Teaching Famous Tiktokers How To Flip (ft. Tayler Holder)

Jan 8, 2020
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Today I taught Tayler Holder how to backflip, Met a member from my old band The Tide,Climbed on roofs, made some tiktoks, and sang!! ENJOY
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  • The thing is that taylor already knew how to bavkflip

    Krisztian KovscsKrisztian Kovscs2 months ago
  • i love your vids drew keep up the work

    Nick W keyNick W key3 months ago
  • You should name it Mackie

    Makayla GeierMakayla Geier4 months ago
  • Who's watching Drew's old videos in quarantine because I am 😍😍😍

    Hey Itz StefanieHey Itz Stefanie4 months ago
  • O yeah yeah

    Gurjot BhandalGurjot Bhandal5 months ago
  • Yeah yeah

    Street RageStreet Rage5 months ago
  • Jack

    Brather 11Brather 115 months ago
  • Hey i love your channel so so sooo much and i have a name fore thé jeep jo i think of yeti becuase its white i hope see yaa later love your vids btw ❤️✌️

    hugiehugie5 months ago
  • name the Jeep kayla

    Dayanda chaoDayanda chao5 months ago
  • Tina

    Charlie KuzniakCharlie Kuzniak5 months ago
  • I don't know any of these people

    Luke Van GinkelLuke Van Ginkel5 months ago
  • My jeep says beep

    Šimić_PetarŠimić_Petar5 months ago
  • when tayler was holding that girl she furt

    Alina SafiAlina Safi5 months ago
  • Name for the Jeep maybe geep

    Alex AvilesAlex Aviles5 months ago
  • 8:08 8:11 8:31 8:40 8:47

    Eduardo MolinaEduardo Molina5 months ago
  • I would name it 69 😂😂

    Sienna PhilpSienna Philp5 months ago
  • Yea yea

    Blake_ crazyyyBlake_ crazyyy5 months ago
  • You are practically the best teacher for learning flips... So down to learn some flips with you

    Dhanya SamridhiDhanya Samridhi5 months ago
  • 9:04😂😂😂😂 Little fart

    jose r rodriguez jrjose r rodriguez jr5 months ago
  • I bet you won’t replay and tell me say because I am a big fann

    SG SQUADSG SQUAD5 months ago
  • Hiii can

    SG SQUADSG SQUAD5 months ago
  • 0:45 how many times do you need to say tik tok

    Simon TaylorSimon Taylor5 months ago
  • Hi

    Mickey RusheMickey Rushe5 months ago
  • You should teach Bryce Hall how to back flip and Britt should help you

    Penguins !!!!!Penguins !!!!!6 months ago
  • I am just here to see Taylor

    India GrahamIndia Graham6 months ago
  • I do

    The Cupcake famThe Cupcake fam6 months ago
  • Yes

    The Cupcake famThe Cupcake fam6 months ago
  • Hi

    The beast GangThe beast Gang6 months ago
  • High road

    Matthew RuizMatthew Ruiz6 months ago
  • Do TickTock‘s with the hype house

    Emanuel MartinezEmanuel Martinez6 months ago
  • U should call the jeep My lady

    Ahmaria WilkinsAhmaria Wilkins6 months ago
  • They be finding famous tiktokers I can't even find me parents

    Socorro CardozoSocorro Cardozo6 months ago
  • Hi Drew

    James DohertyJames Doherty6 months ago
  • can you teach me to flip

    Beasty_33Beasty_336 months ago
  • Your jeep name recommendation: high road mobile

    Cael McDonnellCael McDonnell6 months ago
  • Yeah yeah

    Darragh MccarronDarragh Mccarron6 months ago
  • High road

    Emerson DeEmerson De7 months ago
  • Yeah yeah

    Ronan McStayRonan McStay7 months ago
  • Can you teach me

    Gavin BalazsGavin Balazs7 months ago
  • Try glacier for the jeep

    Mik GreenleeMik Greenlee7 months ago
  • 6:58 draws Drews backflip look like a super hero just like Tayler said I replayed it Five times.🤣

    Bimbo KareemBimbo Kareem7 months ago
  • Teach Charli D’Amelio how to flip

    Xander SwangerXander Swanger7 months ago
  • I love billy’s yell

    Monty ForbesMonty Forbes8 months ago
  • I think the name should be dirksen

    Yvette SullivanYvette Sullivan8 months ago
  • you call the car britt

    Stuart Olding1Stuart Olding18 months ago
  • Sick

    Harry TesterHarry Tester8 months ago
  • Felicia should be the jeeps name

    Parker ChabotParker Chabot8 months ago
  • Name it yeti

    Idle FlossIdle Floss8 months ago
  • Name your Jeep Snowstorm

    Nathan KeymerNathan Keymer8 months ago
  • Do Charli D’amelio ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Chas3 BrowerChas3 Brower9 months ago
  • You should name her Lyla. Also I love your vids and please do a vid on how to backflip

