Nov 29, 2020
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Love u guys:)

  • What else should we film/ do here in Ohio?!

    Drew DirksenDrew DirksenMonth ago
    • Drag race

      SarconicSarconicDay ago
    • Mr.beast

      No usernameNo usernameMonth ago
    • Go to swchevill

      Chris NesbittChris NesbittMonth ago
    • You should do a challenge of who can do the trick by snowboarding

      Badkid My'Zah GamingBadkid My'Zah GamingMonth ago
    • You should go to Pittsburgh if you are near Pennsylvania

      Dalton SimkoDalton SimkoMonth ago
  • Get him to 1 million

  • I lived in Ohio for 9 years but now i live in FL

    Jason LeimbergerJason Leimberger11 days ago
  • High Road

    Huddy SturrockHuddy Sturrock13 days ago
  • Y do you call you that 52 year of man buckey

    Kclann Challenges and lifeKclann Challenges and life14 days ago
  • 5:00 and your the new owner of the biggest forehead to exist congrats!

    ZingyXZingyXMonth ago
  • Back in black by AC/DC🤟🤟

    Socks008Socks008Month ago
  • This was def sum ohio a** S**t

  • My b day is in 4 days and I saw the high road box on my front porch and it was supposed to be a bday present

    Alyssa09Alyssa09Month ago
  • you should do fr pranks on Britt like fake cheating or calling her the wrong name or ex's name, idk but please dooooo pranks

    Alex PaskoAlex PaskoMonth ago
  • High road is dhe best shirts and ever tings of high road shop

    Cw SteynCw SteynMonth ago
  • Are you still with britt

    Landon SelbyLandon SelbyMonth ago
  • I live in ohio!!!! There’s so much to do Fr

    Griffødaking LldGriffødaking LldMonth ago
  • Who else noticed that he did the opposite of what the title says😂

    sKiPpsKiPpMonth ago
  • Drew love the content keep up the good work

    call of duty mobilecall of duty mobileMonth ago
  • Why othere thubnail scandal

    shani boishani boiMonth ago
  • Drew I’m surprised you replied to my comment thanks so much a great day🙃

    Grayson CGrayson CMonth ago
  • Drew u need to go fishing in Ohio

    Krankin'_with_ KadenKrankin'_with_ KadenMonth ago
  • Drew can I pls have a shout out I love you and Britt you guys are the perfect couple

    Sharon LawalSharon LawalMonth ago
  • High Road

    Daniela FilbyDaniela FilbyMonth ago
  • Were brit

    faze brodyfaze brodyMonth ago
  • Fun fact kacey has the same birthday as Bella poarch

    TTV ParCaveTTV ParCaveMonth ago
  • Drew: what is this His dad: gettin ready to do a Tik Tok(in this weird funny voice haha)

    Lily BalgaardLily BalgaardMonth ago
  • Omg the pillow fight LMFAO anyone else...

    Lily BalgaardLily BalgaardMonth ago
  • I love you I love the highroad much I don’t have Instagram so I can take a picture but I have every person much I’m watching the video because I have to do this

    fastback gamingfastback gamingMonth ago
    • 🤝

      Drew DirksenDrew DirksenMonth ago
  • This dude click baited

    Troy FreitasTroy FreitasMonth ago
  • Your little cousins are the best! Love them. Lol.

    Andrea BennerAndrea BennerMonth ago
  • Going to Among Us make your name Drew and say high then see if they say road

    Meg PalmerMeg PalmerMonth ago
  • Week 2 of asking make official something dangerous video

    Saulius KerinasSaulius KerinasMonth ago
  • I'm trying to get your hoodie for my birthday

    Cooper conwayCooper conwayMonth ago
  • Brit has Blue hair

    laken wlaken wMonth ago
  • Bruh you literally have the coolest dad ever

    Keahi TrocheKeahi TrocheMonth ago
  • When the song dropping like all out

    EL ChavezEL ChavezMonth ago
  • I love your family so much you guys are so funny. You are such an inspiration!!❤️

    Maddy AzarMaddy AzarMonth ago
  • I love it that every comment that makes drew laugh he gives them a heart. 😂😂😂😂 Give me a good ❤️

    Roiehson ThompsonRoiehson ThompsonMonth ago
  • Can we talkk on instragam

    26 Logan Latten26 Logan LattenMonth ago
  • Also I hope y’all stay safe!

    Xx Minty xXXx Minty xXMonth ago
  • So cute:)

    Xx Minty xXXx Minty xXMonth ago
  • Love that you put in your song Dangerous ❤️

    CakeyCakeyMonth ago
  • Can you make the song please

    venum _51venum _51Month ago
  • Hi

    Reagan RobertsonReagan RobertsonMonth ago
  • Yo I live in ohio😱

    Evan ParadiseEvan ParadiseMonth ago
  • Hey Drew I am trying to buy the Drew crew box but it won’t let me and it doesn’t say that it is sold out so if you can let me know how to buy it that would be great.

    Maddy AzarMaddy AzarMonth ago
  • Thank you so much for posting on my birthday! Really made my day!

