TRUTH BEHIND LEAKED PICS... (Tony Lopez & Tayler Holder)

Feb 16, 2020
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The truth about Tony Lopez and Tayler Holders leaked pics... also in the video I hypnotize my manager, get rejected on Valentine’s Day, and do some dares with Jack Doherty. ENJOY:)
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Love u guys:)

  • Lol

    Tonyfun l love tonyTonyfun l love tony23 days ago
  • but still about the texting the 15 year ild girl like bruh you're 21

    Mediocre CheetahMediocre CheetahMonth ago
  • 4:50 all kids at the playground be like 💀

    Anvilos DrawsAnvilos DrawsMonth ago
  • What about Tony’s parents what do they think about

    Anvilos DrawsAnvilos DrawsMonth ago
  • or Ondreaz or Tayor

  • I would rather take tony

  • What do you act like David

    Landon HatleyLandon Hatley3 months ago
  • I

    Olivia makes And createsOlivia makes And creates5 months ago

    D4RK M34LD4RK M34L5 months ago
  • I love how tony didn't even care this happened

    Briella's life NeisenBriella's life Neisen5 months ago
  • Lowkey now that i seen it im bigger🤣 i got 7.6

    AkontopAkontop5 months ago
  • Hilarious video omg😂

    Miguel QuezadaMiguel Quezada5 months ago
  • GUYS THERE’S MORE THAN ONE TIFFANY!! @ 1:14 Only people who watch Twaimz video’s know who Tiffany is

    SkarletSkarlet6 months ago
  • Respect for all of them for being chill about it😝

    Nautica BlancoNautica Blanco6 months ago
  • He says he’s not bothered

    Flora RoseFlora Rose6 months ago
  • THIS COMMENT IS FOR TWAIMZ FANS ONLY: when they were at the plant section who saw Tiffany's brothers and sisters

    Rayaan khanRayaan khan6 months ago
  • I saw the leaks.😍❤☺😩😳💕😘🙈🤤🤤🤤

    kimberlyandyasminvlogs yasminruikimberlyandyasminvlogs yasminrui6 months ago
  • I saw his thing and I’m like what but I still love him

    Jazlyn SandigoJazlyn Sandigo6 months ago
  • Kouvr in the backround be like 👁👄👁

    Onixalo Onixalo_bloxburgeOnixalo Onixalo_bloxburge6 months ago
  • Hi drew if you see this but you probably won’t I just wanted to tell you you are one of my favorite you tubers and if you see this that will make my day .if you see this reply ,like it ,or but in vlog but you probably won’ you!!!!!!and just bot merch but I don’t have Instagram so I can’t send you a picture.

    G2SchmidtG2Schmidt7 months ago
  • I love tony

    Paula ReyesPaula Reyes7 months ago
  • Weird guy's 😂😂😂😂

    Paula ReyesPaula Reyes7 months ago
  • tell Tony hi for me😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Michelle LightbournMichelle Lightbourn7 months ago
  • Brooo I feel bad for K0uvr listening to that conversation omg sorry K0uvr!

    SiimplyAddyySiimplyAddyy7 months ago
  • I had a crush on this dude

    Martha OctaviaMartha Octavia7 months ago
  • wiy did you mac this vido

    Rayonna MitchellRayonna Mitchell7 months ago
  • I will date you

    cadince cartercadince carter7 months ago
  • I saw in TIK tok the pictures of u with nicked noting without clothes clothes

    Stefanija burkevicaStefanija burkevica7 months ago
  • Tonys do be big doe😶😶

    Jena PriemJena Priem7 months ago
  • I thought u were with Britt

    Shaughna Crew!Shaughna Crew!7 months ago
  • Why u talking about that in front of Kouvr!

    ToryAnna-Maria Koutsoulianos-AshbyToryAnna-Maria Koutsoulianos-Ashby7 months ago
  • @helicopter_boy 😱

    diego gilbertdiego gilbert7 months ago
  • 🤪💦

    Allison GrovesnorAllison Grovesnor7 months ago
    • @Allison Grovesnor did yo uhust reply to your own comment?

