Jun 7, 2020
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Love u guys:)

  • Hi

    Pranksterkid KirkPranksterkid Kirk7 days ago
  • I have been light on fire had the kid arrested why do u want to be on fire+

    Troy McdivittTroy Mcdivitt21 day ago
  • My birthday is today

    DallasDallas27 days ago
  • When drags cried I litter ally cried

    Kevin NolanKevin NolanMonth ago
  • its crazy cause I'm also in the 513 phone number lol

    Caden YoungCaden YoungMonth ago
  • Stop Saying cuss words

  • Drew do you like you crush

    Angela WilsonAngela WilsonMonth ago
  • When they gave drage the laptop it warmed up my heart

    TheHooligan HunterTheHooligan HunterMonth ago
  • FUNNY VIDEO 👍👍👌🔥😎😅😁😂

    Martin BoysMartin BoysMonth ago
  • She’s ur girlfriend not ur crush

    AvA TrEnArYAvA TrEnArYMonth ago
  • Who else thinks drew deserves more subs

    Harry NicholasHarry Nicholas2 months ago
  • Why do you you beep the words we can hear them clearly...........................

    vetali bansalvetali bansal3 months ago
  • I never see Britt in a shirt

    Jessica GoldbergJessica Goldberg3 months ago
  • Hi

    Channing & Jaelin’s Gaming ShowChanning & Jaelin’s Gaming Show4 months ago
  • i love HIGH ROAD and 6 mins sunday

    madeline patrick tarbardmadeline patrick tarbard4 months ago
  • Stop cussing

    Nicholas GallucciNicholas Gallucci4 months ago
  • im love the vids

    Strucid maniaStrucid mania4 months ago
  • Can you send me one

    Jason KauhnhJason Kauhnh5 months ago
  • Don’t say bad words

    LionelRichieCHLionelRichieCH5 months ago
  • Noice

    Charlie KuzniakCharlie Kuzniak5 months ago
  • hot mama

    Luke MasonLuke Mason6 months ago
  • Why did you swear with God's name in 1:12

    Phoebe AkusePhoebe Akuse6 months ago
  • i know i’m not the only one that cried when drage started crying☹️😭

    Chloe MooreChloe Moore6 months ago
  • Aww when he was crying I started

    crystal terrebonnecrystal terrebonne6 months ago
  • You capron and drage are the squad

    CaitlynCaitlyn6 months ago
  • Simps

    Rodrigo DimasRodrigo Dimas6 months ago
  • Who loves Drew’s channel

    Kaylee EvansKaylee Evans6 months ago
    • I love it

      Kaylee EvansKaylee Evans6 months ago
  • Omg I love Drew’s channel

    Kaylee EvansKaylee Evans6 months ago
  • Sooo anyone is on fore and you use confetti as title

    verwijderd kaasverwijderd kaas6 months ago
  • 🤝

    donhutking723donhutking7236 months ago
  • SO close to 500k!! Woohoo! 🎉🎉

    Leah BaxleyLeah Baxley6 months ago
  • Maddddddddd

    Sam OakhillSam Oakhill6 months ago
  • So good

    CLIXX 6CLIXX 66 months ago
  • Your vids are cool but I want longer vids plz

    Jocelyn AdairJocelyn Adair7 months ago
  • I love you so muck

    Darkboi playzDarkboi playz7 months ago
  • Congratulations on beeting capron in subs

    Randandom GamingRandandom Gaming7 months ago
  • I just want to share something with you guys I really have a friend that I go to her house her name is Brianna and like her sister I don't know how old she is but she's going to turn on Viber something a little sister and and like like I really really want you guys to post I want more videos with just you and Brit because you and Brit mermaid for each other and I hope one day you guys can become boyfriend girlfriend ✌ out

    Britt'ne MericleBritt'ne Mericle7 months ago
  • Can you guys make more videos like only just you and Brett like doing things in like I want to know more about you guys like I don't know but can you just make more videos because I really love them you and Brett should like go out and like recorded it and the post it like I just want you guys to post your videos like almost every day because I love them so much I can't believe I keep saying that but please make more videos every Austin like maybe on the weekends because and like cuz I really love your video I love love love your videos so so please make more videos because of those videos that you make with Britain you only you and is that is the only thing I like is your guys's Channel and I'm like waiting for you to post another video so I really want you to put them everyday but that would be a lots of work love you drew crew Love You Brittany to I also have a question for you why do you wear like it looks like you're wearing your bathing suit top and just short or like

    Britt'ne MericleBritt'ne Mericle7 months ago
  • the fire got scared me for a sec bc i thought u were gonna catch on fire and not good love u guys

    Aliana ManasekAliana Manasek7 months ago
  • Omg that was amazing you neeeeed to do more videos like this you are so good at them

    Bro09er PlayzBro09er Playz7 months ago

    bobvillia69bobvillia697 months ago
  • Hi

    Angelo D bossAngelo D boss7 months ago
  • As dritt weares you boxers

    Bees HiveBees Hive7 months ago
  • Hi drew

    Moyesisgod08Moyesisgod087 months ago
  • I wish i can get the merch but mom dosn't let me.I love your videos drew.