    Nolan AlfordNolan AlfordMonth ago
    • Happy it make your day:)

      Drew DirksenDrew DirksenMonth ago
  • HIGH

    fortsilasfortsilasMonth ago
  • Ben be like: usworlds.info/slow/video/rXZtjmLUh6iWdaU

    Landon HoganLandon HoganMonth ago
  • 🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢

    Angel- C_8610Angel- C_8610Month ago
  • So basically the title of the video is cappppppppppp

    Angel- C_8610Angel- C_8610Month ago
  • I hate that i cant afford the merch :(

    Callie SummerCallie SummerMonth ago
  • People who saw the title as: Last to get hit wins

    ExpelFNExpelFNMonth ago
  • Please put the song about dangerous on spotify or make a music video plz its soooooo good

    The Football KidThe Football KidMonth ago
  • Says literally 5 times in a min lol

    Michael PhillipsMichael PhillipsMonth ago
  • Drew: we r on the road to 1 mill Me: your channel is so good I think that if people would watch your videos u would have like 10 mill even though u don’t have 1 mill good luck and stay safe

    Savage DestroyerSavage DestroyerMonth ago
  • whats up drew your the best I think it would be awesome to see your go to a mountain and go downhill mountain biking

    Jack RundJack RundMonth ago
  • I literally have that exact skateboard

    Emma WEmma WMonth ago
  • Ben:you don't understand Everybody:yes we dont Ben and his gf:oh shoot that was bad timing.

    sussusMonth ago
  • Danny Duncan and drew should do a vid together

    Jaylen ChapaJaylen ChapaMonth ago
  • okay but how the clickbait 😂

    LittleFishyStudiosLittleFishyStudiosMonth ago
  • U don’t want to read on? I told you would regret this You see what I mean Biggest mistake of your life? I’ll spare you Sike Fine I’ll stop Ok now if you look at the start it says lol.

    Dim 1988Dim 1988Month ago
  • weres the music video

    William KemperWilliam KemperMonth ago
  • "lets do something dangerous" *goes 2mph*

    JeJudJeJudMonth ago
  • Per pose to Britt

    Trygg CarlsonTrygg CarlsonMonth ago
  • common my podcast?

    Silva SendsSilva SendsMonth ago
  • When the next drop is for highroad mercy can you lower the price because I didn’t get a mystery box

    Kyler PolusKyler PolusMonth ago
  • Awesome video, insane drew 🔥

    Gopi MaxtedGopi MaxtedMonth ago
  • The song in the back round is sick!! Pls put it un Spotify

    Tommaso VasconiTommaso VasconiMonth ago
  • roman atwood

    Michael LeisterMichael LeisterMonth ago
  • I love this channel #Drewcrew

    Honk honk I’m gooseHonk honk I’m gooseMonth ago
  • What is the song at 4:08

    F.B. IF.B. IMonth ago
  • High

    Brodie RobartsonBrodie RobartsonMonth ago
  • That’s so funny

    Brodie RobartsonBrodie RobartsonMonth ago
  • I’m the 79,999th person to see this

    SN_Max HSN_Max HMonth ago
  • Dirksen family is crazy

    Marumo SekgalaMarumo SekgalaMonth ago
  • Is your song dangerous on itunes or something?? :(

    Sarah BruceSarah BruceMonth ago
  • You should definitely drop that song dangerous,it’s amazing

    Kairey MarksKairey MarksMonth ago
  • While you’re in ohio try ice blocking

    Justin BradleyJustin BradleyMonth ago
  • 😂.

    kight ultrakight ultraMonth ago
  • Oh this is a great tik tok trend.

    kight ultrakight ultraMonth ago
  • Go to drive-through’s and ask if you can get like a bucket full of catch-up or just crazy dares like that

    Ashley Velasquez13Ashley Velasquez13Month ago
  • Handout with me

    Jared SelhorstJared SelhorstMonth ago
  • I wish I got a box. Sorry that I couldn’t get one drew. 😞

    Kazma YTKazma YTMonth ago
  • Drew is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Kayden WilsonKayden WilsonMonth ago
  • Yo drew r u going to make a music video for the song u made the other week?

    Fraser The eraserFraser The eraserMonth ago
  • Drew the click bait king

    Brushy Creek BunchBrushy Creek BunchMonth ago
  • @Drew Dirksen You should go to the Columbus Zoo and aquarium and ride the camels and pet all the animals and just have a bomb time #OHIOGANG #OHIORAISED The OHIO STUFF IS TRUE, I go everywhere on my golfcart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Armedlion 4935Armedlion 4935Month ago
  • My names drew

    Dude Thats DopeDude Thats DopeMonth ago
  • Overnight challenge

    Kaden JohansonKaden JohansonMonth ago
  • U should go explore caves

    Michael VargasMichael VargasMonth ago
  • I just want to see if he will reply to me

    Eagle_King34Eagle_King34Month ago
  • Please make a music video for your new song

    Christina CookeChristina CookeMonth ago
  • I'm in Ohio

    Shayla KanyuchShayla KanyuchMonth ago
  • ur the best drew

    omega x gaming dragonomega x gaming dragonMonth ago
  • If you take the umbrella off it does the same thing

    Linehan 43Linehan 43Month ago
  • Go to a zoo

    Erick ScottErick ScottMonth ago
  • so you switched the thumbnails???

    RileyRileyMonth ago
  • I saw th tik tok before the video😂

    Rachel GundersenRachel GundersenMonth ago
  • We thought his crush was Britt

    Zomb_mane 234Zomb_mane 234Month ago
  • If your videos were longer then you would make money

    Random MattRandom MattMonth ago
    • @Drew Dirksen well I get that but if you made longer videos you would get money. But when are you going to have your merch bigger sizes?

      Random MattRandom MattMonth ago
    • I don’t really like long videos, so that’s why I keep them short

      Drew DirksenDrew DirksenMonth ago
  • Black in Black AC⚡️DC 🤘🏻😅

    SharedMusic PCSharedMusic PCMonth ago
  • I have the exact long bord

    Spencer FreerSpencer FreerMonth ago
    • Twins

      Drew DirksenDrew DirksenMonth ago