Never Have I Ever (ft. Capron & Rydel)

May 3, 2020
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  • Can’t believe I lost never have I ever!

    BrittHertzBrittHertz8 months ago
    • I k

      Cat HopCat Hop9 days ago
    • Hi britt

      Tara TofallTara Tofall25 days ago
    • Love u Britt. Keep up everything and people will love u even more!

      Jessica GoldbergJessica Goldberg29 days ago
    • @eliza torres me either girl my parents won’t let me get merch

      Celestin JulesCelestin JulesMonth ago
    • You and drew should get married bc you guys are the cutest couple ever besides the ex couple pavin Piper and Gavin

      Celestin JulesCelestin JulesMonth ago
  • I’m just speechless CAPRON no well annulling talk pls

  • You should look up my dad he does stunts @spuidstunts and his friend has a USworlds it is drz Dan

    Braxton CraterBraxton Crater14 days ago
  • The flip that Britt did was amazing

    Osuke KobayashiOsuke Kobayashi19 days ago
  • I'm ur biggest fan If u reply to me I'll die out of happiness❤😩😢

    Ajab gaziboAjab gazibo20 days ago
  • What is the name of the music at 4:46 ?

    A.S 12468A.S 1246828 days ago
  • Did capron get in trouble with rydel

    Davion AllenDavion Allen28 days ago
  • My brother and law was the Scottish motorbike champion in 2017

    Ewan StewartEwan Stewart29 days ago
  • Hi britt

    Jaime ZandersJaime ZandersMonth ago
  • my uncle does bike tricks and he was doing a photo and then the cops came i don't know why

    Peyton RichardsPeyton RichardsMonth ago
  • Hahahahahahaha

    Lisa BaileyLisa BaileyMonth ago
  • I like army

    Zay DonovanZay DonovanMonth ago
  • Jesus Christ guys you do so much stupid shit

  • Stop 🛑 saying curse words.

    Miss DeannaMiss DeannaMonth ago
  • Dude Chelsea has a mother fucking big forhead

    Zach TomlinZach TomlinMonth ago
  • 3:00 😳

    Mason HoffMason Hoff2 months ago
  • Bleeeeeeeeeeelleelelelelellelelelelelelelelelelelelleleelelelleelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelleleleelelel

    King princeKing prince2 months ago
  • Was Rydel actually mad or was that just for the content?

    Harry Potter Texting StoriesHarry Potter Texting Stories2 months ago
  • Have u ever peed or pood in a pool

    Dec best 2Dec best 22 months ago
  • 2:34 lol he switched it up real fast

    CaitBrennan Goal right now: 80 subsCaitBrennan Goal right now: 80 subs2 months ago
  • In aasiaat Greenland max speed in a car is 40kmt

    IvikRBLX JosefsenIvikRBLX Josefsen2 months ago
  • cool

    Caleb KelmanCaleb Kelman2 months ago
  • Rydel got made

    Kirsty HynesKirsty Hynes3 months ago
  • 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🤣🤣🤣👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🤣🔥🤣👍🏻👍🏻

    Guadalupe DiazGuadalupe Diaz3 months ago
  • Rydel got mad...

    Shaughna Crew!Shaughna Crew!3 months ago
  • Me

    David LongDavid Long3 months ago
  • I think that Capron went a little too far with the “Never have I ever slept with someone in my band”. That’s a little too private.

    Marcella SilvaMarcella Silva4 months ago
  • i love your cotint

    ninjagamerninjagamer4 months ago
  • I love you drew can we hang art

    Amy TiltonAmy Tilton4 months ago
  • how you lose?

    buffboysmamabuffboysmama5 months ago
  • The last one tho

    Paul TaylorPaul Taylor5 months ago
  • Luv da vids

    Ezra DohmannEzra Dohmann6 months ago
  • What the frick really

    Jaden MitchemJaden Mitchem6 months ago
  • 2:57 most awkward question ever!

    Ethan FowlerEthan Fowler6 months ago
  • When u hear rydel screaming at capron. rip campron

    Olivia AguilarOlivia Aguilar6 months ago
  • Best couple ever

    Kai RussellKai Russell6 months ago
  • They are dating

    Smiley The beastSmiley The beast6 months ago
  • I so Britt died your hair pink and blue

    Dragon GirlDragon Girl6 months ago
  • You have good day

    utahguy24utahguy246 months ago
  • Drage fat ass was there to hug britt

    TrippyTrippy6 months ago
  • I learned too much

    billy pricebilly price6 months ago
  • drews a weirdo

    Natalie JacobsonNatalie Jacobson6 months ago
  • I cant believe that drew and Brit slept together

    Andrew PAndrew P6 months ago
  • Aj lake jor vedios

    Sahnd xlSahnd xl6 months ago
  • I agree drew and britt are amazing together

    Collin Flip toutorialsCollin Flip toutorials7 months ago
  • That went from pg to r rated

    AGUSTIN LainezAGUSTIN Lainez7 months ago
  • Can you do a dabble back flip or dabble frunt flip

    Tristan Le RouxTristan Le Roux7 months ago
  • how many of yall think that peopl driving by them be what the hell

    Jeannie BJeannie B7 months ago
  • Drew you are my crush 💕

    Vectah Von VictorVectah Von Victor7 months ago
  • Can u teach me how to backflip????