    Giselle AdamesGiselle Adames7 months ago

    Nick WeimerNick Weimer7 months ago
  • 🤝

    Emil VesterholtEmil Vesterholt7 months ago
  • Luke

    Sunken Scrub_Sunken Scrub_7 months ago
  • I've never seen drake cry

    Sophia TylerSophia Tyler7 months ago
  • Bro you can stop putting crush in the title we all know your dating

    Mazahn _Mazahn _7 months ago
  • You bet capron

    Hya WalkerHya Walker7 months ago
  • Who else tiered up when Drage started to cry??😭

    Unspeakable SeanUnspeakable Sean7 months ago
  • Make longer videos

    CorE SxvageCorE Sxvage7 months ago
  • Omg drew passed capron

    ToxicGames PlaysToxicGames Plays7 months ago
  • britt was wearing drew pants

    Tk TrollsTk Trolls7 months ago
  • If you pinned my comment I would literally be the happiest person on earth but I’m like so lame so you probably won’t but like yeah…😁

    osullivanryanosullivanryan7 months ago
  • This is so good I just ordered merch 💙💙💙

    team dcrteam dcr7 months ago
  • Drew congrats on passing capron in subscribers

    Ben FBen F7 months ago
  • Awww sooo cute 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😭😭😍

    Lola SmithLola Smith7 months ago

    Kenny VillaKenny Villa7 months ago
  • Congrats on beating capron in subs

    noah champneynoah champney7 months ago
  • my jeep is better

    Jacob CortesJacob Cortes7 months ago
  • Screw 6 minute Sunday make it 60 minute Sunday

    Doctor DorianDoctor Dorian7 months ago
  • Can you guys tell Corey happy birthday from his biggest fan

    Lily KrainbillLily Krainbill7 months ago
  • A drunk driver hit me and my mom Ian a jeep it saved ours life so I recommend gritting a jepp my mom got a new 2020 rubicon

    Sub 2 Asian dudeSub 2 Asian dude7 months ago
  • Drew I didn’t know you were from Ohio. I also live in Ohio.

    Ellie LandisEllie Landis7 months ago
  • The clickbait tho

    HEC FAMHEC FAM7 months ago

    icyicy7 months ago
  • Cmon we all know your’e dating you dont have to call her your crush😂

    MerkmusMerkmus7 months ago
  • You should spy on Corey and Hanna just like Drage is spying on you and Brit all the time

    Nick Nick PNick Nick P7 months ago
  • I love your MERCH please sub to me at Ry Kny

    Ry KnyRy Kny7 months ago
  • I just wanna say that Drew is the King of Click Bait🔥

    ggNøScøpeggggNøScøpegg7 months ago
  • I remeber watching u when u had around 5k subs!!

    Philip VedvikPhilip Vedvik7 months ago
  • Britt and you need to become a couple 😉♥️💛💚💜

    Kailey MartinKailey Martin7 months ago
  • Best USworldsr ever! Love your content!!

    Mia TurtleMia Turtle7 months ago
  • You should be PDA with Britt in front of your friends

    SOLR NITESOLR NITE7 months ago

    ST FireST Fire7 months ago
  • you need to do hideen go seek

    ashtyn whitakerashtyn whitaker7 months ago
  • ROAD TO 500K💕

    Delia SanduDelia Sandu7 months ago
  • Yo I live pretty close to ur ohio house I live in dayton

    capt.keegancapt.keegan7 months ago
  • Love u drew😘❤️

    Sian NewellSian Newell7 months ago
  • This was so amazing! Way to pay it forward

    Lori BarnettLori Barnett7 months ago
  • you mean girlfriend not crush

    Shrek AndersonShrek Anderson7 months ago
  • Y’all should go to the hype house with Britt and film a video about flips

    Iris RoblesIris Robles7 months ago
  • Drew are you and Levi still friends?

    Lane PritchettLane Pritchett7 months ago
  • Why don’t you just call her your girlfriend?

    AdventuresAdventures7 months ago
  • OMG that was amazing

    Tabassum AhmedTabassum Ahmed7 months ago
  • You should do a trick contest off the scaffolding

    Eli is gamingEli is gaming7 months ago
  • Brit why were u in grav gang just askin it's just crazy.

    Peter iLoveYouPeter iLoveYou7 months ago
  • Some one make that guy famous

    Phayden99Phayden997 months ago
  • Is it free

    Mykaila LopezMykaila Lopez7 months ago
  • I think you are the fastest growing youtuber I’ve ever seen you went from 100k to 400k

    Dawson WiemannDawson Wiemann7 months ago
  • You guys are so nice i almost cried watching it

    KL KIDSKL KIDS7 months ago
  • Congrats with 400k

    Jacob PoulsenJacob Poulsen7 months ago
  • 1

    Alex JohnsonAlex Johnson7 months ago
  • I'm a kid. Don't s😵🤮😐😑😤😶🖕

    Charlotte BrownCharlotte Brown7 months ago
    • Don't sware

      Charlotte BrownCharlotte Brown7 months ago
  • More Drew, Danny and Vlog Squad collabs please!

    John O'NeillJohn O'Neill7 months ago
  • Drage is the sweetest

    maya -maya -7 months ago
  • *bloopers coming up next* 4 years later eh yeah nice

    Daan LuijkDaan Luijk7 months ago
  • Grow a beard

    LDLD7 months ago