Jun 24, 2020
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Love u guys:)

  • If drew pins this then everyone will be on the highest of all high roads

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    • @Pinkie Litz thanks so much

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    • DOG SQUAD u got pinned omg congrats ur so lucky!

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    • DOG SQUAD The

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    • @Ryen Mitchell Road

      DOG SQUADDOG SQUAD7 months ago
    • 🤝🤝

      Karl GassenKarl Gassen7 months ago
  • Can't you make any Jairo toys or get to buy gadgets toy spy gadgets hi David them hydro dip

    Lynesia WhiteLynesia White26 days ago
  • High

    Jaxonell BelurinJaxonell Belurin2 months ago
  • Hey you cuss so I’m done it’s your crap videos

    Carter BeckCarter Beck5 months ago
  • me sees house:wait is that the team rar house

    Red eyeRed eye5 months ago
  • The thumbnail is a picture of the team RAR house

    Margolina GuzmanMargolina Guzman5 months ago
  • 🤝high road🤝

    Elite ttvElite ttv5 months ago
  • You are definitely the best youtube that I know

    zara grantzara grant5 months ago
  • thats carter's home

    Tristan- RobloxTristan- Roblox5 months ago
  • That is the team rar house

    Gavin StewartGavin Stewart5 months ago
  • You found it

    Luke HouseLuke House6 months ago
  • you left funk house

    Trapp 2kTrapp 2k6 months ago
  • Lmfao its so crazy I live with nick. I can't wait to meet his weird crazy friends LOL. GET EM BOIS

    Clairy FaeClairy Fae6 months ago
  • Who is the biggest

    Melanie ProebstelMelanie Proebstel6 months ago
  • I love Drew so much he is soo cool

    Alma HernandezAlma Hernandez6 months ago
  • do you live in the team rar house?

    Sama OnsiSama Onsi6 months ago
  • At the end when he said “Oh we don’t have to be brothers anymore!” 😂😂😂

    Jena GrameJena Grame6 months ago
  • if drew pins this then every one that is subscribed is will be on the highest of the high roads

    Mya GencuskiMya Gencuski6 months ago
  • I love you guys so much ❤

    Ben & Georgia FletcherBen & Georgia Fletcher6 months ago
  • Carter seriously though you could give them as in Britt and drew 1 room for both of them cause EVERYONE can see the chemistry between the two

    Teresa HallTeresa Hall6 months ago
  • I got it

    Michael HillMichael Hill6 months ago
  • That house was faze Clan house

    Xxxangel8905 WeboesXxxangel8905 Weboes6 months ago
  • Thank you so much I just got the ticket so cool and I just said hi road so my family when I got it so happened going right now thank you so much

    Abdul AssaadAbdul Assaad6 months ago
  • Good luck

    Raisa RobertsRaisa Roberts6 months ago
  • I

    Randumb MinecraftRandumb Minecraft6 months ago
  • I

    Randumb MinecraftRandumb Minecraft6 months ago
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    Randumb MinecraftRandumb Minecraft6 months ago
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    Randumb MinecraftRandumb Minecraft6 months ago
  • I found the out

    Samantha JonesSamantha Jones7 months ago
  • If drew pins this he loves his fans and Britt

    Zurj_energizerZurj_energizer7 months ago
  • I thought the thumbnail looked familiar

    Connor SweattConnor Sweatt7 months ago
  • Nice so cool

    DvmdekingDvmdeking7 months ago
  • I found it

    Aaron WatersAaron Waters7 months ago
  • Adam and Eve wiped Thier a** with their hands✋ Ew wtf

    Sudha KharalSudha Kharal7 months ago
  • 5134343959

    Mackenzie MillerMackenzie Miller7 months ago
  • Hi l love your channel

    Gamer SquadGamer Squad7 months ago
  • I will miss the water park so much!! RIP

    dmjames78dmjames787 months ago
  • I got then note

    Lucy BowmanLucy Bowman7 months ago
  • Drew you have to see this comment please!!! Ok so I was at a restaurant called majiabennys it a Chinese restaurant I was a kid that was pretty shot with a buz cut with a white kid next to me and e both had masks on and I was just staring at you because I was so excited but I forgot my phone so I didn’t ask for a picture or say hi but u ur with ur girlfriend and another guy I’ve seen him before on the funkbros channel but I forgot his name.. just wanted to let u know I’m such a big fan and I love ur vids and the funkbros too keep up the good work P.S. hope you see this comment if u do that will be amazing but if you don’t that’s fine to I know ur busy and all that with filming and stuff❤️💕❤️💕❤️❤️💖💖💖💖

    Devyn And ParkerDevyn And Parker7 months ago
    • @DrewDirksen I know you probably won’t reply to this comment because I was 3 days late to text you this but it like 1:30 in the morning so technically I went to the restaurant yesterday and say you but if you do that that will be amazing ❤️❤️❤️ I love u soooo much keep up the amazing work👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

      Devyn And ParkerDevyn And Parker7 months ago
  • Do you guys have kids sizes

    Lawtrick YTLawtrick YT7 months ago
  • Plz do Longer videos

    Phoenix EdwardsPhoenix Edwards7 months ago
  • Are you still part of the funk fam

    Jack MeagherJack Meagher7 months ago
  • What clothes does he were

    Marshall LongMarshall Long7 months ago
  • Where is the 6 minute Sunday ??

