Surprised Her With Private Amusement Park

May 17, 2020
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Love u guys:)

  • I had so much fun with you! Cant wait to surprise you with something (:

    BrittHertzBrittHertz8 months ago
    • @Drew Dirksen loll

      Bow BrozBow Broz3 months ago
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      justsaypmoe1967justsaypmoe19675 months ago
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      justsaypmoe1967justsaypmoe19675 months ago
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      justsaypmoe1967justsaypmoe19675 months ago
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      Kakai WuKakai Wu5 months ago
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  • and im a a fan of you and britt and im 8

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  • Drew I love you you are my favourite USworldsr and tiktoker my wish is to meet you but that will never happeni want to meet you high road

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  • Your the best!

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  • Anyone else almost cried because they wish there realationship was like this just me ok

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  • This looks so much fun!!!

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  • You guys are literally so cute make it oficial already

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  • Drew said i just won a girlfriend

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  • This was amazing and wholesome hope y’all stay together

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  • i've been gone for a long time now, but i'm back and wondered if you still reply? Btw i wish i could buy you're merch, but i live in Norway and if i buy it will be up to like a 100 dollars or more so, sorry

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  • dear drew dirksen i have not been watching your videos from the begging but from what i have seen is your are an amazing person that inspired me to start flipping and to play guitar i wish i could see u so me and u could do some sort of guitar thing. thank u guys for everything u have inspired me and if u see this i just want u to know u guys are amazing and by the way my name is Cohen and if u see this can u please commentthat would make my day

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  • Hey Drew, I just wanted to say that I subscribed and turned on post notifications. You are an absolute legend. Your videos always make me laugh and I just wanted to say thank you for that.

    Remmo 8207Remmo 82078 months ago
  • Why don’t you bring back some of your ODL days. You sing like crazy!

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