Aug 26, 2020
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Love u guys:)

  • please explore more abandoned places

    Reeba BerlinReeba Berlin3 days ago
  • I think you should do more abaden stuff

    Maras LifeMaras Life4 days ago
  • biggest fan

    David FonsecaDavid Fonseca5 days ago
  • I live 5 minutes away from that hospital

    Avery BarrettAvery Barrett5 days ago
  • Yes its Nice

    Mikkel JuhlMikkel Juhl16 days ago
  • I watched this for the second time and just now realized how funny it was when drew scared Britt 😂

  • explore more

    Justin GerberJustin Gerber20 days ago
  • Be careful the spirit will follow you home and you will never get them out of your life

    Edward EspinozaEdward Espinoza22 days ago
  • When drew tries to speak. saCOCKtreeaktrek

    Wilson BrothersWilson Brothers22 days ago
  • Call me

    Ashley WattsAshley Watts23 days ago
  • That is so scetch

    LlamaLlama25 days ago
  • 2532792744

    Lisa WeddingLisa WeddingMonth ago
  • love you britt

    Ryan HannaRyan HannaMonth ago
  • Hi

    brodi barilebrodi barileMonth ago
  • oh and i own that house yall more welcome to come and film but just blurr my face

    Marshall ChapmanMarshall ChapmanMonth ago
  • click bait

    Marshall ChapmanMarshall ChapmanMonth ago
  • It will not let me text you Bc you are on the other side of Cali but I just wanted to say I love your vids so so so much

    Sydney SilvaSydney Silva2 months ago
  • yes

    Arica BriggsArica Briggs2 months ago
  • HIGHROAD GANG WHERE YOU AT??? Drew if u see this please reply ur the best

    Tyler FathiTyler Fathi2 months ago
  • Drew my birthday is a day before yours🥳

    Tyler FathiTyler Fathi2 months ago
  • Hi

    Nina PayerNina Payer2 months ago
  • Ih

    Nina PayerNina Payer2 months ago
  • It’s called bags

    Kyler PolusKyler Polus2 months ago
  • Love your Iron Maiden T Shirt what is your favourite song

    Callan GreigCallan Greig2 months ago
  • i want to see you go and explore an abandoned place and stay there over night

    Julie MartinJulie Martin2 months ago
  • September 30th one day after my birthday 🎉 29th birthday. Who has a September birthday 🎂

    Kaylea HendersonKaylea Henderson2 months ago
  • yes

    Connor ChildeConnor Childe2 months ago
  • You should got Louisville Kentucky there’s an abandon ward that’s haunted

    Andrew OsborneAndrew Osborne3 months ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😱😱😱😱😱😧

    Guadalupe DiazGuadalupe Diaz3 months ago
  • i dare u guys to go back there at night

    Christian MacChristian Mac3 months ago
  • it would meen theee world to me if u can shout out my name

    Berklee TuckerBerklee Tucker3 months ago
  • Yor grillares loísmo gud

    Jacob FriasJacob Frias3 months ago
  • Eastern state penatentry in philly

    sarah kleinsarah klein3 months ago
  • do this more pls

    Mahnoor WaqasMahnoor Waqas3 months ago
  • A banded places so cool that’s in banded place is so cool so so cool

    Carissa McDougalCarissa McDougal3 months ago
  • Ive been to kingspark abandon psychiatric facility. Shit was scary af!!! I went in the same way!!!

    Arley CanalesArley Canales3 months ago
  • No way my birthday is on the same day as yours

    Noah EnglishNoah English3 months ago
  • You should vs my dad at cornhole

    Metaphorical GamingMetaphorical Gaming3 months ago
  • I want to see you go into a Bandan school

    astroy wes Bobastroy wes Bob4 months ago
  • Hi Hih Hih Hih H

    Kellyyy AlonsoKellyyy Alonso4 months ago
  • My sister b-day on the 30 of September

    Mari TopeteMari Topete4 months ago
  • I’m 14 I can’t join

    Ninjakick ClanNinjakick Clan4 months ago
  • your intro is to long

    Ismael SlootIsmael Sloot4 months ago
  • That's my number

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  • 484 747 8373

    Firewolf 5442Firewolf 54424 months ago
  • U had 1m subscribers

    Nanis BelmontesNanis Belmontes4 months ago
  • Drew your the best

    Cooper LoveCooper Love4 months ago
  • Hi I’m a huge fan

    Angel HinojosaAngel Hinojosa4 months ago
  • My b-day is on the 25th

    Cookie Cooking ShowCookie Cooking Show4 months ago
  • I live in Massapequa and I was like what when I saw the beginning by the way the Amityville horror house isn’t scary I went trick or treating there

    ItzDezItzDez4 months ago
    • Plz reply

      ItzDezItzDez4 months ago
  • Go to crazy places that are haunted

    rawiri claytonrawiri clayton4 months ago
  • Hi you are a great you tuber

    Pro !Pro !4 months ago
  • Love you your so cool and I would love to hang out with you guys

