Jul 15, 2020
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JULY 26th
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Love u guys:)

  • This was so funny

    Kevin NolanKevin Nolan28 days ago
  • I bet you $140 you wouldn't go to a store and go in front of a camera naked

    Trygg CarlsonTrygg CarlsonMonth ago
  • this drop is on my birthday fump ya

    liam carberryliam carberryMonth ago
  • Hi

    Jaxonell BelurinJaxonell Belurin2 months ago
  • 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🤣🤣😂😂😂💯💯🔥🔥🔥🥰🥰🙏🏻🙏🏻

    Guadalupe DiazGuadalupe Diaz2 months ago
  • Can you give me a shoutout I already subscribed and Turned on my bell

    Jenny AguilarJenny Aguilar3 months ago
  • You should make a whole series of tucker and do a bunch of stuff

    Gib PeeleGib Peele3 months ago
  • Your the Best Drew

    Jaxson AceJaxson Ace3 months ago
  • He britt

    Cj JohnstonCj Johnston3 months ago
  • Hi

    Chris EChris E3 months ago
  • Love your vids. Hope I can meet you one day

    Hasa LadHasa Lad3 months ago
  • I love tucker so much

    Sean CallaghanSean Callaghan3 months ago
  • I love your videos

    Hockey boss 1111Hockey boss 11113 months ago
  • Drew you are my favorite USworldsr

    Joseph MclainJoseph Mclain4 months ago
  • They are so good for each other and I think they both found the person they should be with.

    Jude ShumakerJude Shumaker4 months ago
  • Hi

    Sinan AlesevicSinan Alesevic4 months ago
  • You guys have a great relationship

  • D

    Nitro type LegendNitro type Legend5 months ago
  • Q

    Finley PerryFinley Perry5 months ago
  • High❤️

    Lee BolesLee Boles5 months ago
  • I was in Tahoe when yoh where there

    Logan HillLogan Hill5 months ago
  • I went to Lake Tahoe, it is awesome, hope you had fun

    Thomas BlanchetThomas Blanchet5 months ago
  • Or idk

    Chloe HrabowskiChloe Hrabowski5 months ago
  • Britt look better then me LOL

    Chloe HrabowskiChloe Hrabowski5 months ago
  • Britt's Energy makes the Video 100x better

    23235 months ago
  • Tucker will obviously be the Babies name...

    Taurus TankTaurus Tank5 months ago
  • I live in Lake Tahoe

    10fps10fps5 months ago
  • Hey yall sud get maried

    Shelley SmithShelley Smith5 months ago
  • Suppose to go to Lake Tahoe today but did not happen cause of corona

    Christine RicardoChristine Ricardo5 months ago
  • I agree with Sophia Bailey

    Hudson GreenHudson Green5 months ago
  • This is the best video ever. I LOVE tucker please bring him back

    AshleeAshlee5 months ago
  • You and Britt are great together!! Love you guys

    Tessa FillionTessa Fillion6 months ago
  • Anyone remember 10k

    Scott ScholeyScott Scholey6 months ago
  • 3:12 what’s the name of the song?

    ツFanatics ツツFanatics ツ6 months ago
  • Wait is no one gonna talk about how they could totally play it off as chat noir and lady bug aka marranette and adrien

    Gacha._. BaddiesGacha._. Baddies6 months ago
  • July 26th is elizabeth gillies birthday. (aka jade west, fallon Carrington) so the drew crew drop better be dope 😂❤️

    H GamingH Gaming6 months ago
  • Has anyone else noticed Corey stole his outdo like completely stole it??

    ZackattackZackattack6 months ago
  • My last name is tucker

    leanne freemanleanne freeman6 months ago
  • Your right

    Dylan SzleszynskiDylan Szleszynski6 months ago
  • I'm currently in Florida too. What part? Maybe we could meet up I'm a huge fan of you and Britt and the rest of the house. I leave Thursday the 23rd to go back to California. When are you and Britt getting married? You guys are so cute together

    Shadia BroseShadia Brose6 months ago
  • i know what there doing that night

    LZR ClanLZR Clan6 months ago
  • Happy birthday

    Minnie HuangMinnie Huang6 months ago
  • i've court a shark before

    The aussie SmurfThe aussie Smurf6 months ago
  • I just got back from Florida

    Raegan GaddisRaegan Gaddis6 months ago
  • My dude found Nemo in the toilet

    Diego PerezDiego Perez6 months ago
  • I live in Florida

    jessica is awsomejessica is awsome6 months ago
  • Hello, my friend told me about this

    Francesca LovedayFrancesca Loveday6 months ago
  • This kid trying to be Logan Paul

    Jayden WiebeJayden Wiebe6 months ago
  • Britt omg baby I love it lol awww 😊

    Jonna EatonJonna Eaton6 months ago
  • is my birthday on the 22july 😁😀❤❤

    Rezar CoxRezar Cox6 months ago
  • Expired me to do yt just hit 100 subs 👍😆☺️

    Maisie CMaisie C6 months ago
  • My birthday is july 24th do you think you can send merch?? High road or drew crew does not matter to me

    Charlene EllisonCharlene Ellison6 months ago
  • Did they put the shark back?🥺🥺

    Lily the UnicornLily the Unicorn6 months ago
  • There’s no way they were not dating before this

    Brody MarimonBrody Marimon6 months ago
  • Drew since u and britt are together are u gonna marry her????