      • Dizzy •• Dizzy •5 months ago
    • Hey

      Allison GrovesnorAllison Grovesnor7 months ago
  • I love tony so much

    sabine_the_bean 07sabine_the_bean 077 months ago
  • I love tony and tayler

    Tyra's PodcastsTyra's Podcasts7 months ago
  • Tony Rlly rlly rlly rlly rlly rlly rlly rlly rlly rlly hot like extra hot

    Candida MouraCandida Moura7 months ago
  • Please make a video for Ondreaz Lopez new tattoo in the arms with a cross.

    Anacil MijaresAnacil Mijares7 months ago
  • Hi i'm from brazil and i love you

    Alisson Lima SantosAlisson Lima Santos8 months ago
  • I am going to get hate on this but it's my opinion and I'm gonna say it I dont like drage sorry but I dont think he is a loyal as nice as respectful all that stuff to be in the gang house what ever u want to say so come say what u want I dont car I dont like drage that's my opinion and I was brought up to tell people what my opinion on things was. The end.

    D wD w8 months ago
    • I know I cant spell either

      D wD w8 months ago
  • Honestly tony and taylor are rilly hot

    Scott BriggsScott Briggs8 months ago
  • The meme on Tiktok:🚁🚁🚁🚁 helicopter boy. And Tony thinks it's funny.

    Lyzzie HeartsLyzzie Hearts8 months ago
  • Could you tell Tony I want a helicopter ride

    corpse wifucorpse wifu8 months ago
  • Damn I want tony I just went straight crazy for him idk why tho like tf

    Nela GrahicNela Grahic8 months ago
  • I will

    Waxahachie ISDWaxahachie ISD8 months ago
  • The fact that they were showing half of Tony’s nude in the the thumbnail

    immortal bæsimmortal bæs8 months ago
  • Lol

    Alyandra TaylorAlyandra Taylor8 months ago
  • Lájk aki google-rol jött😂

    Kamilla FarkasKamilla Farkas8 months ago
  • Tony and nick are bf

    v kookv kook8 months ago
  • Awww I love tony

    sabine_the_bean 07sabine_the_bean 078 months ago
  • how would you not care. But tony hotttttt

    Kimiyah PatrickKimiyah Patrick8 months ago
  • Drew ask Britt to be your girlfriend 😏😏 Omg I’m dead. 😂😂😂😂😂. Maybe in the future Chelsea should marry a plant 🌱😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Hannah NoonanHannah Noonan8 months ago
  • Everytime i see taylor in a thumbnail i will imediately click it

    Yanzi HeYanzi He8 months ago
  • Wassap tony be looking 🥵 tho

    Keri-anne RuruKeri-anne Ruru8 months ago
  • I will be Tony Lopez's Valentine

    Kayden ClarkKayden Clark8 months ago
  • i will haha

    Melody BachMelody Bach8 months ago
  • I know right

    Christie CookeChristie Cooke8 months ago
  • literally even though he a little old for me I would go out with drew.

    AlexaAlexa8 months ago
  • Me

    Josem BontigaoJosem Bontigao9 months ago
  • Yo tony and taylers pov on there storys are so fucking fun and like cute at the same time

    Itz_ niyahItz_ niyah9 months ago
  • No saber ingles

    Sofia antonia Lubones bravoSofia antonia Lubones bravo9 months ago
  • Wait i never new they showed it but tony is cute but im taken

    Ma MyaMa Mya9 months ago
  • When Taylor said “it’s significantly bigger now” 😳🤤💦

    Erin ChildErin Child9 months ago
  • Ask Britt!

