Trying Not To Say YES to My Girlfriend!

Nov 18, 2020
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Be Ready!!
Trying Not To Say YES to My Girlfriend!
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Love u guys:)

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  • Where is the link to get some high road merch love your vids high👋 road👋

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  • Can you make the videos longer

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  • corry has 69 on his car

    Caleb BuczkowskiCaleb BuczkowskiDay ago
  • When corys Buber fell of its sounds like a normal thing

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  • Yes he is

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  • This is comedy 10/100 👌

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  • It is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • I love your videos

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  • You are my favorite USworldsr drew Dirksen it would be cute if we would have cute drew 👶

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  • i love you brit

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  • Man shit

  • Dm me i drive a skid steer @kartavenkodenis on instagram

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  • Turn to Jesus Christ

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  • Aye man you lost but won more🤣

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  • Drew: holy sh\!t + 1,000

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  • Drew like Logan Paul but way better

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  • drew i wish i were you your so cool

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  • Chilies is the best

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  • I need that Honda Civic that he had I do racing and there are non around 🙄

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  • will u link ur shop pls or tell me the name to look it up i want some but cant find it???!!!🥺🥺🥺🥺

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  • Drew gives the worts Massages yeah heck yeah

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  • Hey.....I am Rea and I wanted to do I get a girlfriend because last week I got dumped

    Rea's WorldRea's World2 months ago
  • Do a 24 hour challenge in Britts house and she doesn’t know ur their.

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  • Nigga simpin

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  • Drew you are the world's best USworldsr

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  • "Make sure you go slow ok?" know who's driving that car right? lol

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  • 4:19 lol

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  • I’m 7 years old

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  • Chilies is so good

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  • You give the Worst massages. Britt that was for you.😋

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  • Ima try that

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  • If you think their gonna last and gonna get married like

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  • Its easy to say no to a woman just say no? I DONT get it lol..

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  • Can you make shoes

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  • Technically he could ask her for those things he doesn’t say yes

    Brayden CookBrayden Cook2 months ago
  • This was actually fucking hilarious 😂

    jman415jman4152 months ago
  • 2:12 Nick’s reaction is priceless 😂

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  • 35 PAGES!?!? Wow.

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  • We all know why we clicked on this vid

    BoomZamBoomZam2 months ago
  • You can really see how much Corey’s mood has become happier since they moved. I think it’s all because he finally has his own space and can do what he wants

    Darrah SamsonDarrah Samson2 months ago
  • A normal day in my neighborhood: A normal day at the Funk House: cars driving around, everyone having fun, etc Corey Funk: Oh shit my bumper fell off like its normal 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Nicholas MussenNicholas Mussen2 months ago
  • What’s the url to your website so I can buy some 🔥🔥🔥 merch

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  • Can you make longer videos

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  • Hey drew can you make dangerous music video please

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  • He has the worst

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  • Did you guys have fun

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  • They went to chilli's so u know what that means 😂😂

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  • I should have a phone number to have us text u

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  • I mean Drew Im ur First Costumer!!! HMU LOL.

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  • Hi my Drew Crew! Have a great day! High Road!

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  • @5:31 My dogs say hey

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  • I am better than you and i am only 12 years old

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  • I think you made the right choice drew

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  • Do you know when you asked when you said what’s dangers to jump off a bridge

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  • i rode my horse around barrels cause im that what i do barrel racind and my horse sliped and fell on me and my other horse bucked me off so very eventful day

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  • Bro you lost NNN

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  • Hey drew I have a challenge for you can't not say no to britt please

    sally hallsally hall2 months ago
  • Ok

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  • Awesome video

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  • Do a video where you try not to say no

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  • If I want to send you something where do I send it?

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  • I’m going to buy that mistery box on ciber Monday

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  • When Corey said oh shit my bumper fell of

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  • My fan art was that little capron ! Drew that when I was 12 man, time flies love you bro 🤟🏻

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  • We all knew he was going to say yes at some point lol!!

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  • The end was legendary👑

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  • pretty sure no man or woman could say no to Britt-just saying

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  • Drew's not a simp hes a pimp

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