Dec 13, 2020
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Love u guys:)

  • Drew Tell Britt that I live I New Zealand and she should come

    Cooper HenryCooper Henry26 days ago
  • nz you need to came to nz it is amazing and you have a fan that is in nz so please came to nz we would love to have you guy's

    bee harbrowbee harbrow27 days ago
  • I am a big fan

    Sejla CusticSejla Custic27 days ago
  • Who what’s drew to get a skydiving license?

    Luke PowerLuke PowerMonth ago
  • That pool thing at the end was really cool!

    juliem_1986juliem_1986Month ago
  • Y’all should make a channel together.

    Kenli KlineKenli KlineMonth ago
  • I love you Guys

    Germain Carl DanielGermain Carl DanielMonth ago
  • Anyone notice the hickey?

    Soccer_gaming.14Soccer_gaming.14Month ago
  • Hey I’m in New Zealand

    Cole TomkiesCole TomkiesMonth ago
  • Should definitely come to new zealand when you can ill be your tour guide

    tyler jtyler jMonth ago
  • If you come to New Zealand come to Auckland or Queens town it depends on what you want to do (i live in NZ)

    Ooof ZoeOoof ZoeMonth ago
  • Yo please come to New Zealand I live here please

    Caleb ShoreCaleb ShoreMonth ago
  • Bro I live in new Zealand

    Natascha OppermanNatascha OppermanMonth ago
  • i am from new zeland

    Otis BattrickOtis BattrickMonth ago
  • I live in nz if u come one time stay in stanmore bay so worth it beaches are amazing worth coming

    Cooper GreasleyCooper GreasleyMonth ago
  • Drew can I get tips on being a good bf cuz I’m trsh Somehow

    EL ChavezEL ChavezMonth ago
  • I went in helicopter when I was 4

    jaxakathecrazy1jaxakathecrazy1Month ago

    Ajf123Ajf123Month ago
  • who remembers when Drew played that song at 1:50 all the time

    Owen MillerOwen MillerMonth ago
  • 1:34 brawadis vibes damm

    Eric’s lifeEric’s lifeMonth ago
  • “One thing she doesn’t know is that Britt has always wanted to go in a helicopter” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    AJ RAJ RMonth ago
  • Literally Not a single soul In Justin’s song let me love you he has Drew’s merch on😱

    Rihanna AgarwalRihanna AgarwalMonth ago
  • Omg come to new Zealand plz

    Cheyenne MorrisonCheyenne MorrisonMonth ago
  • Can you make longer blogs

    Waylen HugueninWaylen HugueninMonth ago
  • You guys definitely need to come to New Zealand it’s amazing

    Josh ZentveldJosh ZentveldMonth ago
  • Wow, Drew even added his own song he made for Britt. So emotional. You're the nicest boyfriend ever to Britt.

    Josh La FlaireJosh La FlaireMonth ago
  • It looks so fun

    Michael PeoplesMichael PeoplesMonth ago
  • Drew and rydels band should do a colabe cause ur music is fire dude and ur voice is amazing

    charlie taylorcharlie taylorMonth ago
  • Can u tell me when u come to new Zealand I live there

    Carolyn HoggCarolyn HoggMonth ago
  • Britt NZ is great u should come over to Auckland

    陳億訓Inoobsoyay1213陳億訓Inoobsoyay1213Month ago
  • omg i live in new zealand if u visit NZ PLZ come to whitianga in the north island🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🤗🤗🤗🤗🥺🥺🥺

    Mia JamiesonMia JamiesonMonth ago
  • Please go to New Zealand hopefully I’ll see you here if you do come to christchurch

    All Timing ツAll Timing ツMonth ago
  • Drew you should make more songs

    Kathryn ElizabethKathryn ElizabethMonth ago
  • OMG, I want too!!! I freaking love snorkelling!!! Now I'm jealous 😣 😂!!! Love you guys so much 💕!!!

    Anh Sophie SegschneiderAnh Sophie SegschneiderMonth ago
  • Loved it!!!! I've always wanted to try vr glasses, but I've never!!! Love you guys so much 💕!!!

    Anh Sophie SegschneiderAnh Sophie SegschneiderMonth ago
  • The view was sooooooooooooooooo pretty!!! Love you guys so much 💕!!!

    Anh Sophie SegschneiderAnh Sophie SegschneiderMonth ago
  • OMG, that was sooooooooooooooooo freaking nice of you!!! Love you guys so much 💕!!! You're the freaking best!!! 💕

    Anh Sophie SegschneiderAnh Sophie SegschneiderMonth ago
  • Awesome suprice you're awesome 😎

    Dj HuskyDj HuskyMonth ago
  • I was so close to meeting you in Florida

    Logan MorningstarLogan MorningstarMonth ago
  • High 🤝

    Above perfectAbove perfectMonth ago
    • Hi there

      Abrey DayAbrey DayMonth ago
    • Hi back

      Wass UpWass UpMonth ago
    • High

      Me Do Not KnowMe Do Not KnowMonth ago
    • Road 🤝

      Hu GyHu GyMonth ago
    • Road

      Cash WhiteCash WhiteMonth ago
  • Everyday theres a suprisee nice

    Morris Jakob JohnsonMorris Jakob JohnsonMonth ago
  • Week I lost count asking make official something dangerous video

    Saulius KerinasSaulius KerinasMonth ago
  • That was really emotional

    Daniel osborneDaniel osborneMonth ago
  • When does your song come on Spotify? I love it so much!

