SpiderMan in REAL LIFE Public Stunt!

Jan 6, 2021
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SpiderMan in REAL LIFE Public Stunt!
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Love u guys:)

  • Next High Road Drop January 17th BE READY!!! High 🤝

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    • That is my birthday

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    • Road 🤝

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    • Yay my bday on the 17th

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    • not even going to lie but thats my bday so excited

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    • @Hey Itz Stefanie road 🤝

      Jesse FlipsJesse Flips14 days ago
  • High

    W1ldstyleW1ldstyle7 days ago
  • Tom Holland (for those who don't know he plays spider man) should hang out with drew as spider man for the day. Lol. But I love drews videos they always make me happy and I love spider man as well so this is one of my favorite videos.

    Musicals_ 4lifeMusicals_ 4life9 days ago
  • get Corey to get a dead pool costume

    Hunter RobertsHunter Roberts10 days ago
  • Where is the stunt part?

    Savage AFSavage AF11 days ago
  • Hi it is my birthday 🥳 tomorrow yayyyy

    Dan GamingDan Gaming11 days ago
  • Pin and like this... u won’t

    HaywoodHaywood12 days ago
  • Is it funny that Jan 17 is my birthday 🥳

    Degree BmoreDegree Bmore12 days ago
    • Happy early b day:)

      Drew DirksenDrew Dirksen12 days ago
  • Make this a series

    ItztrippItztripp12 days ago
  • Hi drew I love ur content can you wish me a happy birthday because my birthday is tomorrow 🎂

    Audrey MarieAudrey Marie12 days ago
    • Happy b day!

      Drew DirksenDrew Dirksen12 days ago
  • Love ur vids keep up the good work Lets get him to 1mil by the end of 2021

    XxImpact _35xXXxImpact _35xX13 days ago
  • Bro when he just peeled off his eyeballs

    Joe Logan BuildsJoe Logan Builds13 days ago
  • "Get me a small one" --Drew "Ok...."brings a huge butcher knife -- Chels lol!!!!!!!!!!!

    juliem_1986juliem_198613 days ago
    • Lol

      Drew DirksenDrew Dirksen12 days ago
  • 4:26 no context needed just wait and see

    Luke AndersonLuke Anderson13 days ago
  • Hi spider man

    Keeli Von SlomskiKeeli Von Slomski13 days ago
  • Drew spider man stole your girl

    logan bonneaulogan bonneau13 days ago

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  • If Drew loves his fans he will pin this

    Zac HolgateZac Holgate13 days ago
  • Yo you are living your best fuckin life dog

    FloodFlood13 days ago
  • drew hired a stunt devil to fright in front of people then you pretended like you are enemy with the spider suit on

    JoseJose13 days ago
  • I bet you 30 dollars you couldn’t last in one of my basketball practices

    Brennen ImbroBrennen Imbro13 days ago
  • drew hello....... the little girls jumping...... nick that the real spiderman

    azariah championazariah champion13 days ago
  • I love it you’re channel

    Amanda PelakAmanda Pelak13 days ago
  • Drew the spiderman

    Abeedah MohammedAbeedah Mohammed13 days ago
  • Awesome video Drew!! We need more spiderman videos 😁😁

    Bryson AirdBryson Aird13 days ago
  • Can I get it for free cause my birthday is tomorrow

    Imani LeeImani Lee13 days ago
  • Good vlog keep it up ,👍

    Zot ProductionZot Production13 days ago
  • Man could replace tom holland

    LegendOfGamingLegendOfGaming13 days ago
  • When Drew goes to the store to buy something, and a little girl comes buy, but scared lmao

    赵伟丰赵伟丰13 days ago
  • Drew Dirksen for spider man 4

    Anthony D'AngeloAnthony D'Angelo13 days ago
  • as much as I love Tom Holland-I am thinking Drew Dirksen should be the next Spiderman

    A MSA MS14 days ago
  • Much love from germany btw!!

