joshua SneddonJoshua Sneddon5 months ago
  • I use to watch the band I’m an og

    Jacob WardJacob Ward5 months ago
  • HeYyYyYyYyOoOoOoOoOoO

    The Potato KidThe Potato Kid5 months ago
  • Love this guy so much have u got any tips for me to practice my guitar

    Tomo WassTomo Wass5 months ago
  • Drew and Ross and kacey and rydel

    Greg W.Greg W.5 months ago
  • i know jake miller

    Ben SussmanBen Sussman5 months ago
  • I could play rhythm for you

    Kayla ChildressKayla Childress6 months ago
  • You know me

    Colby BrockColby Brock6 months ago
  • I loved the tide. Saw you with the vamps

    sophie Music Loversophie Music Lover6 months ago
  • Drew is my role model I have watched this and the music vid almost every day since it came out

    Brady MBrady M6 months ago
  • He’s so talented I love it ❤️

    Isaac MartinIsaac Martin6 months ago
  • Drew is the best singer in.the world I can't even get a 5 words in a song

    Aiden NettlesAiden Nettles6 months ago
  • The first line of the guitar was from tiki

    Connor MitchellConnor Mitchell6 months ago
  • Go back to the tide we u crew u had

    Lana LeLana Le6 months ago
  • What’s your name in Fortnite

    Peace cntrl RucciPeace cntrl Rucci6 months ago
  • Why can't I get it on Spotify?

    DpalmDpalm6 months ago
  • When he ses Jake miller and nick looks over and like fuck him he so good

    Lighningthrower XLighningthrower X6 months ago
  • To fucking basic I can't iven play a song on guitar my mum is practicing

    Lighningthrower XLighningthrower X6 months ago
  • Drew this was so sweet it was so cute

    Emily BeebeEmily Beebe6 months ago
  • the tide was so good I'm so happy your back on your feet have an awesome life

    xavier mendiola vazquezxavier mendiola vazquez6 months ago
  • How do u spell your old band name?@drewdristick

    Dayton TilsonDayton Tilson6 months ago
  • What is the intro music

    Little SquidLittle Squid6 months ago
  • “crush” no, girlfriend

    Joe MedleyJoe Medley6 months ago
  • Drew is so talented !🥰❤️

    Ameena RehmanAmeena Rehman6 months ago
  • dose anyone know what song that is starting at 3.23

    Team PureTeam Pure6 months ago
  • Drew loves his fans if he let’s me live with him🤝🤝

    Neko Fo23Neko Fo236 months ago
  • Can I live with you guys 🤝

    Neko Fo23Neko Fo236 months ago
  • Love you guys I litterially went To you and britts account ten times I day to see if you guys post your first vid as a couple

    Ruwayda JRuwayda J6 months ago
  • He drew I think your cute

    Elizabeth SandersElizabeth Sanders7 months ago
  • this is sick

    Jonah GaleJonah Gale7 months ago
  • Drew will pin this if he loves he’s fans

    bettsbrothers 5bettsbrothers 57 months ago
  • You remind me of Lizzy Capri made a song for her crush carter sharer 👍🏻😇🥰♥️

    Bus 761 production SanchezBus 761 production Sanchez7 months ago
  • Drage looks like a sad kid in a sand box

    Greg W.Greg W.7 months ago
  • What is the song called in intro

    D4N 10D4N 107 months ago
  • Lmao am I the one who just noticed Rydel brother was Ross Lynch?!?! (From my favourite show The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina!?!) lmao i neverrr knewwww🤪😱😱🤗🤣🤣

    t i at i a7 months ago
  • Nothing better than when your friends realize your dreams and do everything they can to help you succeed! You are one lucky guy, Drew! And I LOVED this song! :)

    SayystellaSayystella7 months ago
  • I want to make music but I don’t have the equipment to do it though

    Mg Goal keepingMg Goal keeping7 months ago
  • What app do u use to make the song

    Paula BurdenPaula Burden7 months ago
  • Hi

    Edward SaunterEdward Saunter7 months ago
  • Awesome job drew

    Ben FBen F7 months ago
  • I fell like kacy finds drew attractive even know there brother and sister

    Tiersen OneilTiersen Oneil7 months ago
  • Who remembers when drew first moved in? No offense but he had chubby cheeks it was cute!

    D BD B7 months ago
  • Drew this is actually SO SICK🔥🔥

    Tiffany UpchurchTiffany Upchurch7 months ago
  • When will our high roads mercy be delivered

    Robert SpearsRobert Spears7 months ago
  • You and jake angeles should do a song together.. like this so he can see!

    Cory JeanguenatCory Jeanguenat7 months ago
  • I hope I am not the only person that just went and listened to all of the tide’s song.

    Beau MartinBeau Martin7 months ago
  • Did anybody see Fortnite in the background

    Poi5n_CadoPoi5n_Cado7 months ago
  • If drew loves his drew crew he will like this comment

    Emma SteinmanEmma Steinman7 months ago
  • You should release your song on spotify so everyone can listen to it

    Abby WilkinsAbby Wilkins7 months ago
  • Rydel is so supportive omg

    MozyMozy7 months ago
  • Drew would pin this if he likes his fans

    Lily NaileLily Naile7 months ago
  • Make a song for capron and rydels weding

    Big BuggyBig Buggy7 months ago
  • At the start I sore someone playing fortnite

    Darkboi playzDarkboi playz7 months ago
  • This is amazing ! Good job on the video !

    Mackenzie WolthersMackenzie Wolthers7 months ago
  • dam e is right look it up hella right drew

    Stephanie JohnsonStephanie Johnson7 months ago
  • I wish Rydel would've sang in the song :) that would've been so cool to hear your harmonies

    macarena valenzuelamacarena valenzuela7 months ago

    macarena valenzuelamacarena valenzuela7 months ago

    macarena valenzuelamacarena valenzuela7 months ago
  • 3:15 the best band :) if you know, you know ;)

    macarena valenzuelamacarena valenzuela7 months ago

    macarena valenzuelamacarena valenzuela7 months ago
  • 0:02 whats this background music?

    Lab NationLab Nation7 months ago
  • low key forgot about jake miller but i used to listen to him all the time

    James CallaghanJames Callaghan7 months ago
  • Who’s here after the song?

    Drew Young BeatsDrew Young Beats7 months ago

    Demon through the nightDemon through the night7 months ago
  • Guys I am AI am in abandons cut shirt was shirts and we do good music we do saxophone music smooth jazz any music that you want even if you geysers favorite music we can play

    David MurrayDavid Murray7 months ago
  • Put it on Spotify!

    Sophie CameronSophie Cameron7 months ago
  • Nice one king 👑 u had us 👁️👄👁️ Stay safe to everyone who reads this❤️

    Matthew MaciverMatthew Maciver7 months ago
  • Whats the intro music and can i get a link

    Joshua BeattieJoshua Beattie7 months ago
  • the first words that you were singing, I was legit smiling already!

    Axel ElwahidiAxel Elwahidi7 months ago