    Erich van der MerweErich van der Merwe4 months ago
  • Who else is watching this at night like😳

    Hannah f12Hannah f124 months ago
  • I wet bike

    Bryan GamingBryan Gaming4 months ago
  • High🤝

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  • Can you send me some merch please I love your videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍

    Coral HicksCoral Hicks4 months ago
  • Can you send me some merch please I love your videos and

    Coral HicksCoral Hicks4 months ago
  • I have the merch

    Salty lolSalty lol4 months ago
  • Did Sam and Colby go here or am I the only one thinking they did? I’ve seen too many of their explore videos-

    JaneyyJaneyy4 months ago
  • Drew your crazy

    Ja' Kori MooreJa' Kori Moore4 months ago
  • whats the movie called

    CosmicCosmic4 months ago
  • you should go to more creepy places

    Carni MCarni M4 months ago
  • drew you are amazing you are not a robot you are the coolist person ever

    Mason HaddonMason Haddon4 months ago
  • Do you play roblox

    princesssab echavezprincesssab echavez4 months ago
  • My birthday is the 24!

    Awl ProductionsAwl Productions4 months ago
  • If your still in New York you should go to Steuben county and see the finger lakes and I live near them

    Nathan KiskadenNathan Kiskaden4 months ago
  • So I got bullied by a guy name kai and we explored a abandoned hospital and... I said don't worry CAYOUI

    Williamjarrah JarrahWilliamjarrah Jarrah4 months ago
  • Yo drew you’re bday is close to mine

    Tracy NorthTracy North4 months ago
  • Upload more

    CRBK JunoCRBK Juno4 months ago
  • Happy birthday Drew hope you have the best day ever I know this isn't your birthday today but it will be really soon hope you get lots of presents and nice people around you buzz my birthday was in the best

    David Bradley-DoironDavid Bradley-Doiron4 months ago
  • my birthday is on September 30th to

    Alex NoriegaAlex Noriega4 months ago
  • I think u should explore the whole abanded hospital and film the whole thing

    Dan ButlerDan Butler4 months ago
  • Hahahahahahahahah I love the video I hope could meet y’all one day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cason HughesCason Hughes4 months ago
  • What’s the name of the movie x

    Jessica MurphyJessica Murphy4 months ago
  • How you go to yourself

    Melissa LynnMelissa Lynn4 months ago
  • My birthday is September 15th

    Demian RoybalDemian Roybal4 months ago
  • September 30th is my moms birthday

    Drue NojaimDrue Nojaim4 months ago
  • I love your videos

    Katie MeadKatie Mead4 months ago
  • Mad respect so freken scary bro

    hagen falkhagen falk4 months ago
  • When drew screamed and sacred the girls , it was soo funny and it scared me too !😂😬

    Ali StrongAli Strong4 months ago
  • Dude that spray painted penis was very spooky

    Owen KlodowskiOwen Klodowski4 months ago
  • Ok I probably should not have watched this right before bed. oops

    juliem_1986juliem_19864 months ago
  • This was the funniest scene "She loves me not..." and makes it in lol

    juliem_1986juliem_19864 months ago
  • Ok why in the world would someone live in a house like that? I'd be like um..nope see ya!

    juliem_1986juliem_19864 months ago
  • showt out to Carly

    Thomas ConnellThomas Connell4 months ago
  • If drew loves his fans he will pin and like my comment

    Casey WoodersCasey Wooders4 months ago
  • Yes you should explore More abandoned places

    Hiram RamirezHiram Ramirez4 months ago
  • I have ur number but can u text me

    SerenityNevaehSerenityNevaeh4 months ago
  • yes!!! explore more abandoned places

    Dallin GreavesDallin Greaves4 months ago
  • Drew is my favorite USworldsr

    Soren GatesSoren Gates4 months ago
  • Love your vids drew

    kittenmeister 101kittenmeister 1014 months ago
  • You guys should explore more abandoned places

    Maxim GainaMaxim Gaina4 months ago
  • People from Tik Tok ➡️

    RichardEzRichardEz4 months ago
  • Sub

    Super RamS And super maySuper RamS And super may4 months ago
  • I subeditor

    Super RamS And super maySuper RamS And super may4 months ago
  • Every other USworldsr would blur the spray paints of PPs drew just zooms in on all of them

    dudeishappydudeishappy4 months ago
  • My birthday is September 24th Drew we almost have the same birthday liv the vid I'm getting the high Road merch luv u Drew and brit sorry cant spaill u name right

    Julie BurnsJulie Burns4 months ago
  • My birthday is September 30

    OXY_Klaps HiOXY_Klaps Hi4 months ago
  • is that a white clam in her hand

    Makenna LiberidhsMakenna Liberidhs4 months ago