    `rabauKe oNe`rabauKe oNe14 days ago
  • This VLOG was awesome.. LMFAO

    `rabauKe oNe`rabauKe oNe14 days ago
  • This is sick. You’re fucking best

    Gopi MaxtedGopi Maxted14 days ago
  • Drew Awsome

    samnoah jonessamnoah jones14 days ago
  • Awsome

    samnoah jonessamnoah jones14 days ago
  • Third time watching this because it’s so good! Drew reads all of his fans comments. He is a real one. Keep up the work. Waiting till Sunday for a 6 minute Sunday! Love you drew. ❤️

    Chubz BunnyChubz Bunny14 days ago
    • Love u!

      Drew DirksenDrew Dirksen13 days ago
  • Today is my birthday

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    • 🖖🎂🎂🎂

      Daniil Russian crazyDaniil Russian crazy14 days ago
  • Drew is spidey Nick should get a dead pool costume

    Tanner GroenTanner Groen14 days ago
  • Such a sick suit! 🔥🔥🔥

    Paul R. GamesPaul R. Games14 days ago
  • i need that costume like right know its so cool. Did you get it of amazon?

    Isaiah MatthiesIsaiah Matthies14 days ago
    • I got it from a place called RPC Studio

      Drew DirksenDrew Dirksen14 days ago
  • Why do your videos have so many less vews you need the hype

    Donald ReisbeckDonald Reisbeck14 days ago
  • my birth day is January 17 i will be 12 years old

    emma delgadoemma delgado14 days ago
  • Jesus is king

    Ben Henderson68Ben Henderson6814 days ago
    • Facts

      Drew DirksenDrew Dirksen14 days ago
  • You could be the Real spider man because of your personality

  • i think drew should put on the spider man suit and act like tucker for a whole 24 hours!!! drew plz heart this!!

    jeannie barnettejeannie barnette14 days ago
    • Hahah down

      Drew DirksenDrew Dirksen14 days ago
    • oh and Drew High

      jeannie barnettejeannie barnette14 days ago
  • are you in dixon ca

    ws350 4ws350 414 days ago
  • Anyone else noticed he ran the lights 00:16

    Ron S.Ron S.14 days ago
  • I was in Orlando like two days ago and I was supposed to goi Miami that would be so cool if I met u you should try to meat Danny Duncan

    Jake GadientJake Gadient14 days ago
  • Hey drew love ur videos stay safe

    Jessica AslettJessica Aslett14 days ago
  • 0:16 just ran a red light on camera it’s fine lol (edit: time stamp)

    Devin CraneDevin Crane14 days ago
  • You should go back in to singing

    Connor PetersConnor Peters14 days ago

    Jocelyn MendezJocelyn Mendez14 days ago
  • Your a music writer I found your songs on Spotify your amazing bro

    Connor PetersConnor Peters14 days ago
  • Why you up this early

    Alex CousinsAlex Cousins14 days ago
  • 5 minute Sunday

    Alex CousinsAlex Cousins14 days ago
  • Drew needs to be the next star actor to be Spider Man, hands down.

    primonesimusprimonesimus14 days ago
  • Hey Drew Crew, Lemme say something but you have to finish it. High

    Epic Troll GamingEpic Troll Gaming14 days ago
    • Road

      Drew DirksenDrew Dirksen14 days ago
  • Not a Drew Dirsken vlog unless he is wearing crocks! 😂

    T GilbertsonT Gilbertson14 days ago
    • Right 🤣

      Drew DirksenDrew Dirksen14 days ago
  • Lol they went for the pressanol spot

    MidlenskyMidlensky14 days ago
  • I'ma go but drew n on Amazon now

    Minedkid98Minedkid9814 days ago
  • U are so fun to watch that a so funny when I'm down u always cheer me up u make my day so much. High road🤝🤝

    Zoe taylorZoe taylor14 days ago
    • Thank u:) that means so much

      Drew DirksenDrew Dirksen14 days ago
  • ❤️🔥 high🤝

    Kayla AngrandKayla Angrand14 days ago
  • When that little kid looked at him in the store, that was so funny

    Johanna MattsonJohanna Mattson14 days ago
  • bet you won't look at this comment

    mason moshermason mosher14 days ago
  • Love ur vids! Keep Grinding!

