why i am leaving the funk bros...

Sep 6, 2020
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why i am leaving the funk bros...
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Drage kamerman:
Nick Moore:
Chelsea (Manager) :
Hannah Roeloffs:
Charlive Oliver Bates:
Love u guys:)

  • If drew loves his fans he will pin this❤️

    Leila BennettLeila Bennett4 months ago
    • Hold up wait a minute something ain’t right

      Jace WeekleyJace Weekley4 months ago
    • Leila Bennett lol

      Doge Jimmy boy.Doge Jimmy boy.4 months ago
    • Leila Bennett he did!

      Roblox_ BuildsRoblox_ Builds4 months ago
    • Sure billy sounds like jacksepticeye

      MysxMysx4 months ago
    • Leila Bennett lol

      Hooded GamingHooded Gaming4 months ago
  • When you guys jumped in the pool billy always where's Those shorts

    Crazy MeatballCrazy MeatballMonth ago
  • Drew is the best bro

    SeboygamingSeboygaming2 months ago
  • If drew love his fans he will pin this

    Isaac RossIsaac Ross3 months ago
  • I’m glad he’s leaving

    Flight DFFlight DF3 months ago
  • Did he say the n word 5:23

    8632-Badr Shadi T. Aldaoud8632-Badr Shadi T. Aldaoud3 months ago
  • toebro

    ahmad mosaahmad mosa4 months ago
  • can you like my comment love your vids❤

    Negotiating NateNegotiating Nate4 months ago
  • put tucker on the mask and i love your video so much

    MAINB brandieMAINB brandie4 months ago
  • U should but u car on the front of the mask with high road on it

    Madison HickeyMadison Hickey4 months ago
  • You should make the masks with a huge logo of the high road hand shake

    Islah ODempseyIslah ODempsey4 months ago
  • shot me out drew in one of your videos drew plzplzplzplzplz

    Nicolas ShrinerNicolas Shriner4 months ago
  • Make the masks be double sided

    OGROVZ_ YTOGROVZ_ YT4 months ago
  • Gg

    Zayed YasserZayed Yasser4 months ago
  • I thought you where actually leaving

    MadiMadi4 months ago
  • If drew is awesome like my comment

    Darrian HollisDarrian Hollis4 months ago
  • I hate you for click baiting me

    Alex BennettAlex Bennett4 months ago
  • Make a mask wit a pic of a road wit the word height written on it and the color should be like the color of your room door

    Bwc ReactionsBwc Reactions4 months ago
  • Hi I am a big fan I wish I can meet you but I live in gorgia I don’t live near you I wish I did that would be cool

    Kenzie TurnerKenzie Turner4 months ago
  • Just a Imagine if Drew pinned this

    Simple NickSimple Nick4 months ago
  • Aye drew do u have and android

    Yani RamosYani Ramos4 months ago
  • Make a tie died mask

    Caly SuttonCaly Sutton4 months ago
  • You Are Probably Wondering Who The Best Person In The World Is Hint the first two words

    Dylan AlikhanDylan Alikhan4 months ago
  • -_-Bro

    Dashaunna BartleyDashaunna Bartley4 months ago
  • Drew Channel would be good if he didnt clickbait people cause I straight up dont watch him anymore cause I know the whole thing is either scripted or fake

    Matthew SmithMatthew Smith4 months ago
  • I want one with you and it saying drew crew in white

    struanstruan4 months ago
  • I'm out, can't be doing with all the clickbait shit. Aim higher, you've got young kids on here actually crying, and that's the problem, you're aiming at kids, kids don't have disposable income, adults do. If you aim more at grown ups rather than teenagers your channels will grow faster and you'll earn more. How many comments do you all get regarding them not being able to afford your merchandise? Everything just seems so fake and juvenile atm. There is very little actual content.

    KellyKelly4 months ago
  • mabe do black and white masks

    Dylan LeahyDylan Leahy4 months ago
  • Do this across the mask. Drew 🤝 Crew. I think it would look cool

    YNS ProspectYNS Prospect4 months ago
  • Hi drew

    Jhy 08Jhy 084 months ago
  • When he said nick has never tried I thought he said the n word BUTTTT DUDDEE PLS MAKE THOSE FACE MASKS

    Nyore Greg-AmaihweNyore Greg-Amaihwe4 months ago
  • Yah put high road on the front on one and then for another one put drew crew in all different directions.

    BrianaBriana4 months ago
  • What’s the song called?

    Caiden WCaiden W4 months ago
  • White high road

    Cody ChamberlainCody Chamberlain4 months ago
  • Tie dye and put highroad on it

    MJC BdubsMJC Bdubs4 months ago
  • He is awesome

    Simple NickSimple Nick4 months ago
  • Drew is my favorite

    Simple NickSimple Nick4 months ago
  • Pls if you do masks can you do kids sizes 😁

    ScetchrScetchr4 months ago
  • You should do «TIE DIE High Road mask´s 👍🏻👍🏼👍🏽👍🏾👍🏿

    Line BjerkåsLine Bjerkås4 months ago
  • if drew loves his fans he will pin this , I promise ...

