The Girls Taught Me The WAP!

Sep 9, 2020
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Love u guys:)

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  • 6:59 drew acting like a child for seconds

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  • I bet if I race drew on them dirt bikes are definitely beat him because I live on a farm with bunch of horses cows all sorts of other animals and we go dirt biking to ride horses all the time so I’m kind of a natural

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  • I ride dirt bikes

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  • Ur birthday is on the 30th of September. Mine is on the 29th of September that’s crazy 😜

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  • The song at the near end reminded me of all the good times me and my mom and family had Rest In Peace Rachel faith mccune 1986 -2020 July 30 you well always be remembered and loved in all of our hearts mom

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  • 3:02 What's the song?? it's sick

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  • So no video this weekend?

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  • The way part was so funny but he is pretty good

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  • Nice wap dance drew

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  • I bet gunner was really happy to edit the last part

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  • The amount of times people have reminded when they were doing the WAP | | | |

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  • Drew just letting u know u were sitting a bit to far back on the dirt bike, unless u were gonna do a wheelie but I don't think that's what u we're trying to do.

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  • And liked

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  • I’ve been on one and I’m only eight and I can do hundred jumps

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  • Stop being a scaredy-cat

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    • Emma Doull it's his first time bruh

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  • Road😀 can you shout me in your next vid # love your vids

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  • Love you drew you are my favorite person

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  • I found out to day my dad was having to go up hospital so I watched this video and it made my day i love you video and can't wait for your merch xxx

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  • That’s gayyyyy

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  • Six9ine rocking the drew crew merch

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  • I don't understand why you or Jason was not wearing a helmet? I would not want to see you have an accident and wind up with brain damage. Keep up the good videos.

    Gary GreelyGary Greely4 months ago
  • My birthday is the 19

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  • That dirt bike scene and when was jumping was so awsome

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  • Hes riding a dirtbike at 14... lucky, I'm 14 and my mom wont even let me sit in the front seat of the car when I'm with her because she is overprotective

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  • I love your videos so much drew!

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  • Lol, when the did the WAP I was really questioning what I was watching

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  • Now that u no how to ride a dirt bike u should get one and out high road on it

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  • Hey drew if you don't have a lot of money how can I get a jacket

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  • Can’t wait for next merch drop

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  • Hi drew I hope you are having a great day! You are my idol! Everyday I pray that I can meet you one day! Stay safe! Charli your biggest fan

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  • I bet gunner really like to edit this video

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  • This was the best one yet

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