    CoolUnknownkid4242CoolUnknownkid424214 days ago
  • lol love this vid

    Bailey FlanneryBailey Flannery14 days ago
  • ur vids are too short pls make them longer

  • The 19th is my bday

    mia mccluremia mcclure14 days ago
  • HIGH🤝

    Ali AsgharAli Asghar14 days ago
  • if u ran into coreys corvette he would of killed u🤣🤣

    logan quistlogan quist14 days ago
  • Boooooooooooo chargers

    Queen ElizabethQueen Elizabeth14 days ago
  • You need to be Deadpool now! You would be a great Deadpool!

    Will RohdeWill Rohde14 days ago
  • Drew you should go in Omegle live

    Federico CastilloFederico Castillo14 days ago
  • Yo love you and Britt ❤️💕

    Evelio GomezEvelio Gomez14 days ago
  • make more vids

    Tucker BencusTucker Bencus14 days ago
  • Sam Raimi Spider-Man suit. Absolutely badass!!!

    Trevin CarrollTrevin Carroll14 days ago
  • January is my birthday I'm gonna see if I can get it

    E ZE Z14 days ago
    • January 17 is my birthday

      E ZE Z14 days ago
  • Can you make a gaming channel

    Ohiochef WeissOhiochef Weiss14 days ago
  • Wells he has a mask

    Andrea LongAndrea Long14 days ago
  • i love drews videos!!

    Amanda AAmanda A14 days ago
  • Is it just me or drew says this is the best drop by far for every merch drop

    Hector RivasHector Rivas14 days ago
    • True haha

      Drew DirksenDrew Dirksen14 days ago
  • Drew y do u never yo fun flip standing I want to see it @drew Dirksen

    Jacob EsquenaziJacob Esquenazi14 days ago
  • It actually looked like spider man was flipping it didn’t look like his

    PMG GamingPMG Gaming14 days ago
  • These vlogs are sick

    Lilly06football !!?Lilly06football !!?14 days ago
  • Yoooooooo jan 17 my birthday let’s gooooo thank drew keep up the good work I love the vids keep it going man 😎

    Champcp838Champcp83814 days ago
  • Can u be spider man for 24 hours?🙂❤️❤️🤝

    Christopher Hope NilsenChristopher Hope Nilsen14 days ago
  • nice vid

    Benjamin GranlundBenjamin Granlund14 days ago
  • You are so dope. High.....🤝

    Wyatt SpringstedWyatt Springsted14 days ago
    • @Drew Dirksen you are like amazing. You have made my day by responding to my comments.

      Wyatt SpringstedWyatt Springsted14 days ago
    • Road 🤝

      Drew DirksenDrew Dirksen14 days ago
  • Hi Drew

    James DohertyJames Doherty14 days ago
  • This was hilarious

    Gavin StyburskiGavin Styburski14 days ago
    • Thanks 🙏

      Drew DirksenDrew Dirksen14 days ago
  • Dam he looks good as spider Man

    louielouie14 days ago
  • 4:58 did anyone else think drew looked creepy

    That kid GemmaThat kid Gemma14 days ago
  • Are we not gonna talk about how they ran that red light

    odd 470odd 47014 days ago
  • Yo Drew is a underated legend

    Adriana JimenezAdriana Jimenez14 days ago
  • I really want to join the mob I'm subscribed the funk bros and carpon and rydel and Charlie and carpon Games Britt and Corey and nick and drage and man billy love the videos keep up with the content

    Krystal TorresKrystal Torres14 days ago
  • Drew vids always make my day

    123 456123 45614 days ago

    Julardo GarrickJulardo Garrick14 days ago
  • I really would buy the merch but it’s just that your video are so short like they get good then there just over

    Tanksfordays TVTanksfordays TV14 days ago
  • Drew you actually sound like spiderman haha 😆😆😆😆

    BobbieJo WestrickBobbieJo Westrick14 days ago
    • Hahaha thanks!

      Drew DirksenDrew Dirksen14 days ago