Nov 27, 2020
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Black Friday - Cyber Monday
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Capron Funk:
Corey Funk:
Billy Mann:
Kacey Dirksen (Sister) :
Rydel Lynch:
Drage kamerman:
Nick Moore:
Chelsea (Manager) :
Hannah Roeloffs:
Charlive Oliver Bates:
Love u guys:)

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    Drew DirksenDrew DirksenMonth ago
    • road

      Poppy MccormackPoppy Mccormack5 days ago
    • road

      Nicholas HermanNicholas Herman13 days ago
    • Well I can’t get it because you don’t have kid size, I’m nine anyway, I’m sad

      Hasnain ShaikhHasnain Shaikh17 days ago
    • Hi Drew

      tony mcnallytony mcnally24 days ago
    • road

      jacob stephensonjacob stephensonMonth ago
  • Ayyyy this is sick!

    Barb TobinBarb Tobin13 days ago
  • im watching this in class

    Tom CnaaniTom Cnaani14 days ago
  • high

    The Parents and The KidsThe Parents and The Kids16 days ago
  • I live in the Florida keys

    Bayley CatarineauBayley Catarineau22 days ago
  • I wasn’t

    Rolla WinsupplyRolla Winsupply27 days ago
  • Bro I just Copt it it is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤯🤯🤯 high road

    Brayden SchlosserBrayden Schlosser27 days ago
  • What happend to nick

    Andy SebadeAndy SebadeMonth ago
  • That’s such a cute bond between Kasey & drew

    Kaitlyn JedryhowskiKaitlyn JedryhowskiMonth ago
  • 143

    sstratton87sstratton87Month ago
  • Bruh at the end he got me

    Diego SolisDiego SolisMonth ago
  • Well boy

    Jack FediganJack FediganMonth ago
  • He should do this with Britt

    Carson FackrellCarson FackrellMonth ago
  • 4:52 Omg that was perfect timing lmao!😂

    SarahSarahMonth ago
  • Kacey is gorgeous

    Joshua PeetsJoshua PeetsMonth ago
  • Ha ha ha!!

    Deep pro CollinsDeep pro CollinsMonth ago
  • hey Drew I just wanted to say i LOVE YOUR MERCH i would buy some i cant afford it. Im a huge fan of yours and the whole mob

    Callie SummerCallie SummerMonth ago
  • Ive been here be for 100k

    Danielle GloverDanielle GloverMonth ago
  • Ur sister is jot

    Ryan StoiberRyan StoiberMonth ago
  • Cap Drew’s hairy legs

    Hi ;-;Hi ;-;Month ago
  • Crap I mean

    Colt JohnstonColt JohnstonMonth ago
  • Bro I hate u for ur stupid thumbnails like all these girls aren’t hot so I’m not watching this carp

    Colt JohnstonColt JohnstonMonth ago
  • he said stop when i click off how did he know lol

    Nanda PandaNanda PandaMonth ago
  • 4:38 the strom in the back round

    Christian shuttleworthChristian shuttleworthMonth ago
  • Billy is a 5 yr old kid all over again, he'll never be sad hes awesome & so is the mob!

    Nicholas HermanNicholas HermanMonth ago
  • High road 🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝

    Leanne SokolukLeanne SokolukMonth ago
  • I love u drew

    Tayne NaudéTayne NaudéMonth ago
  • it look fun

    braedan lacourbraedan lacourMonth ago
  • Eww your girlfriend is gross she pooped ewwwww

  • you are so cool and I love you so much

    Qumaris CQumaris CMonth ago
  • What was kacy doing

    Zylie JohnsonZylie JohnsonMonth ago
  • happy brithday drew i hope you have a grate birthday love your youtube channel

    Misty mareikura Mareikura halesMisty mareikura Mareikura halesMonth ago
  • 4:52 you get me sorry

    Dryden AndersonDryden AndersonMonth ago
  • Hi

    Matthew HimesMatthew HimesMonth ago
  • Bush hit kacy in the face :kacy 🤨

    Amanda MullisAmanda MullisMonth ago
  • My name is tucker

    packer Ytpacker YtMonth ago
  • hi i love your videos

    rhyan masonfloodrhyan masonfloodMonth ago
  • omg

    rhyan masonfloodrhyan masonfloodMonth ago
  • Who doesn’t live the Dirksen family!!❤️

    Rhonda-Leigh CrewsRhonda-Leigh CrewsMonth ago
  • Omg I live in Florida

    jessica is awsomejessica is awsomeMonth ago
  • These vlogs are so fun! love you drew! ♥️

    Amy MilneAmy MilneMonth ago
  • Did he catch a shark?

    JtrommJtrommMonth ago
  • I got a mystery box!!!!!!

    Keira ConchesKeira ConchesMonth ago
  • Drew looks so happy

    Jessica DacruzJessica DacruzMonth ago
  • Rode🤝

    The ChallengesThe ChallengesMonth ago
  • High Road 👋👋

    katlyns worldkatlyns worldMonth ago
  • Click bait

    SPOOC 09SPOOC 09Month ago
  • what was it she almost got kicked out for?????