    Frederik KjeldstrupFrederik KjeldstrupMonth ago
  • Hi

    Pierce MacLeodPierce MacLeodMonth ago
  • I wish i could get the heli ride but i cant because i am immunocompromised

    JeJudJeJudMonth ago
  • drew u lucky ur gurl got some cakeeeeeee

    QexifyQexifyMonth ago
  • I love this and it’s sweet but remember money doesn’t buy love ❤️

    Caitlin oSmanCaitlin oSmanMonth ago
  • Btw the hele is only like 500 each lmao

    Bry GuyBry GuyMonth ago
  • This is video awesome, you’re fucking insane

    Gopi MaxtedGopi MaxtedMonth ago
  • wheres nick

    Cleaver CastilloCleaver CastilloMonth ago
  • Gymnastics while making a baby

    Ryker DavisRyker DavisMonth ago
  • Wife her 😂

    Ivan LuxIvan LuxMonth ago
  • This was so cute! Britt and drew are so cute together!

    Jessica RenfroJessica RenfroMonth ago
  • Drew if u two come to New Zealand hit me up on Instagram nate_kiwiking_74 and I’ll help u out

    King nathan Lankey teohaereKing nathan Lankey teohaereMonth ago
  • The biggest highroad

    Justin TurnerJustin TurnerMonth ago

    Mostafa GhobashyMostafa GhobashyMonth ago
  • You should do longer videos

    Ryker DavisRyker DavisMonth ago
  • Drew squad planing to buy merch

    Jonathan AnimatesJonathan AnimatesMonth ago
  • Love this video, she’s so happy

    Space MaverickSpace MaverickMonth ago
  • Hey drew plz come to New Zealand and plz come to my town it’s one of my dreams to meet u and I would love to see u guys thx

    Ajani PowellAjani PowellMonth ago
  • I sal it on TikTok tok

    Justin RitterJustin RitterMonth ago
  • i live in new zealend

    Tom&Ollie NottusTom&Ollie NottusMonth ago
  • drew you’re not far from me omg😭wish i could’ve met you while you were in Florida

    Jordan DoddsJordan DoddsMonth ago
  • !!!!

    eden nizerieden nizeriMonth ago
  • please come to NZ and when you come go to Christchurch its the best

    Will GlasseyWill GlasseyMonth ago
  • I’m from New Zealand

    Nathan McquoidNathan McquoidMonth ago
  • This is the best date vid ever xxxx

    Ethan PHILLIPSEthan PHILLIPSMonth ago
  • That would be so fire

    M.C. clan-McCombM.C. clan-McCombMonth ago
  • Drew should name his channel giving Britt surprises and Britt should name hers giving Drew’s surprising

    Josh PassafaroJosh PassafaroMonth ago
  • G take her too new zealand she will love u

    Ihaia PearsonIhaia PearsonMonth ago
  • Hey Drew and Britt i live in new Zealand

    Kent StrongKent StrongMonth ago
  • hi drew AKA tucker

    Joe funkJoe funkMonth ago
  • I live in New Zealand btw Rotorua is were I live and Auckland is where I used to! Aucklabd has this place called Rainbows end and its bomb "My favourite is the Stratosphere" and Rotorua had fun things too but you gotta find out (;

    Slade CurtisSlade CurtisMonth ago
  • I live in new zealand

    Thomas Gaming8724Thomas Gaming8724Month ago
  • Hey bro

    gaming with rynogaming with rynoMonth ago
  • The ultimate couple

    xXLax_broXxxXLax_broXxMonth ago
  • Drew: “takin every moment that I get here with you it might rough days but we’ll get through” Eminem: “filllennavsnsksisjsoaoksbdudksbsirlfbxbkzslsoksnsjdmfbsjsndbjfkx absjdkdkdbdnJznzbskxnbdhsnnz and man stop look watch I’m playin haha”

    Chase RubinoChase RubinoMonth ago
  • iykyk. High 🤝

    MBFLETCH03 FletcherMBFLETCH03 FletcherMonth ago
  • Aww you guys are so cute 🥰

    Test TestTest TestMonth ago
  • when u come to nz come to te anau

    Josh SmithJosh SmithMonth ago
  • If u go to New Zealand go to invercargill

    Kohan MartinKohan MartinMonth ago
  • Drew is soooooo nice. ( should have done a helicopter ride TO New Zealand) LOL 😁

    Techno Gamer53Techno Gamer53Month ago
  • im live in new zealand and its my dream to meet you 2

    xFLASHx_BTWxFLASHx_BTWMonth ago
  • 😅.

    kight ultrakight ultraMonth ago
  • Yes let's get it.

    kight ultrakight ultraMonth ago
  • Haha I’m from nz

    Fiona MackayFiona MackayMonth ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    James SchugJames SchugMonth ago
  • What's nice about Drew's channel he dose not blur out anything so you always get good view of Brits but

    Landyn BithellLandyn BithellMonth ago
  • That's how a real date happens

    The KingThe KingMonth ago
  • She literally said drew stop im in a bra.....when is she not in a bra

    TheGamingPandaTheGamingPandaMonth ago
  • Was just in Miami

    Jason KnudsenJason KnudsenMonth ago
  • Does anyone else notice the lump on Drew’s neck -1:02

    Kaedynn NashKaedynn NashMonth ago
  • Sup bruh

    FloodFloodMonth ago
  • when u live in New Zealand and Britt wants to go there

    Lily HuntLily HuntMonth ago
  • i love it how one of britts dream things to do is to come to my home country NZ!

    CamJuddEnduroCamJuddEnduroMonth ago
  • Single squad where yall at😔

    BetmixSenpaiBetmixSenpaiMonth ago
  • Drew your amazing. Hight Road

    Wyatt SpringstedWyatt SpringstedMonth ago
  • Thanks for telling us how single we are. Again

    Romir AryaRomir AryaMonth ago
  • I still wonder to the day.. what is there ship name?

    Romir AryaRomir AryaMonth ago