    Ezra AdamsEzra Adams7 months ago
  • i suBSCRBED

    Zachary BrennanZachary Brennan7 months ago
  • Bro that’s brutal

    Fxtured KingzFxtured Kingz7 months ago
  • I bet you know one will notice me

    Brody UreBrody Ure7 months ago
    • Who liked my thing

      Brody UreBrody Ure7 months ago
  • Chris Cole is a famous skater

    Leomans 124Leomans 1247 months ago
  • Hahha

    Emma LambEmma Lamb7 months ago
  • I think I like Sargent Dirk better than the real Dirk

    PhantomPhantom8 months ago
  • If Drew notices this ill dye my hair whatever color he says

    capt.keegancapt.keegan8 months ago
  • how did you learn how to flip

    Gretchen BuntGretchen Bunt8 months ago
  • Awsome

    Allison WoodwardAllison Woodward8 months ago
  • She was mad 😠

    Rorrie SteadmanRorrie Steadman8 months ago
  • Why does he look so much like Jesus no offence

    Crazy123 Crazy123Crazy123 Crazy1238 months ago
  • Unfortunately, I don't know English well enough to understand all the questions

    Ban _ditkaBan _ditka8 months ago
  • Highest

    GoatGamingGoatGaming8 months ago
  • Capron's in trouble now..

    Haylee ClarkHaylee Clark8 months ago
  • I thought she passed out

    Rayleen EllisRayleen Ellis8 months ago
  • Nick is like manke sure to drivr brit off a cliff

    tiger stonetiger stone8 months ago
  • I can’t believe Drew almost has more subs then Capron

    Jake Taylor [L3BT]Jake Taylor [L3BT]8 months ago
  • my birthday is in 16 hours

    Alexandria InmanAlexandria Inman8 months ago
  • If I ever meet Drew someday, I’m going to give him such a big hug 🤗

    Tegan HolmeTegan Holme8 months ago
  • Yeet

    Vexil SudsyVexil Sudsy8 months ago
  • Drew your hair is dope

    Tyler_.HTyler_.H8 months ago
  • Never have I ever got arrested

    Aiden TwidwellAiden Twidwell8 months ago
  • Done !!

    xxRubz .08xxxxRubz .08xx8 months ago
  • Is it me or is Capron more of a freak then we thought 😂

    Kassandra MirandaKassandra Miranda8 months ago
  • love your vids keep it up man

    WayzzWayzz8 months ago
  • are they dating

    dylan tonkindylan tonkin8 months ago
  • Who else thinks drew and Brit should make a channle

    peyton armerpeyton armer8 months ago
  • What are the people in the cars behind them thinking when they are flipping like that😂

    Laney AtkinsonLaney Atkinson8 months ago
  • Bro I never thought I would hear those questions come out of any of there mouths

  • when @BrittHertz said that shes tasted semen that hit hard

    Luca SantangeliLuca Santangeli8 months ago
  • Me I think Drew and Bret should date

    Harry BarrHarry Barr8 months ago
  • I was picking my nose watching the video

    UQ3TUQ3T8 months ago
  • Hi Hi hi 👋

    Talia JamesGrossmanTalia JamesGrossman8 months ago
  • I called it someone was gonna say anal

    hi hellohi hello8 months ago
  • Who thinks that drew and Britt should 1 make a yt acc together and should have a vlog telling us about the. Like if u agree.

    Chloe. EmojiChloe. Emoji8 months ago
  • GG

    folsom_23folsom_238 months ago
  • Rydel was pissed

    Anthony LawsonAnthony Lawson8 months ago
  • a very telling video hehe

    Zarah ShabsZarah Shabs8 months ago
  • You and Brit should date y’all are so cute together

    Greene GirlsGreene Girls8 months ago
  • Are you Britt dating

    stz damage _vlogsstz damage _vlogs8 months ago
  • Drew date Brit u too are cute togher

    Carson DanielsonCarson Danielson8 months ago
  • Drew why are your videos so short

    Carson DanielsonCarson Danielson8 months ago
  • Wait so u and Britt are dating do a reveal video or something or like who can kiss better with Capron and Rydell

  • Rydel got pissed dang

    Jonathan NavarroJonathan Navarro8 months ago
  • I got anxiety watching the truck part

    Charlotte SylvesterCharlotte Sylvester8 months ago
  • What do yall think happened with Capron and rydell

    Derek AnthonyDerek Anthony8 months ago
  • Um Corey and capron have the same subscribers lol

    Poli WrathPoli Wrath8 months ago
  • hi guys

    ELL gamesELL games8 months ago
  • Lit*

    Myst Xenonz?Myst Xenonz?8 months ago
  • Also sub go my channel cause Drew is just a crazy man and he is lig

    Myst Xenonz?Myst Xenonz?8 months ago