    Madelyn HarlowMadelyn Harlow9 months ago
  • I can almost do a backflip on the ground!! I so wish I could

    Brock KellenbergerBrock Kellenberger9 months ago
  • Addison

    Addison OndrejkoAddison Ondrejko9 months ago
  • Sorry I’m late but I would name the Jeep Stormy

    Cary WelchCary Welch9 months ago
  • And love Tayler Holder

    Melissa I want that phone MorganMelissa I want that phone Morgan9 months ago
  • Love you so much

    Melissa I want that phone MorganMelissa I want that phone Morgan9 months ago
  • Bet he was already able to do it

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  • The jeeps name can be Tilananas

    Tyrone Van BresiesTyrone Van Bresies9 months ago
  • I am so close to my back tuck I wish you could help me sometime but I live in Michigan

    Kit and MillieKit and Millie9 months ago
  • He sounded like Bruno Mars for the weekend

    Flipdipper 2006Flipdipper 20069 months ago
  • you should do Charli she can do a backhand spring so you can teach her how to do it.

    Gianna GjokajGianna Gjokaj9 months ago
  • When you’ll flipped you’ll looked like the Dobre brothers

    ginas9380ginas93809 months ago
  • t

    priscila zambranopriscila zambrano9 months ago
  • ruth

    priscila zambranopriscila zambrano9 months ago
  • sorry im late but the jeeps name should be cloud

    Kendall 02Kendall 029 months ago
  • Tillie boom

    Kip ClerihueKip Clerihue9 months ago
  • I didn't know Jon klaasen was in the tide before u. Wtf aaah my favorite people met aaaaahhhh trying not to yell loud cuz I'm sure everyone is asleep. I can't believe my favorite people met aaaaaaaahhhhhh. I love yall💖💖💖💖💖

    LizLiz9 months ago
  • Drew after this quarantine I want you to come to my state and teach me to back flip bc i really wanna get taught how to

    XxDuhhitzHayleexX 13XxDuhhitzHayleexX 1310 months ago
  • Rainbow

    Fort nite guy SeanFort nite guy Sean10 months ago
  • teach me how to flip but now ive seen the vid i can just take your advice pretend your next to me and i feel confident because your 1 of my favorite flippers.

    Danni SchiflerDanni Schifler10 months ago
  • is the jeep an It,He or a She?

    Danni SchiflerDanni Schifler10 months ago
  • Hey you want to teach me how to do a backflip

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  • me and taylor have the same channel pendant

    Itsme JujuItsme Juju10 months ago
  • Do charli

    Alex EnriquezAlex Enriquez10 months ago
  • WOW how did tayler not eat concrete ?! :-)

    macarena valenzuelamacarena valenzuela10 months ago

    macarena valenzuelamacarena valenzuela10 months ago
  • Jerry the jeep

    Izzy ChristieIzzy Christie10 months ago
  • Call the jeep scarlet or chealse

    Jorja BounleuthJorja Bounleuth10 months ago
  • This video just made Tayler even more attractive.. welp didn’t know it was possibile 😂

    Virginia IzzoVirginia Izzo10 months ago
  • This video just made Tayler even more attractive.. welp didn’t know it was possibile 😂

    Virginia IzzoVirginia Izzo10 months ago
  • Hi

    WraithHasCorona __WraithHasCorona __11 months ago
  • 💕💕❤❤

    naysséne gharbinaysséne gharbi11 months ago
  • He already knew how to lol 😂

    ivan asaivan asa11 months ago
  • Dang you so good Taylor

    Hannah KritzeckHannah Kritzeck11 months ago
  • Name ur car spacesure

    Dagger ClanDagger Clan11 months ago
  • He’s so sweet tayler said hey how are u 🥰

    Keira MaxwellKeira Maxwell11 months ago
  • I love Michael Jackson rip

    Braiden TuggBraiden Tugg11 months ago
  • logang 4 life

    Kenoo_NotKenoo_Not11 months ago
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    Kenoo_NotKenoo_Not11 months ago
  • Drew teach me how to do a back-flip

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  • Name your car helga or barb

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  • Ella

    Isla Plays123Isla Plays12311 months ago
  • #Flip the hype house

    Nathan LankfordNathan Lankford11 months ago
  • Yes, can you teach Chase Huddson( Lil. Huddy) how to flip?

    Ulrik GeddeUlrik GeddeYear ago
  • Pls teach me how to do a backflip😂😂😂

    StrelaxzStrelaxzYear ago
  • When tayler already knew how to do one for years lol

    Anna WesselsAnna WesselsYear ago
    • Anna Wessels nederland

      Semmet 123Semmet 1235 months ago
    • How though??? How can I learn one

      Sanuda JayasingheSanuda Jayasinghe8 months ago