    DhandréDhandréMonth ago
  • Just saying, parassailing is VERY dangerous. I should know because my friend died a few months ago doing it

    hypoguy_15hypoguy_15Month ago
  • when drew said stop your about to click mind was blown because i litterally was about to clickoff

    carson richardsoncarson richardsonMonth ago
  • Me: oh there is a video Drew Dirksen: we are going to post a 5 minute video of the things we did in the week Me: why is it so short Also me: please make longer videos

    Angelo 1233Angelo 1233Month ago
  • Dont watche you for your fake ass thumnail and title

    xdRyxenxdRyxenMonth ago
  • Bro I saw the MOB video, you gave everyone the same box of high road merch. The MOB just be exposing these niggas

    harry daviesharry daviesMonth ago
  • you need to shave

    Trey AndersonTrey AndersonMonth ago
  • Where is tucker

    Elroy SendrickElroy SendrickMonth ago
  • I feel like you should have millions of subscribers

    Marcus FergusonMarcus FergusonMonth ago
  • 4:53 I was literally about to swipe out lmao

    Fujieo YTFujieo YTMonth ago
  • Jk drew (if you and you sister saw my last comment on this video)

    Alex EconomouAlex EconomouMonth ago
  • 4:52 i literally did that haha! dope vid tho looked so fun!!

    Mason GibboneyMason GibboneyMonth ago
  • Are you going to post the song?

    Patient XPatient XMonth ago
  • Still waiting on the music video...

    Monkey ManMonkey ManMonth ago
    • Also Great Vid

      Monkey ManMonkey ManMonth ago
  • I live in Florida and i have been to the Florida keys it is so much fun

    adriana• •adriana• •Month ago
  • That thumbnail tho

    Ashish BhajanAshish BhajanMonth ago
  • Merch

    alderstonealderstoneMonth ago
  • What is the company for the high road March

    alderstonealderstoneMonth ago
  • Billy is weird

    Typical craigTypical craigMonth ago
  • When he said stop it was actually what I was doing

    code swiftyicecode swiftyiceMonth ago
  • Why did you not give Corey and Hannah one you not care about them

    Vinz NaidooVinz NaidooMonth ago
    • I sent them one!

      Drew DirksenDrew DirksenMonth ago
  • He got me with the STOP right when i clicked off :(

    Ryan BiltonRyan BiltonMonth ago
  • i found out that .18% of people will see this comment

    Brody KasprowiczBrody KasprowiczMonth ago
  • Yo hi

    Ninjanash YTNinjanash YTMonth ago
  • Back to back vlogs where you sexualize your sister in the thumbnail...this is some Alabama type shit

    Eric LeducEric LeducMonth ago
  • Drew please get pit vipers you would look good in them

    Kyle ArinellaKyle ArinellaMonth ago
  • I taught my 5 year old brother high road

    Bj Red RangerBj Red RangerMonth ago
  • I would hate having a hot sister

    Logan FeypelLogan FeypelMonth ago
  • Parasailing is so fun. I did it a couple years ago and it was totally worth it. I had to do it all alone because my kids and my husband were too scared to do it. So I said then I am doing it alone because yall are not ruining my fun!

    A MSA MSMonth ago
  • Nice

    Jamie LordJamie LordMonth ago
  • Drew: my parents are afraid of heights Also drew: gets them to go parasailing

    Jamie LordJamie LordMonth ago
  • Drew is underrated

    Lil SLil SMonth ago
  • you really had to use that for your thumbnail 🤭😵

    Kacey DirksenKacey DirksenMonth ago
    • Hahahah

      Barb TobinBarb Tobin13 days ago
    • Yes he did kacy have you met your brother merry Christmas

      Bradley CooperBradley CooperMonth ago
    • it gets him views XD dunno how though, btw i subbed to each & every single channel from people in the mob have a good day

      Nicholas HermanNicholas HermanMonth ago
    • Haha

      Taylor foxTaylor foxMonth ago
    • Omg lol 😂

      katlyns worldkatlyns worldMonth ago
  • always wanted to do a backflip and do all the stuff you do

    Jared MartyJared MartyMonth ago
  • What’s crazy I that I am on a trip right now in the Florida keys

  • If you seen the mob video you know the reactions are fake but Billy's reaction was still so funny

    Katherine LeeKatherine LeeMonth ago
  • hey drew I mad 13 accounts to sub on you so you get to the 600K faster I also lik your vids so keep up the goodwork

    Sander VonkSander VonkMonth ago
  • The reactions are fake asf

    Aus cultureAus cultureMonth ago
  • Hell of a week huh Guess what I did Frickin school

    Carmen BetteridgeCarmen BetteridgeMonth ago
  • your videos make me so happy their the best

    RiversxmagicRiversxmagicMonth ago
  • Loved it! I absolutely want to try that one time too!!! 💕 Love you guys so much 💕!!!

    Anh Sophie SegschneiderAnh Sophie SegschneiderMonth ago
  • Can you do Tucker more often? Thats so fun to watch🙂🥰 Love your videos🤝

    Christopher Hope NilsenChristopher Hope NilsenMonth ago

    LootFire2009LootFire2009Month ago
  • I don’t understand this he has 6.7 million on tik tok but on here he has 580k 🤔

    mitchell harnettmitchell harnettMonth ago
  • Awesome video, I like it so much. You’re insane bro

    Gopi MaxtedGopi MaxtedMonth ago
  • Exactly 69 dislikes

    EzyclapzEzyclapzMonth ago
  • Literally 99% won’t see this but god bless you and stay safe I’m struggling to get 1k with noti my goal.............💙

  • What did she do?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Isaac OrtonIsaac OrtonMonth ago
  • you got me at the end thank you lol

    Tate HermansonTate HermansonMonth ago
  • Billy is the best 😂

    jman415jman415Month ago
  • Billy always gives the best reactions Example A: 0:50

    SoverJSoverJMonth ago
  • 😎.

    kight ultrakight ultraMonth ago
  • Oh I love the view of the beach though.

    kight ultrakight ultraMonth ago