    MarsMars7 months ago
  • Hi I use your phone number and what do I so next

    Friday night funkin gangFriday night funkin gang7 months ago
  • When are you going to destroy Carter's house lol

    Rick VelardeRick Velarde7 months ago
  • I’m sorry drew you lied to everyone it’s not your home it’s carters home I saw on his earliest vid he’s there and he said my new home

    Moondog 8424Moondog 84247 months ago
    • My dog, it’s not that deep

      Rebekah DobbInsRebekah DobbIns7 months ago
  • you made this video on my birthday june 24

    Emma BonettoEmma Bonetto7 months ago
  • This man not subbed to pewdiepie

    benben7 months ago
  • But do u know ur not suppose to swear in the new team rar just to let u know

    Apolonio TuchApolonio Tuch7 months ago
  • Wily wonka? Fly me out no one wants a shirt

    The HutThe Hut7 months ago
  • Omg i wonn jk

    アバabbaアバabba7 months ago
  • Umm ur gonna be team rar now??

    アバabbaアバabba7 months ago
  • If drew reply back the will make my day

    Antda ManAntda Man7 months ago
  • he does not reply anymore

    Layla PollockLayla Pollock7 months ago
  • Oh we don’t have to be brothers anymore

    Laila ElsaadyLaila Elsaady7 months ago
  • It’s not your house it’s team rars house

    Manchester city FanManchester city Fan7 months ago
  • What is your Merch website I keep trying but can’t do it

    Lana LeLana Le7 months ago
  • Wait i thought that was team rars house aka carter shares house

    Ang HinkkalaAng Hinkkala7 months ago

    Aliana ManasekAliana Manasek7 months ago
  • 🤝

    Harlex SavageHarlex Savage7 months ago
  • Drew I need to ask you a question when tempest is open is it like a privet thing or can I come

    Harlex SavageHarlex Savage7 months ago
  • 7:20 😂😂

    Tate GTTate GT7 months ago
  • Team rar house

    Jako TurnerJako Turner7 months ago
  • You make incredible content and now you and britt togheter is it better

    MitchelMitchel7 months ago
    • So i turned on notifications

      MitchelMitchel7 months ago
  • You play pubg

    Naresh PatilNaresh Patil7 months ago
  • High

    Banana SpriteBanana Sprite7 months ago
  • I got the note prize

    Evelyn FickesEvelyn Fickes7 months ago
  • I got a note

    Evelyn FickesEvelyn Fickes7 months ago
  • Stop saying bad words drew you are bad

    Saira LopezSaira Lopez7 months ago
  • Congrats u love birds ur team rare now omg

    Dijon PlummerDijon Plummer7 months ago
  • I love your it makes my day a lot better and I love britt to Both of you make my day specially because I Lost 2 of my family members One from cancer and one we don’t know yet

    Lionna HeffronLionna Heffron7 months ago
  • Y does britt always wear a sports bra and short shirts

    AdventurePro5031AdventurePro50317 months ago
  • please don't leave the funk bros!!! :c

    Morgan BrooksMorgan Brooks7 months ago
  • Date Brit

    Anna BurnetteAnna Burnette7 months ago
  • I love your videos so much keep it up bro

    Aidan EensaldoAidan Eensaldo7 months ago
  • Wait why is Drew’s mercy at tanners warehouse

    Peter NotoPeter Noto7 months ago
  • Does. After carter swear-

    Lilly VassalloLilly Vassallo7 months ago

    user [1280]user [1280]7 months ago
  • Are you and Britt dateing

    Eliana HerrmannEliana Herrmann7 months ago
  • Are you and Brit now dating because in two of your videos and one of the videos you said baby 😂

    Marcus VasquezMarcus Vasquez7 months ago
    • U said baby to britt

      Marcus VasquezMarcus Vasquez7 months ago
  • No

    Michael HernandezMichael Hernandez7 months ago

    Kirito SunKirito Sun7 months ago
  • This is the only merch I’ll buy because it doesn’t have a dumb saying

    Tiffany OviedoTiffany Oviedo7 months ago
  • I hope drew and brit are the new team rar members

    Kool ZaKool Za7 months ago
  • hi

    Erica YorkErica York7 months ago
  • Drew I love watching your videos.

    Kaylie BartleyKaylie Bartley7 months ago

    Phantom KingPhantom King7 months ago
  • If drew pins this I will cry

    Taylor LorenTaylor Loren7 months ago
  • Why are you ditching the mob like that???

    Leanna DinnoLeanna Dinno7 months ago
  • i want something like drew and Britt have

    George ArmstrongGeorge Armstrong7 months ago
  • i rlly have no idea if drew willsee this but if you do, Can you tell britt i love her SOOOOOO much and ive always wanted to meet her

    Sharifa DiassenySharifa Diasseny7 months ago
  • Drew Dirksen congrats 🎉 on passing captain please pin this

    NGU GavinNGU Gavin7 months ago
  • If drew hearts this, we will all get a cookie from santa

    Wet C00KIEWet C00KIE7 months ago
  • Hi drew

    Judelyn CoddingtonJudelyn Coddington7 months ago
  • No no no no no no you can't be in team rar no 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😭😭👿👿👿👿

    Daniel MihutDaniel Mihut7 months ago
  • Made somthing for drew m.usworlds.info/slow/video/p3-cgH6yoqmXpJ0

    EmeraldStrikesEmeraldStrikes7 months ago
  • Team rar house

    It’sMeLeviψIt’sMeLeviψ7 months ago
  • Drew is the best

    Katie BrinkKatie Brink7 months ago
  • bruh thats carteer house

    itsyourboycj_YTitsyourboycj_YT7 months ago