    Madyson Payton (2027)Madyson Payton (2027)6 months ago
  • I- I am literally where he is ..

    HaTe uHaTe u6 months ago
  • I

    BrisBris6 months ago
  • I just went to lake Tahoe

    Jaapster On PointJaapster On Point6 months ago
  • Love you drew I have marked my calendar

    Michael DrennanMichael Drennan6 months ago
  • Tucker bit got me dead so funny

    Linda LippertLinda Lippert6 months ago
  • First time doing what?

    OnjorOOnjorO6 months ago
  • Lol

    Sasha SullivanSasha Sullivan6 months ago
  • Where’s Levi?

    Aiden MontgomeryAiden Montgomery6 months ago
  • July 26 is my Birthday

    Emma BrandtEmma Brandt6 months ago
  • Drew you and Britt should make a couples vlog Channel it would be so cute also your my fav USworlds couple

    Kylie LeeKylie Lee6 months ago
  • Can you teach me how to backflip????

    Jack MesserJack Messer6 months ago
  • Aren’t they just the latest best couple she’s absolutely incredible

    Ryan HubbardRyan Hubbard6 months ago
  • Drew will pin this if he loves his fans

    We Do Note CareWe Do Note Care6 months ago
  • The 🐦 flew away because u insulted it's nose

    Glenda GonzalesGlenda Gonzales6 months ago
  • I still keep listening to rough days and I thought about it and you should write a song for capron and rydels wedding.

    Bws4yamaBws4yama6 months ago
  • Tucker sendinie should be in the videos more often he’s so funny 😆😆

    Sydney AllenSydney Allen6 months ago
  • My birthday is on July 26th 🥰

    Iluna PhilipsIluna Philips6 months ago
  • Like so Brit can start an only fans

    Hylton ChoiceHylton Choice6 months ago
  • Drew: We want to get away from all the social media, so we go on vacation. Also Drew: films everything he does and throws it on USworlds (social media)

    BG GaMeRBG GaMeR6 months ago
  • I was just at Tahoe

    Lamo SamoLamo Samo6 months ago
  • Prank Britt by saying your going into the army

    Family of FourFamily of Four6 months ago
  • Use me as a "Brew" YT channel button

    Young GoldenYoung Golden6 months ago
  • Dude I’m literally going to Tahoe tommorow

    Heath_TVHeath_TV6 months ago
  • My hotel room was like right across Kingsbeach

    logan tarpleylogan tarpley6 months ago
  • I swear I’m like almost crying right now because like couple days ago I was just in lake Tahoe but I flew back out to Florida

    logan tarpleylogan tarpley6 months ago
  • I know this is off topic and it’s kinda late but I have been watching the masked singer all week and I think drew should go on the show

    Adriana GuzmanAdriana Guzman6 months ago
  • So cute I want to see you so bad but I am only 8 years old love you so so so much Drew and Britt LOVE you to the moon and back subscribe to there channel please please love you so much subscribe to drew and Britt’s channel please please love you guys love you all I know I have said love you so many times but I really do love you all and. 1 more subscriber helps them I am sure it dose. You are truely my best youtube channel in the world please subscribe every person help. I help please do it. I know I have said please but do it please love you all so much💋😘🥰😍

    Roxy RoseyRoxy Rosey6 months ago
  • Britt calling Drew "baby" is the cutest thing ever 😍

    Lillian RipperLillian Ripper6 months ago
  • 2:23 what is a billion things 😏

    Naruto UzamakiNaruto Uzamaki6 months ago
  • I live like an hour from Lake Tahoe

    Carson PrestonCarson Preston6 months ago
  • I going there on July 31maybe

    Deandra RojasDeandra Rojas6 months ago
  • I love how he said nonalcoholic and he has alcohol in his hand

    Gaige SchwenkeGaige Schwenke6 months ago
  • Imagine going on vacation during a pandemic lol

    OkeypokesOkeypokes6 months ago
  • Only one bed

    Jameson RiesgrafJameson Riesgraf6 months ago
  • drew haha thank i love u

    tyler Petretyler Petre6 months ago
  • Britt: can we make baby drew Drew: maybe later

    Itslanzocarl PlayzItslanzocarl Playz6 months ago
  • 26 is 3days before my birthday but it is during corenten😷🤒🤧🙁😥👍

    Caroline PartinCaroline Partin6 months ago
  • Is it like a ritural to flip were ever they go

    Edward SheppardEdward Sheppard6 months ago
  • #c+c

    Kaylynn BrownKaylynn Brown6 months ago
  • Drew and Britt are perfect

    The ExploresThe Explores6 months ago
  • Whenever I see on of your videos it makes my day better thanks for inspiring me to chase my dreams and learn how to flip

    Bws4yamaBws4yama6 months ago
  • Hey drew, I just wanted to know do you still do shoutouts and if you do PLEASE can you shoutout my USworlds channel (Erin_Gamez) and reply to me

    I play TOHI play TOH6 months ago
  • That place you were looks beautiful but the water looks green you and Britt are such a good match!!!

    Amilia RolandsAmilia Rolands6 months ago
  • July 26th is my birthday

    mizu shafeekmizu shafeek6 months ago
  • catching a gator is hard

    Fuze_BLOW_UP _YTFuze_BLOW_UP _YT6 months ago