    Vivek RBLXVivek RBLX4 months ago
  • Do some High Road

    miranda de quesadamiranda de quesada4 months ago
  • What if u put a camouflage or tie die base then say high rose or drew crue

    Vybz FNVybz FN4 months ago
  • Make a HIGH ROAD mask

    Christina CookeChristina Cooke4 months ago
  • thank Gos your not leaving

    Dannica PeersonDannica Peerson4 months ago
  • You should do a black and white tie die mask that would be absolutely god tear

    Luis RomeroLuis Romero4 months ago
  • What is Cory eating at the begging it looks good

    Luke ReeetLuke Reeet4 months ago
  • make them say high road

    Pavel WeitgenantPavel Weitgenant4 months ago
  • you make gator mask like Capron did or his mask but put Drew Crew

    Josh WeldenJosh Welden4 months ago
  • I want to be in Drew’s vids so I can show him my flips

    Izaiah WelchIzaiah Welch4 months ago
  • drew i am trying to text you and i am using the link but it is not working

    Kalani MatiasKalani Matias4 months ago
  • Hi

    natebechilln boisnatebechilln bois4 months ago
  • Hu

    natebechilln boisnatebechilln bois4 months ago
  • I’m a big fan

    Ryan Big jay247Ryan Big jay2474 months ago
  • Ñoo🥺

    SugarBombSugarBomb4 months ago
  • High road mask that would be sick

    Jack HurleyJack Hurley4 months ago
  • If drew loves his fans he’ll pin this comments👁👄👁

    J0sh 07J0sh 074 months ago
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  • For you’re mask You need to say Drew Man!!!!! An guy doing a flip

    9People 1 World9People 1 World4 months ago
  • 6:18 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Anita BowmanAnita Bowman4 months ago
  • It be cool to have high road mask

    Gabriel KeyGabriel Key4 months ago
  • my first thought when i saw the title was “wtf is this”

    Julia HarperJulia Harper4 months ago
  • Ah, the clickbate. 😔

    Furiousflame05Furiousflame054 months ago
  • Drew you guys should get a pet fish and name it high road !!!!!

    Alexis MinjaresAlexis Minjares4 months ago
  • Hi

    Avery BarcusAvery Barcus4 months ago
  • Drew my favorite yt

    C EC E4 months ago
  • You have such good videos how are you not at one mill

    Kristal LassiterKristal Lassiter4 months ago
  • Love u fam I friken love you

    dekanpro123dekanpro1234 months ago
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  • If drew really loves Britt he would ❤️ this

    Brayden HallBrayden Hall4 months ago
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    • cobi drew •• cobi drew •4 months ago
  • You should put the two hands shaking on the masks

    Puppy LoverPuppy Lover4 months ago
  • Maybe you can put HR on the corner of the mask so it means highroad

    AnthonyFlipsAnthonyFlips4 months ago
  • If Drew will pin this he will love his friends and Britt forever

    Tyler HallTyler Hall4 months ago
    • Please pin

      Tyler HallTyler Hall4 months ago
  • U should do high road mask as well 💕💕

    Morven-Halle PottsMorven-Halle Potts4 months ago
  • No 😭😭😭😭

    Ryan RaypoldRyan Raypold4 months ago
  • Capron- this sounds like a thumbnail and tittle drew- ya it is Corey-ya I was like I didn't hear about this😄

    Addy ThompsonAddy Thompson4 months ago
  • I drew is really nice then he will comment on this

    Beth TreatBeth Treat4 months ago
  • Drew hates his fan he doesn't ever pin me even with good ideas

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  • if Drews going to hit 1million subscribers he will pin this

    Ethan Taylor -GillEthan Taylor -Gill4 months ago
  • What song is this

    Christopher GrayChristopher Gray4 months ago
  • Why do I see Corey in that shirt in mostly every video

    JESUS GARCIA06JESUS GARCIA064 months ago
  • Is it just me or is Corey always eating in almost every vlog 😂😂😂

    mvali thwalamvali thwala4 months ago
  • Make the masks white and in gold put high road that would look hella sick

    Aaron FarberAaron Farber4 months ago
  • Hey drew can you please give a shout out please I am begging youuu❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Addie NightAddie Night4 months ago
  • Britt sounds like cat from Sam and Cat

    Itz_ GmanItz_ Gman4 months ago
  • Hello

    yeah boiiyeah boii4 months ago
  • High 🤝 Road

    TtvHardsnipez69TtvHardsnipez694 months ago
  • For the drew crew masks make galaxy

    Swervy_chris FlySwervy_chris Fly4 months ago
  • If drew doesn’t like this he doesn’t wanna love his fans ❣

    Erik BeliasErik Belias4 months ago
  • what song was that during the pool session it’s fire love u drew!!

    RNG extrasRNG extras4 months ago
  • Did drew like almost every comment

  • Why does it happen to have a limousine n your backyard???? Suspicious

    Hooded GamingHooded Gaming4 months ago
  • your all copying hype house

    Aimee SAimee S4 months ago
  • Gold white. gold black. tie DIY and other colors

    king slayer kingsking slayer kings4 months ago
  • im not going to watch this I just will be sad for ever

    Charlotte Van SprundelCharlotte Van Sprundel4 months ago