    Vivi .NVivi .N9 months ago
  • I really like Tayler and Tony they are soooooo hot it is my dream yo see them both i love them 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Scarlett JacksonScarlett Jackson9 months ago
  • Love you so much will kiss

    Melissa I want that phone MorganMelissa I want that phone Morgan9 months ago
  • Pongan los subtítulos en español:(, quiero saber lo que dicen por que no se mucho de inglés

    Micaela Bravo DelfinaMicaela Bravo Delfina9 months ago
  • tony is fucking hot

    Zakenzie ConnorZakenzie Connor9 months ago
  • put a 🚁 if you think Tony is cute😍❤️

    Ashleigh SteynAshleigh Steyn9 months ago
  • Just tony is hot

    Landen MorinLanden Morin9 months ago
  • I dead 😂

    MaddieMaddie9 months ago
  • the way you just asked them made me laugh so hard , your amazing , i love you 🧡

    courtney xcourtney x9 months ago
  • I seent it 😜😏

    Kurtrisha MervinKurtrisha Mervin9 months ago
  • tony is so hot tyler too

    Charl jade naosihCharl jade naosih9 months ago
  • Lol

    Joseph BurkeJoseph Burke9 months ago
  • Taylor: I mean It's kinda hard to miss Tony's... Me:😏😏😏

    Joanna TasidouJoanna Tasidou9 months ago
  • WTF😂😂😂

    Joanna TasidouJoanna Tasidou9 months ago
  • "I mean it's kind hard to miss tonys" ?? IS IT THAT BIG OR SUM?!?!?

    PHROOGPHROOG9 months ago
    • I’ve seen the vid sadly and I’m sad I’ve seen it but Yh it is that’s why he stands for helecopter Cos he was swinging it 🤣🤦🏼‍♀️😂😂😳

      Maddie SefchickMaddie Sefchick8 months ago
    • Yes YESS

      KhamorKhamor9 months ago
  • This video was needed

    Taillte ThorntonTaillte Thornton9 months ago
  • tbf your all pretty cute :)

    Evangeline LeggEvangeline Legg9 months ago
  • I am tony's super fan and I feel like he does not deserve that and neither does tayler!

    mY FATHeR WiLL hEaR aBOuT ThiSmY FATHeR WiLL hEaR aBOuT ThiS9 months ago
  • Tony and tayler holder a fxxxing hot tbh 🤣

    Beth GoldieBeth Goldie9 months ago
  • I hate jack so so much

    Vimi MansiVimi Mansi9 months ago
  • I love how Tony react like he doesn’t care

    Eiza Abril GonzalezEiza Abril Gonzalez9 months ago
  • Your laugh Is soo awesome😅😅😂

    Anastasia kAnastasia k9 months ago
  • They are both sooooo hot, Tony and Tayler are my tik tok crushes, plz tell them that they are so Lovely an cute, btw i loveeeee the Way you laugh, it is soo adorable ♥️

    Anastasia kAnastasia k9 months ago
  • Tony you are my super hot fan I leave far away from you i wish I could met you I love your tik toks so much you are so hot I wish you were my boyfriend thats my dream I hope it will come true love you tony

  • Tony is so hot

    Neena PerreauNeena Perreau10 months ago
  • Alguém do Brasil🇧🇷?

    gi xttygi xtty10 months ago
  • Tony’s fitt

    Jellybelly MonsterJellybelly Monster10 months ago
  • I love the helicopter😍🚁

    Miriam Lorente NavarroMiriam Lorente Navarro10 months ago
  • convince them to leak it now, so we. can compare

    LeoGioLeoGio10 months ago
  • Tell for tony I love him

    T FT F10 months ago
  • This is giving me David dobrik vibes 🤔

    Hi HiHi Hi10 months ago
  • Onetly that’s true olivia

    Mirna FloresMirna Flores10 months ago
  • Tony l love u

    lina TXTlina TXT10 months ago
  • Look tony like I wish you were mah age I have crush on tony

    Nvart KahkejianNvart Kahkejian10 months ago
  • I'll date you Drew 🥰😘😍❤

    Melissa I want that phone MorganMelissa I want that phone Morgan10 months ago
  • Tayler is really hot

    Hailea GarciaHailea Garcia10 months ago
  • He got more hype when they got exposed but its funny how they can just laugh at themselves. Also coronavirus....

    ashley justiceashley justice10 months ago
  • Guys pause the vid at 4:20 u can see a mask in the car where jack is at

    saoirse walshsaoirse walsh10 months ago
    • JUST JK

      saoirse walshsaoirse walsh10 months ago